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Better Life Mobile broadband plans compared

If you're always on the go and need a no-nonsense mobile broadband plan, Better Life has you covered.

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Better Life Broadband

Is Better Life Mobile right for me?

  • Product highlights: Telstra network coverage, plus freedom to use data as you want in the expiry period.
  • Watch out for: If you use up all your data before 180 days has passed, you'll have to recharge at the full price to get more data – even if you only need a couple of GB to get you by.

Better Life Mobile broadband plans

Better Life Mobile's mobile broadband plans explained

Better Life Mobile offers just a single mobile broadband plan powered by parts of the Telstra 3G and 4G networks. For $88 up-front, you get 12GB of data to use however you like (within Australia) for 180 days – a generous expiry period, even if the price is less competitive than some other telco offers.

How does Better Life Mobile broadband compare?

  • Only a single plan on offer
  • The big three telcos all offer more data at a cheaper price

Why should you consider Better Life Mobile broadband?

For those who want to contribute to social initiatives designed to help low-income and homeless Aussies, Better Life Mobile is a solid choice. However, from a raw value-for-money perspective, there's plenty more data out there with other providers, especially those outside of the Telstra network. To compare the finer details of the nation's 3G/4G networks, head to our speed test analysis here of the big three.

If you'd like to benefit indirectly from signing up with Better Life Mobile, you'll be supporting its community initiatives and making it easier for the less-fortunate to get access to the telecommunications services we so often take for granted.

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