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Who offers the best electricity plan in Australia?

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Unfortunately, there is no single best electricity retailer because everyone's power needs are different.

Even if there were, it wouldn't necessarily be available to you, because no provider is available everywhere in Australia.

Instead, we've put together the best providers based on what's important to you, rating them by customer satisfaction and "green" nature and environmental friendliness. We've also included some tips on getting the best deal.

What are the best electricity deals in Australia?

For states where electricity prices are available in our pricing engine, we've compiled a table of the plans with the best estimated price.

Although the best deal may vary based on the type of tariff, your location, your household and your usage, you can get a general idea of the best using these tables.

BrandPlan nameDifference from reference priceConditional discount?Estimated price (per 91 days)Estimated price (Annual)
ReAmped EnergyReAmped Handshake | Anytime20% lessN/A$293.91$1,176.00
Energy LocalsLocal Saver - Anytime19% lessN/A$295.75$1,183.00
Kogan EnergyKogan Energy Market Offer18% lessN/A$302.21$1,209.00
Origin EnergyOrigin Max Saver16% lessN/A$307.80$1,231.20
Elysian EnergyElysian Market Residential Simple Plan (NAG)13% less (without discount)Further 3% off the reference price if you always pay on time.$308.57$1,234.00
Discover EnergyAusgrid Residential Single Rate Ultimate Offer16% lessN/A$309.02$1,236.00
SumoSumo Select Residential Single RateEqual to (without discount)Further 15% off the reference price if you always pay on time.$311.17$1,245.00
PowerdirectPowerdirect Residential Discount Saver15% lessN/A$311.35$1,245.00
Future X PowerFlexi Saver - Single RateEqual to (without discount)Further 15% off the reference price if you always pay on time.$312.84$1,308.00
EnergyAustraliaNo Frills13% lessN/A$317.75$1,271.00
AGLResidential Essentials Saver13% lessN/A$318.67$1,275.00
Alinta EnergyResidential Essentials Saver13% lessN/A$318.67$1,275.00
Simply EnergyNSW Simply Low Rates13% lessN/A$319.97$1,280.00
QEnergyQE Home Saver Smart (Variable EA010)12% lessN/A$322.58$1,290.00
Diamond EnergyEveryday Renewable Saver1% less (without discount)Further 7% off the reference price if you always pay on time and further 3% off the reference price when you pay by Direct Debit.$325.13$1,301.00
Enova EnergyEnova Community Plus9% lessFurther 2% off the reference price if you always pay on time.$326.89$1,308.00
amaysimNo Fuss (Single Rate)11% lessN/A$327.64$1,311.00
Red EnergyRed Taronga Saver10% lessN/A$329.78$1,319.00
Click EnergyClick Banksia Plus9% lessN/A$333.53$1,334.00
CovaUDefault Market Offer - Residential Ausgrid Single9% lessN/A$334.74$1,339.00

Make sure you check the Basic Plan Information for the plans above.

BrandPlan nameDifference from reference priceConditional discount?Estimated price (per 91 days)Estimated price (Annual)
GloBird EnergyEasySave Flat Rate (C1RB without Controlled Load) - CitiPower19% lessN/A$271.59$1,086.00
CovaUSmart Saver Residential CitiPower Demand Tariff CR13% less (without conditional discount)Further 4% off VDO when you pay by Direct Debit.$272.79$1,091.00
Elysian EnergyResi Market Simple Plan (VCP) - (Single Rate)18% lessN/A$273.40$1,094.00
PowerdirectPowerdirect Residential Rate Saver17% lessN/A$276.30$1,105.00
AGLResidential Essentials Saver17% lessN/A$276.31$1,105.00
Momentum EnergySelf Serve Electricity_CRB16% lessN/A$278.76$1,115.00
Origin EnergyOrigin Max Saver (Single Rate)5% less (without conditional discount)Further 5% off VDO if you always pay on time. 5% off VDO when you pay by Direct Debit.$283.14$1,133.00
Dodo Power & GasResidential Market - Single Rate13% lessN/A$290.09$1,160.00
EnergyAustraliaTotal Plan Home - Peak Only6% less (without conditional discount)Further 6% off VDO if you always pay on time.$293.13$1,173.00
PowershopPowershopLITE10% lessN/A$299.00$1,196.00
Lumo EnergyLumo Value10% less (without conditional discount)Further 3% off VDO if you always pay on time.$291.69$1,203.00
Red EnergyLiving Energy Saver8% more (without conditional discount)Further 10% off VDO if you always pay on time.$323.12$1,203.00
Tango EnergyVIC Home Select9% lessN/A$304.80$1,219.00
1st Energy1st Saver, Residential - AnytimeEqual to reference price (without conditional discount)Further 10% off VDO if you always pay on time.$299.61$1,239.00
DC Power CoMarket Offer5% moreN/A$350.88$1,272.00
SumoSumo SelectEqual to reference price (without conditional discount)Further 4% off VDO if you always pay on time.$318.56$1,274.00
Click EnergyClick Banksia Plus - Peak Only3% lessN/A$323.09$1,292.00
amaysimamaysim electricity classic saver - Peak Only1% lessN/A$329.80$1,319.00
Simply EnergyVIC Simply Standing OfferEqual to reference priceN/A$333.00$1,332.00
Alinta EnergySports Pack Electricity PlanEqual to reference priceN/A$333.00$1,332.00
BlueNRGBlue VDO GD (General Usage)Equal to reference priceN/A$333.00$1,332.00

Note: For residents outside of South East Queensland, residents don't get to choose their provider as energy is regulated by the Queensland Competition Authority.

