No-lock-in contract NBN plans

Get a cheap no-contract Internet plan for your home and enjoy total flexibility.

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No contract means you're free to change your mind at any time, without having to pay any fees for leaving or switching. Whatever you're after, there's a no-lock-in contract NBN plan available that suits your needs.

Compare NBN plans with no contract

The table below shows only plans with month-to-month contracts, which is the same as a no-lock-in contract. They won't lock you in for any long period of time and will allow you to cancel or switch at any time.

Why get a no-contract NBN plan?

The main reason to dodge a contract is flexibility – whether it's because you're renting, aren't sure about the plan, or simply dislike commitment. The main downside is that you'll miss out on whatever added value that contract might bring, such as reduced set-up fees or bonus entertainment options.


  • Zero exit fees
  • Try out a plan or provider with no commitment
  • Renter-friendly


  • May have increased set-up/modem fees
  • Fewer bonus entertainment options

Month-to-month Internet service providers

The majority of broadband providers have month-to-month options these days, with only a couple like Mint Telecom forcing you into a contract. Even many providers that used to only sell contract plans have switched to monthly options as the norm, like Telstra or Optus.

It's important to note that when plans are advertised as being on a "month-to-month contract", it actually means there's no lock-in contract at all. This is because you're paying for your plan as each month passes, rather than being forced to stay on for 6 or 12 months (or more).

We've looked at no-contract plans available from a number of providers below. These are not the only plans available, so compare your options if there's another provider you're after that isn't listed.

Telstra no-lock-in contract plans

Telstra's monthly plans run from NBN 25 to NBN 100 speeds and have a waived $99 connection fee when you sign up online. Other features include:

  • Telstra Smart Modem with 4G backup, free after 24 months with Telstra but $9 for each month before that if you leave.
  • Free home phone line with included standard and mobile calls in Australia.
  • Access to bonus features including Telstra Air national Wi-Fi network and Telstra Plus rewards.

TPG no-contract plans

TPG's no-contract NBN plans cover all four of the common NBN speed tiers and come with a new modem by default. You could also get TPG plans on a 6-month contract if you wanted. These plans have:

  • A $99.95 set-up fee for monthly plans. This fee is waived for 6-month contracts.
  • Budget limited data NBN 12 plans for low-data customers.
  • Free PAYG home phone line with optional call packs.

Optus no-contract Internet plans

With Optus, you'll get the choice between NBN 50 or NBN 100 speeds, although they all come with a $99 set-up fee. You'll also get:

  • Optus Ultra WiFi Modem with 4G backup, free after 36 months with Optus but $7 for each month before that if you leave.
  • Free Optus Sport subscription to watch football, Premier League and more.
  • Optional Fetch bundles – get Fetch Mini for $4 a month or Fetch Mighty plus one premium channel pack for $15 a month extra.

Dodo no-contract plans

Dodo gives customers a choice between a 12-month contract and monthly plans, with the same range of speeds available on both. The monthly plans come with:

  • $120 set-up fee including a Wi-Fi modem. This fee is waived on the 12-month contract.
  • Bundling discount when you bundle it with Dodo gas or electricity.

iiNet no-lock-in contract plans

iiNet has a wide variety of NBN plans, all of them are available monthly with no contract. Otherwise, you could also get it on a 6-month contract if you want to reduce your set-up fees. Here are the details:

  • No set-up fee if you BYO modem.
  • If you need a modem, it's $99.95 on monthly plans (+ $10 delivery fee). This is reduced to $69.95 total on a 6-month contract.
  • Free PAYG home phone, with various call packs available for an extra monthly fee.

Vodafone no-contract plans

Vodafone has some pretty simple NBN plans available for customers after a broadband connection, all of them with no lock-in contract. These plans involve:

  • Vodafone Wi-Fi Hub with 4G backup, free after 36 months with Vodafone but $5 for each month before that if you leave.
  • 6 months discount for new customers.
  • Potential bundling discounts if added to an account with other Vodafone services.