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Credit card reviews

Applying for a new credit card or upgrading your current one? Finder's experts have reviewed over 260 cards in Australia!

Reward credit card reviews

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      Travel credit card reviews

        CommBank Neo Card

        CommBank Neo Card

        One of the few no interest credit cards on the market, the CommBank Neo has a monthly fee instead. Find out more in our comprehensive review.

        Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard

        Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard

        The Latitude 28° Global Platinum Mastercard can be an ideal option for the international traveller, offering no transaction fees on purchases and no currency conversion fees for overseas transactions. Plus, travel perks including a Flight Delay Pass and free wifi.

        Business credit card reviews

          ANZ Business Black Card

          ANZ Business Black Card

          This business rewards credit card offers 100,000 bonus ANZ Reward Points, transfers to Qantas Frequent Flyer and data feeds for accounting software. So is it right for you?

          Credit card customer satisfaction ratings

          Apart of Finder's customer satisfaction awards for 2023, we surveyed 1000+ customers to find the top providers based on customer service, value for money and more. ING was the top rated provider with Bendigo Bank and Coles finishing as runners-up.

          BrandOverall satisfactionCustomers who'd recommend
          ING★★★★★ 4.48/595%
          Bendigo★★★★★ 4.48/589%
          Coles★★★★★ 4.13/581%
          American Express★★★★★ 4.10/582%
          Bankwest★★★★★ 4.09/581%
          Qantas Money★★★★★ 4.09/573%
          Bank of Queensland★★★★★ 4.08/581%
          St.George★★★★★ 3.99/575%
          ANZ★★★★★ 3.89/577%
          CommBank★★★★★ 3.89/571%
          NAB★★★★★ 3.81/571%
          Citi★★★★★ 3.79/567%
          Westpac★★★★★ 3.68/566%
          Latitude Financial★★★★★ 3.58/556%

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          Expert analysis
          Our credit card experts have reviewed and analysed nearly every credit card on the market in Australia. We've helped nearly 3 million people find a credit card!
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          Our customer support team maintains and updates product details to ensure information is accurate to help users make informed decisions.
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          Despite commercial agreements with partners, Finder's credit card reviews are unbiased and independent. We strive diligently to make sure that these partnerships do not influence our reviews.

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