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Life insurance if you have epilepsy

You should be able to get life insurance if you have epilepsy, but you'll likely pay a higher premium.

Providers that will cover your epilepsy Compare

Thanks to improvements in medicine, it's possible to have epilepsy and live a normal life. If you're looking for life insurance, you can still get cover but be aware that you will be charged a higher premium due to your epilepsy history.

Is epilepsy covered by life insurance?

Yes. All causes of death are usually covered by life insurance. To make sure that epilepsy is covered by the life insurance policy you're considering, check the exclusions in the product disclosure statement (PDS), and also make sure that the policy is not just designed to cover accidental death. With some policies, there are waiting periods (the time you need to wait before you're covered). You can also ask the insurer about these things before you commit to buying a policy.

Can I get life insurance if I have epilepsy?

Yes, it's possible but it depends on a few factors such as the type of epilepsy you have, how often you have seizures, and other health issues you may face. If you're able to get insurance, it's very likely that you'll pay more for a policy. It really comes down to the severity of your condition and how much impact epilepsy has on your life.

When you apply for life insurance with epilepsy, the insurer is likely to come back with one of the following answers:

  • They'll cover you but will charge you a higher premium.
  • They'll add an exclusion to illnesses and death related to epilepsy.
  • They'll refuse to cover you.

The answer they give you will depend on the severity of your condition.

  • Good. If you have less than 2 seizures a year, you'll be considered lower risk and should be able to get cover.
  • Fair. If you have around 2 to 5 seizures a year and your epilepsy is relatively under control, you'll most likely pay a good bit more for a policy but you should still be able to get cover.
  • Poor. If your epilepsy isn't under control and you have multiple seizures a year you may find it hard to get cover. If this is the case, consider a specialist insurer.

Get covered for epilepsy with these providers

Our research team looked at 31 life insurers in August 2021 and found 14 that will cover epilepsy in Australia. During the online application process, you will need to mention your epilepsy history.

ProviderEpilepsy coverMaximum coverMaximum entry ageFully underwrittenTerminal illness benefitOptional extrasApply
NobleOak Life InsuranceYes$25,000,00074Yes$25,000,000TPD, TraumaGet quote
Zurich Ezicover Life InsuranceYes$1,500,00069Yes$1,500,000N/AMore info
AAMI Life InsuranceYes$1,500,00065Yes$1,500,000Trauma

Get quote

Insuranceline Life CoverYes$1,500,00065Yes$1,500,000TraumaMore info
Allianz Life PlanYes – accidental cover only$1,500,00065YesAccident cover onlyTPDMore info
Bendigo MaxLife Life ProtectYes$1,000,00065Yes$1,000,000TPDMore info
HBF Ezicover Life InsuranceYes$1,500,00069Yes$1,500,000N/AMore info
RAC Life ProtectYes$25,000,00074Yes$25,000,000TPD, TraumaMore info
Suncorp Life Protect InsuranceYes$1,500,00065Yes$1,500,000TraumaGet quote
AIA Life InsuranceYesNo limit75YesNo limitTPD, TraumaMore info
AMP Life InsuranceYesNo limit70YesNo limitTPD, TraumaLearn more
ClearView Life InsuranceYes$20,000,00075Yes$20,000,000TPD, TraumaMore info
CommBank Life InsuranceYes$1,000,00065Yes$1,000,000TPD, TraumaMore info

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🔎 What will a life insurer ask during the application process?

If you have epilepsy, the life insurance provider is likely to ask you:

  • What type of epilepsy you have.
  • When you were diagnosed.
  • If there is a specific cause for your epilepsy.
  • The frequency of attacks you have.
  • How long it has been since the last attack.
  • If the attacks involve a change or loss of consciousness.

In most cases, your insurer will ask for a medical history report. You can usually get this from your doctor.

Do I have to let my insurer know if I have a seizure during my cover?

When you apply for insurance, your monthly payments (premiums) are calculated based on your health, lifestyle, age and job you have at the time. You don't generally need to inform your insurer of any changes once your policy has been accepted, so long as you've been truthful when you first applied.

If you want to update your policy though, for instance, you may want to increase your cover when you get a new home or get married, then you'll have to let the insurer know about your seizures by undergoing another medical report.

Do I have to declare epilepsy when I apply for life insurance?

✅ Yes. You need to disclose all relevant medical information when you apply for life insurance. If you have epilepsy, it's considered a pre-existing medical condition, so you'll need to let the insurer know. If you don't, you risk voiding your policy and could be refused a payout when you die.

Asking questions about your health is an important part of the underwriting process so it's crucial that you are truthful. When you apply, you'll also be asked about your family medical history, your age, job and lifestyle habits.

Is it worth getting life insurance if I have had epilepsy?

✅ Yes. If you have epilepsy, you may have to pay more for life insurance, but there's a reason for that – you're at a greater risk of something serious happening. To protect yourself and the people who depend on you, it's worth getting a life insurance policy. It can pay off debts like your mortgage and car loan, as well as cover everyday living expenses for your family, from groceries to utilities.

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Frequently asked questions about life insurance and epilepsy

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