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Better Life Mobile

Need a little bit of data on the go? Better Life’s straightforward mobile broadband plan could be for you.

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Better Life Broadband

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Better Life Mobile is committed to helping out disadvantaged Australians by making sure they have access to a functioning phone plan and Internet connection. On top of its regular phone plans, Better Life Mobile also offers a data-only plan with long expiry.

Top features:

  • Powered by Telstra's 3G and 4G networks
  • No lock-in contracts

Check out Better Life Mobile's data-only plan below

Better Life Mobile has a single mobile broadband plan with 180-day expiry and 12GB of data.

Better Life Mobile review: What we think

Better Life Mobile's mission statement claims that all Australians deserve a decent phone plan and Internet connection, no matter what their social status might be. They only sell a single mobile broadband plan, 12GB for $88 that lasts 180 days.

Apart from its long expiry period, this plan is nothing too special. A little over $7 for each 1GB of data is only slightly better than the default $10, and even with the long expiry it's unlikely to stretch very far unless you have extremely modest data needs.

Compare your options with our mobile broadband comparison table to see if you can't find a long expiry plan that offers you more data or a better price.

Should you go with Better Life?


  • Long expiry. The data lasts for 180 days, which could be useful if you don't use it much.


  • Poor value. 12GB is not a lot of data for a 180-day expiry period, and it comes at a high price of over $7 per 1GB.
  • No top-ups. You can't add small data packs to get you to the next recharge, you have to recharge the entire plan for more data.

Summary: Better Life's data-only plan isn't nearly as good a deal as their regular mobile plans, offering very little data for a high price.

Better Life Mobile FAQs

Do I need a new modem to join Better Life?

To access Better Life's mobile broadband data plan, you'll need to have your own device that's capable of accepting a SIM card. This could be a laptop, a dongle, a phone or another device.

Does Better Life Mobile's data plan include calls?

Its mobile broadband plan will not give you the ability to make calls or send texts. If you need to make calls, you can take a look at Better Life's range of regular mobile plans, instead.

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