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DCSI offers NBN and ADSL plans, as well as operating its own fixed wireless network in West Gippsland in Victoria.

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Is DCSI right for me?

  • What does DCSI offer? DCSI offers NBN and ADSL broadband services, with the former spanning both fixed line and fixed wireless connections. It also provides OptiComm and non-NBN fixed wireless services within select regions of Australia.
  • Product highlights: DSCI offers no-lock-in contracts and above-average typical NBN evening speeds.
  • Watch out for: If you're considering DCSI's ADSL plans, remember that they provide standalone Internet services only and require you to have an existing active phone service with another telco. Be sure to factor that extra cost in when comparing against competing phone and ADSL bundles.

DCSI NBN plans

DCSI's NBN plans explained

DCSI provides both fixed line and fixed wireless NBN services throughout Australia. It offers plans on no-lock-in, month-to-month contracts, with support for all four tiers of NBN speeds starting from Basic (nbn12) and going up to Premium (nbn100). Only the first three tiers (up to Standard Plus) have support for fixed wireless connections, however.

Unlike most broadband providers, DCSI does not offer unlimited data caps on its NBN plans. Instead, available data caps range from 100GB up to 16TB, though the data caps offered differ from speed tier to speed tier.


DCSI's ADSL plans explained

If the NBN isn't available to you, you'll find plenty of alternatives in DCSI's ASDL plans. All operate on no-lock-in contracts and provide broadband service only – line rental is not included. That means you need to already have an active phone service with another telco or else the ADSL connection will simply not function.

Other broadband services

For folks looking beyond standard NBN and ADSL, DCSI also supports OptiComm fibre connections and operates its own fixed wireless network. OptiComm services are limited to select new estates, while the fixed wireless network is available in a small region of the country covered by DCSI's infrastructure.

How does DCSI compare?

  • More flexibility in data caps than a lot of other telcos
  • Charges more for capped plans than many competing unlimited plans
  • Struggles to justify its higher prices and limited data caps

Why should you consider DCSI?

DCSI isn't the cheapest broadband provider in the business, but it does have a few points in its favour. For one, its wide range of data caps makes it easier to only pay for the data you need. The flip side of that, however, is that many rival telcos offer unlimited plans at comparable or cheaper rates than DCSI.

Folks with a need for speed might find value in DCSI's NBN offerings thanks to their higher-than-average typical evening speeds. They're not the fastest on the market, but they are quite respectable, especially at the higher speed tiers.

How to contact DCSI

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