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Pocket Money: A podcast from Finder

Money, life and the messy bits in between.

About Pocket Money

Do you remember when you got paid pocket money or an allowance for the very first time? Were you the kid that looked after every cent, carefully putting it in your piggy bank? Or did you head straight to the shop to blow it all on red frogs and chocolate freckles? Or perhaps you were somewhere in the middle? After all, we all have different spending and saving styles.

Now we are adults things haven't changed that much - though those "pocket money" payments are a lot bigger and there are more temptations to splurge on than just mixed lollies - and that's where our podcast comes in.

Pocket Money the podcast is about money, life, and all the messy bits in between. And, no matter where you are on the finance spectrum, we've got you covered.

Join our hosts Kate Browne and Sally McMullen with some help from a cast of experts as we discuss all the things. From the hidden costs of owning a pet, side hustles, recession and investing, right through to what happens to your money (or your debts) when you die. We follow the money wherever it goes, because even though life can be a bit messy sometimes, your finances don't have to be.

Come join us! Pocket Money is published every two weeks to all leading podcast platforms.

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Sally McMullen was a creative content producer at Finder. Sally wrote about credit cards for almost 5 years, authoring almost 900 articles on Finder alone. She has also been published in Yahoo Finance, Dynamic Business, Financy and Mamamia, as well as Music Feeds and Rolling Stone. Sally has a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies majoring in Journalism (Hons) from the University of Wollongong. See full bio

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Managing editor

Kate Browne was Finder's managing editor for Australia. She worked as an investigative journalist and lifestyle editor at CHOICE and has written for publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald, The Age,, Sunday Telegraph, The Australian, The Big Issue, Sunday Life, Kidspot and Essential Baby. She co-authored the best-selling non-fiction book The Checkout in 2016. You might also recognise her as one of the writers and presenters of ABC TV's top-rating consumer affairs show The Checkout, which ran from 2013 to 2018. She is a media spokesperson for Finder and regularly appears on Nine, Seven and on the radio. Kate has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Technology Sydney. See full bio

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