BrandPlan nameDifference from reference priceConditional discount?Estimated price (per 91 days)Estimated price (Annual)
PowerclubPowerbank Home Flat17% lessN/A$326.70$1,306.80
ReAmped EnergyReAmped Handshake | Anytime18% lessN/A$322.22$1,288.88
Click EnergyClick Hibiscus17% lessFurther 7% off the reference price if you always pay on time and 3% off the reference price when you pay by Direct Debit.$325.44$1,301.76
Origin EnergyOrigin Max Saver15% lessN/A$333.37$1,333.48
Kogan EnergyKogan Energy Market Offer15% lessN/A$334.43$1,337.72
Alinta EnergyNo Fuss - Single Rate15% lessN/A$334.73$1,338.92
QEnergyQE Home Saver Lite (Variable 8400)15% less$335.08$1,340.32 (New customers only)
Future X PowerFlexi Saver - Single RateEqual to reference price (without conditional discounts)Further 14% off the reference price if you always pay on time.$336.55$1,346.20
Elysian EnergyPElysian Market Residential Simple Plan (QEX)11% less (without conditional discounts)Further 3% off the reference price if you always pay on time.$337.93$1,351.72
PowerdirectPowerdirect Residential Discount Saver11% lessN/A$348.23$1,392.92
Diamond EnergyEveryday Renewable Saver3% less (without conditional discounts)Further 7% off the reference price if you always pay on time and 3% off the reference price when you pay by Direct Debit.$342.34$1,369.36
Energy LocalsLocal Saver - Anytime1% lessN/A$390.40$1,561.60
AGLResidential Essentials Saver10% lessN/A$352.12$1,408.48
Discover EnergyEnergex Residential Single Rate Ultimate Offer12% lessN/A$346.97$1,387.88
EnergyAustraliaTotal Plan Home11% lessN/A$349.05$1,396.20
PowershopPowershopLITE11% lessN/A$350.63$1,402.52
Red EnergyLiving Energy Saver10% lessN/A$352.15$1,408.60
Dodo Power & GasResidential Market8% lessN/A$362.89$1,451.56
1st EnergyCatch Saver - Single Rate6% lessN/A$369.85$1,479.40
Mojo PowerSE Legacy Standing OfferEqual to reference priceN/A$392.00$1,568.00

Make sure you check the Basic Plan Information for the plans above.

BrandPlan nameDifference from reference priceConditional discount?Estimated price (per 91 days)Estimated price (Annual)
Kogan EnergyKogan Energy Market Offer17% lessN/A$402.45$1,609.80
Diamond EnergyEveryday Renewable Saver7% less (without conditional discounts)Further 7% off the reference price if you always pay on time and 3% off the reference price when you pay by Direct Debit.$407.65$1,630.60
PowerclubPowerbank Home Flat15%N/A$410.28$1,641.12
Origin EnergyOrigin Max Saver14% lessN/A$417.13$1,668.52
AGLResidential Essentials Saver - No Exit Fee13% lessN/A$421.74$1,686.96
PowerdirectPowerdirect Residential Discount Saver - No Exit Fee13% lessN/A$421.85$1,687.40
Elysian EnergyElysian Market Residential Simple Plan (SAPN)9% (without conditional discounts)Further 5% discount off usage applies when the account is paid by the due date.$427.17$1,708.68
Momentum EnergySmile Power Flexi_RSR11%N/A$429.59$1,718.36
PowershopPowershopLITE9% lessN/A$443.56$1,774.24
Mojo PowerSE Legacy Standing offer8% lessN/A$444.06$1,776.24
Commander Power & GasResidential Market8% lessN/A$445.39$1,781.56
Dodo Power & GasResidential Market8% lessN/A$445.39$1,781.56
Lumo EnergyLumo Basic8% lessN/A$445.99$1,783.96
Simply EnergySA Simply Low Rates7% lessN/A$449.75$1,799.00
Red EnergyLiving Energy Saver7% lessN/A$453.19$1,812.76
EnergyAustraliaNo Frills6% lessN/A$455.07$1,820.28
Energy LocalsLocal Saver - Anytime5%N/A$462.13$1,848.52
Click EnergyClick Banksia Plus3% lessN/A$470.27$1,881.08
amaysimamaysim Electricity as you go2% lessN/A$474.73$1,898.92
QEnergyHome Your Way SR RSREqual to reference priceN/A$483.08$1,932.32

Make sure you check the Basic Plan Information for the plans above.

