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Podcast: Curveballs – how to stay resilient when the going gets tough


headshot of Emma Markevic author of curveballs. She has curly hair and is wearing dangly earrings.

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Comedian and journalist Emma Markezic was young, single, freelancing, renting and partying hard when she was diagnosed with a potentially terminal cancer. Her world changed emotionally, financially and physically overnight.

Despite being broke, sick, bald and living alone, Emma says she found that she coped better than some people might cope with a paper cut. She was intrigued by why some people deal with life's curveballs better than others.

The journalist in Emma meant she wanted to do a deep dive into why some people are more resilient than others and if it's a skill that can be learned. As a result, she wrote her book Curveballs, which is part memoir and part self-help guide, after speaking to experts all over the world on how we can all develop skills to help deal with life's curly bits.

We also chat to Emma about how she coped financially when her life flipped upside down. She shares her experiences with spending and saving (as well as those expensive medical bills) and what she wishes she'd done better before she was sick.

Emma is warm, funny and relatable. She's also full of useful tips for anyone struggling out there right now. Whether it's from life in lockdown, living with financial uncertainty or just prepping for a future curveball, this episode will help arm you with the right tools and attitude to cope financially and emotionally.

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