Better Life Mobile broadband plans compared

If you're always on the go and need a no-nonsense mobile broadband plan, Better Life has you covered.

A relatively new player on the telco block, Better Life Mobile launched in late 2015. It offers reliable, straightforward mobile plans and has recently added a single mobile broadband offer in keeping with its simple, no-nonsense ethos.

Better Life Mobile's mission is to provide a reliable mobile connection to everyone, with a strong focus on community service and engagement. It works with welfare programs, financial counsellors and government administrators to connect those who struggle to stay connected. It also believes a mobile connection is vital for an inclusive society to ensure connectivity for vulnerable groups – who are also at-risk of falling behind on extra charges and expensive contracts.

This is undoubtedly why Better Life Mobile has shaped its plans the way it has. The entire offer features the following:

  • No minimum term
  • No contracts
  • No setup or termination fees
  • No excess charges of any kind
  • Australian support for a diverse and differently-abled customer base

Better Life Mobile broadband plans

At the moment, Better Life Mobile only offers one mobile broadband plan, but it's very straightforward. For $88, you get 12GB of data to use however you like (within Australia) for 180 days – a generous expiry period, even if the price is less competitive than some other telco offers.

How does Better Life Mobile broadband compare?

Against the corporate competition, Better Life Mobile's data inclusion doesn't stand up to cheap offers from providers on the Optus and Vodafone network.

Lebara offers 12GB of data for less than half of Better Life's plan, Vodafone 14GB for $45, and OVO 15GB for an incredible $39.95. However, it must be said that these networks likely would not perform as well as Telstra's in terms of coverage or speed, but the value is clearly apparent.

Why should you consider Better Life Mobile broadband?

For those on a tight budget who want a long-expiring mobile broadband connection and the support Better Life Mobile provides, it could be an ideal plan. However, if you're looking for sheer month-to-month value, there's plenty more data out there with other providers especially off the Telstra network. To compare the finer details of the nation's 3G/4G networks, head to our speed test analysis here of the big 3.

If you'd like to benefit indirectly from signing up with Better Life Mobile, you'll be supporting its community initiatives and making it easier for the less-fortunate to get access to the telecommunications services we so often take for granted.

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