BrandPlan nameEstimated price (per 91 days)Estimated price (Annual)
PowerclubPowerbank Home Flat$233.60$934.40
EnergyAustraliaTotal Plan Home$234.37$937.48
Origin EnergyOrigin Max Saver$238.31$953.24
ActewAGLACT Home 20% offer$242.65$970.60
Energy LocalsOnline Saver - Anytime$250.81$1,003.24
Red EnergyLiving Energy Saver (010)$250.81$1,003.24
Simply EnergyACT Simply Standing Offer$259.72$1,038.88
AmberAmber Plan$276.64$1,106.56

Compare the big energy brands side-by-side

Best electricity provider (customer satisfaction)

According to the results of the survey, the best performing energy provider is Simply Energy, with 67% of its customers satisfied with its service, followed closely by Red Energy, Alinta, ActewAGL and Energy Australia.

ProviderSatisfaction levelsState(s) available
Simply Energy67%VIC, SA, NSW, QLD, WA
Red Energy66%VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, ACT
Alinta63%VIC, NSW, SA, QLD
Energy Australia60%VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, ACT

Best 'green' electricity provider

We've listed some of the top performers according to the Green Electricity Guide, which gave retailers a green rating out of 10. Powershop and Diamond Energy performed far and away the best in a group where the majority of retailers scored between a 3 and a 6 and three retailers got a score below 3.

StarStarStarStarStarDiamond Energy9.1
StarStarStarStarEnergy Locals7.4
StarStarStarStarEnova Energy7.4
StarStarStarHalf StarAGL Energy7.0
StarStarStarHalf StarOrigin Energy6.8
StarStarStarHalf StarMomentum Energy6.8
StarStarStarLumo Energy5.6
StarStarStarRed Energy5.4
StarStarStarAurora Energy5.2
StarStarHalf StarHorizon Power5.0
StarStarHalf StarActewAGL Retail4.9
StarStarHalf StarJacana Energy4.8
StarStarHalf StarErgon Energy4.7
StarStarHalf StarDodo Power & Gas4.4
StarStarHalf StarPacific Hydro Retail4.4
StarStarHalf StarCommander4.1
StarStarSimply Energy4.0
StarStarMojo Power3.8
StarStarClick Energy3.8
StarStarAlinta Energy Retail3.1
StarHalf StarGloBird Energy3.0
StarHalf StarPeople Energy3.0
StarHalf StarSumo Power2.8
StarHalf StarCovaU2.3
Star1st Energy2.0

Full score breakdown

EmissionsSupport for decarbonisationCarbon offsetsSupport for local & renewable energyFossil fuels policy & investmentEnergy efficiency & Demand response / managementCorporate sustainability & Transparency
Diamond Energy10.
Energy Locals5.010.06.810.
Enova Energy5.
AGL Energy3.
Origin Energy4.
Momentum Energy8.
Lumo Energy9.
Red Energy9.
Aurora Energy8.
Horizon Power5.
ActewAGL Retail3.
Jacana Energy7.
Ergon Energy5.
Dodo Power & Gas5.
Pacific Hydro10.
Simply Energy2.
Mojo Power5.
Click Energy5.
Alinta Energy Retail6.
GloBird Energy5.
People Energy5.
Sumo Power5.
1st Energy5.

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How do I get the best deal?

Getting the best deal involves comparing energy retailers and the plans they offer. So long as you don't live in Tasmania, the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Queensland (excluding the south-east), you will be able to compare prices between different providers and energy plans.

The important features

Here are the most important pricing features you'll need to understand to make that comparison:

  • Usage charges. Usage is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh) and each retailer will have its own rate. This is the single biggest feature to compare between plans, as it will have the largest effect on your power bills.
  • Supply charges. This is the amount you pay per day simply for being hooked up to the electricity grid and should line up with the number of days your electrical bill covers.
  • Fees. Some plans may leave you owing extra if you're late on a payment or choose to cancel your contract early. Be aware of these fees going in and know whether you're likely to trigger them.
  • Guaranteed discounts. These are discounts which you don't have to do anything special to get. However, they'll usually only apply for a certain period of time after signing up with the retailer, so they aren't a forever solution to your power costs.

The less important features

The following pricing features are much less important when comparing plans, either because they're conditional or fairly temporary:

  • Estimated price. This is a monthly usage cost based on an average pattern of energy consumption. Obviously, this is only a general guide and will not match your particular energy requirements. Compare actual usage charges instead.
  • Conditional discounts/credits. These are, as stated in the name, conditional. That means you will only receive the benefit so long as you meet the conditions, which might not be practical or possible all the time for you or your household. It's better to look for guaranteed discounts that you'll receive no matter what.
  • Incentives. Incentives are designed to lure you into switching from your current energy provider to another one. They usually take the form of perks (like movie tickets or Qantas Points) and sign-up credits. Since these are one-off things, you're better off choosing the energy plan that will better suit your needs in the long run, though we discuss some of the better incentives available below.

Best incentive deal (Editors pick)

Kayo / Alinta energy

For sports fans, Alinta Energy is offering a sign-up deal where anyone signing up to its Sports Pack Energy Plan will also get 12 free months of Kayo Basic. Kayo is a subscription streaming service which gives access to streams from Fox Sports, ESPN and beIN SPORTS.

Compare energy plans

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