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Where is Powerclub Available?

Powerclub has only started up in the last couple of years, and it operates quite differently from other retailers. The idea behind it is that by offering wholesale prices to customers and not distributing profits, it gives members control over their power and the ability to save.
In 2019, it won several awards for its innovative approach to electricity retailing.

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A quick review of Powerclub


  • Access to wholesale electricity prices.
  • Powerbank insulates you from rate swings.
  • App to track wholesale prices and solar for maximum savings.


  • Relatively big initial outlay to set up your Powerbank.
  • Annual membership fee.

How does Powerclub 'Wholesale Prices' concept work?

Wholesale Electricity Prices

Customers with Powerclub will pay a $39 annual membership fee ($79 for businesses) in return for being able to access wholesale electricity prices.Wholesale energy prices are the prices that energy is actually sold to power companies, which then usually resell it to customers at a fixed rate. Wholesale prices are adjusted every 30 minutes, making them somewhat variable.
When you sign up, you are required to open a Powerbank equal to $40 times each 1,000 kWh of electricity you consume per year. Powerclub will charge you a set average rate for your power on your bills.

When wholesale prices rise above that average, credit is deducted from your Powerbank to compensate. When prices are lower, extra credit is added to your Powerbank. This insulates members from variability and ensures their bill is the same every month. Your entire Powerbank is refunded if you cancel your energy plan with Powerclub.

If you're planning to install solar and storage batteries, you can sign up to Powerclub's VPP program. This lets you be part of a network of homes and batteries that sell electricity back into the power grid during periods of high demand, receiving 100% of the revenue made from the sale. Find out more about Powerclub's VPP here.

What plans are offered by Powerclub?



The Powerbank Home Flat plan offers electricity at wholesale rates. While you will be paying a set usage rate for electricity, your Powerbank will be busy absorbing the variability of wholesale energy prices. This plan is billed monthly.

The Flex plan is nearly the same as the Flat offer, except instead of a flat-rate tariff, it employs a time-of-use tariff. This divides the day up into peak, off-peak and shoulder periods. Electricity costs are higher during peak periods and lower during off-peak.

This plan is called a market offer, but really it's Powerclub's standing offer. It's exactly equal to the reference price in each state except Victoria, where it's equal to the Victorian Default Offer instead. You'll usually only end up on this plan if you don't purchase another one.

Solar panel

Does Powerclub offer solar?

While Powerclub does not provide solar installation, it does provide feed-in tariffs for any excess solar you may push back into the power grid. Here are the rates by state:

  • NSW: 10c/kWh
  • VIC: 12c/kWh
  • QLD: 8.5c/kWh
  • SA: 11.5c/kWh

In reality, though, Powerclub tracks how much you've earned based on the wholesale prices at the time you've fed in solar. At the end of the year, if the wholesale balance is higher than the flat rate, Powerclub will pay you the difference.

Green energy

How green is Powerclub

While Powerclub was founded too recently to be included on the 2018 Green Electricity Guide, it does not offer any GreenPower options and there's no way to guarantee what percentage of your energy comes from renewable sources.

This may change in the future, but currently, Powerclub does not have many particularly green measures in place. The only exception is its Virtual Power Plant program that encourages people to install solar and storage to reduce reliance on non-renewable sources of power in Australia.

Mobile phone

Can I manage my plan from my phone?

Yes. Powerclub has developed the Powerwatch app. This not only lets you manage your energy plan, but it also lets you track wholesale electricity prices in real time and sends alerts when usage rates spike suddenly.

The idea is that you can reduce your consumption during rate spikes and therefore lower your energy bills over time.

Get a cost estimate

Important notes: The estimated price we show by default is based on a single rate tariff. On your bill this might be known as a 'peak tariff', 'peak only' or an 'anytime tariff'. There are other tariff types available to customers and you may need to contact your provider if you are on these tariffs:

  • Single rate with a controlled load
  • Time of use
  • Time of use with a controlled load

The price estimate should not be used as an official quote, but an indication of what your costs may be on the plan. It varies based on whether you provide us with your bill details. You can learn more here.

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