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DCSI Internet

DCSI offers a range of NBN plans with capped and unlimited data options.


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Drouin Computer Services and Internet (DCSI) has been running since way back in 1995, operating out of the town of Warragul, Victoria. It has fixed line and fixed wireless NBN plans on offer.

Top features:

  • NBN and fixed wireless plans month to month
  • Home phone services available
  • High typical evening speeds on all plans
DCSI internet is not currently available via finder. You can visit their website at for more information or compare alternative options available below.

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Regardless of what speed you're after, DCSI has a simple plan that will run month to month.

DCSI review: What we think

DCSI Internet plans share the following features:

Money icon


$55 monthly and up

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Technology type

NBN, fixed wireless

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All speed tiers available

Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, Premium

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Optional extras

Home phone

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Phone: 8am-9pm weekdays; 9am-6pm Saturday; 12pm-6pm Sunday

DCSI is a provider that's been selling Internet plans out of Warragul, Victoria for 25 years or so. You can pick up either an NBN plan or fixed wireless if you can't get a fixed line.

DCSI's plans are just fine from a price perspective, lining up with the Finder averages for their tier. The limited data NBN12 plan isn't too bad, considering that 100GB is a reasonable cap for such a slow connection tier. On top of that, DCSI's typical speeds are good to excellent on all their tiers (e.g. Standard+ typical speed of 44Mbps versus ACCC average of 42.6Mbps).

Its fixed wireless plans aren't quite as competitive, but still provide some mammoth data allowances for customers who need it. That said, given that fixed wireless caps out at a maximum of 25Mbps, 1,000GB is likely more than you'll be able to consume in a month with a fixed wireless plan.

DCSI extra features

    • Home phone.If you want a VoIP phone line to go with your NBN plan, you can pick from three options:
      • VIP.$10 per month for pay as you go calls with $65 of credit.
      • Celebrity.$20 per month for pay as you go calls with $120 credit.
      • Superstar.$30 per month for pay as you go calls with $200 credit.
    • Referral bonus.If a friend mentions you when they sign up to DCSI, you could get $50 worth of credit on your own account.

Is DCSI right for you?


  • Great value NBN plans. DCSI sells plans at average prices but with great typical speeds.


  • No extras. DCSI doesn't have any fancy extra features on its plans, so you'll have to go elsewhere if you're looking for some.

The bottom line: DCSI's fixed line NBN connections are solid from a price perspective and offer good to great typical speeds to boot, all without lock-in contracts.

Compare DCSI fixed wireless plans here

Are you outside fixed-line range but close to a signal tower? Get between 100GB and 1,000GB with a fixed wireless plan from DCSI.

DCSI frequently asked questions

Do I need a new modem to sign up to DCSI?

If you haven't been connected to the NBN before, it's very likely you'll need a new modem. Either purchase your own independently or get a recommended one from DCSI at plan purchase for $140.

Can I cancel my DCSI NBN plan?

Yes. Since all of DCSI's plans are month to month, you can leave or change your plan at any time without any problem.

Do DCSI's Internet plans include calls?

Not by default. However, it has the three following VoIP phone plans you can purchase on top of your NBN connection:
    • VIP.$10 per month for pay as you go calls with $60 of credit.
    • Celebrity.$20 per month for pay as you go calls with $120 credit.
    • Superstar.$30 per month for pay as you go calls with $200 credit.

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