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Sally McMullen is Finder's credit cards and frequent flyer editor by day and a music maven by night. Her byline can be spotted on Yahoo Finance, Dynamic Business, Financy and Mamamia as well as Music Feeds and Rolling Stone.

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Hi Mary, Thanks for your question. Without knowing the full details, it's difficult to know whether the charge was inflicted by Travelex or the restaurant in question. However, this type of fee isn't detailed in the product disclosure statement and we've never received any feedback that described a similar fee. So, it could have been a fee charged by the restaurant for using a non-US issued product or a prepaid travel card. Also, the user should've been notified of the amount she had to pay at the checkout. If you notice that you've been overcharged when you go to pay, speak with the manager to confirm that there isn't a surcharge for using your card and then get in touch with Cash Passport to resolve the issue if necessary. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Cora, Thanks for reaching out, Just to confirm, you have come through to finder.com.au rather than Royal Orchid Plus. You should be able to enrol online by filling out your personal information, contact details and preferences on the Thai Airways website. Otherwise, if you'd like to sign up online, you can contact Thai Airways Royal Orchid club over the phone on 1300 651960. I hope this has helped. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Murray, Thanks for getting in touch. If you'd like to start paying for fuel with your Velocity Points, you can do this by creating a four-digit PIN via your Velocity online account, swiping your Velocity card at the checkout before making the payment and request that your purchase is paid for with points. I hope this has helped. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Lorraine, Thanks for your question. The Multi-currency Cash Passport primary and supplementary cards should both only be used by the primary cardholder. While you could technically use either card if you gave your partner the PIN to use the card, they are intended to only be used by the primary cardholder. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Therese, Thanks for your question. You can use your Qantas Card both online and in-store. You should be able to use it to make a deposit in Euros and shouldn't incur any additional fees. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Samantha, Thanks for getting in touch. Just to confirm, you have come through to finder.com.au, not Velocity. As such, we're unable to confirm the status of your Velocity Frequent Flyer card. However, you should receive your Velocity card within a week or so of signing up. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Bryan, Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, the initial load fee is a standard fee that can't be avoided. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Arnielynda, As long as you quoted your United Mileage Plus frequent flyer number, at the time of booking your flight with South African Airways, the miles should be credited to your account. If you have already booked the flight but would still like to claim the miles, you'll need to complete a credit request following your flight. You can download the request form from the United Mileage Plus website. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Marco, Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, you can't directly transfer your British Airways Avios to Emirates Skywards Miles or Qantas Frequent Flyer Points. However, you can redeem your Avios for flights with Qantas. Unfortunately, Emirates doesn't belong to the oneworld Alliance, so you can't redeem your Avios miles with them. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Andy, Yes, you can use the card to withdraw unsupported currencies as long as you're withdrawing it from an ATM that accepts Mastercard. The Travel Money Card no longer charges a currency conversion fee when used to withdraw or spend in unsupported currencies, but you will be charged an ATM withdrawal fee of AUD3.50 each time you use the ATM to withdraw the foreign currency. I hope this has helped. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Darryl, Thanks for your question. Did you receive the promo code in an email or SMS? If so, you might be able to trace the code. Otherwise, you might need to contact Coles again to see if you can get the code re-sent or a new code reissued. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Tracey, Thanks for your question. As a financial comparison service, we're unable to suggest any specific products to our users as the best option will always depend on your individual needs and financial situation. However, as Bendigo Bank's debit cards are Mastercard products, you'll be able to use them it in Fiji. Depending on the exact debit card you're using, you might incur a foreign currency conversion fee when using the debit card in Fiji. Unfortunately, the Velocity Global Wallet doesn't support Fijian Dollars, you'll incur a currency conversion fee of 3% when you use the card to make purchases in Fiji. As Fijian Dollars aren't supported, this also means you can't lock in the exchange rate when you first load the funds on the card. Instead, you'll be subject to the daily exchange rate each time you use your card. While taking cash might be a convenient way to make purchases in Fiji, you shouldn't take all of your currency in cash. Instead, you should take cash, a travel card and perhaps a debit or credit card to ensure you have several ways to access cash in case your card or cash is lost or stolen on your trip. You can exchange your Australian dollars to Fijian Dollars at currency exchange stores in Australia. Usually, these have more competitive exchange rates than if you do so at a currency exchange store at the airport. I hope this has helped. Cheers, Sally

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Hello Martin, Thanks for your question. How many points it'll cost will largely depend on the time you choose to fly and the class you choose to fly in. However, for the month of December, the number of points needed are anywhere between 98,700 and 232,800 points for an economy flight from Sydney to Perth per person. When you browse flights on the Virgin Australia website, you can choose to see the prices in Velocity Points rather than dollars to determine how much it would cost depending on the date, time and fare class you'd like. Cheers, Sally

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Hi John, Thanks for your question. You need to select 'credit' when using your Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card at EFTPOS terminals and for ATM withdrawals. Cheers, Sally

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Hi Gray, Thanks for your question. If you'd like to transfer your points to your Velocity frequent flyer account, you can do so by following these steps: 1. Go to www.flybuys.com.au and log in to your account. 2. Click on “My Account” and then select “Linked Accounts” from the menu. 3. Select “Velocity Frequent Flyer” from the list of partners you can link with. 4. Enter your Velocity membership number, full name and date of birth, then click “Add account” to complete the process. Please remember that you can only transfer your flybuys points in increments of 2,000 and will receive 870 Velocity Points. Cheers, Sally

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