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Pooled Energy electricity plans and review

Our verdict: Pooled Energy’s plans could be well suited to swimming pool owners living in NSW as it promises to reduce the time and money you spend on maintenance.

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warningPooled Energy went into administration on 25 May 2022 and no longer sells energy plans. Please treat information on this page as historical only.


  • Free pool inspection before you sign up
  • Its app can help you automate pool maintenance
  • Local customer support


  • Steep one-off installation cost plus ongoing monthly membership fee
  • Early exit fee if you disconnect before 12 months
  • All equipment you get remains the property of Pooled Energy

Pooled Energy at a glance

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Name Product Electricity availability Gas availability Features Customer service rating Apply Details
Pooled Energy
Pooled Energy
Not available at the moment
  • Solar
  • Monthly billing
  • Credit card fees

Customer service rating

Customer service rating
  • Solar
  • Monthly billing
  • Credit card fees
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Bundle your electricity with automated pool maintenance services.

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Pooled Energy review: Our verdict

Pooled Energy's main promise is to save you money by reducing your pool costs by up to 60% and make pool maintenance both cheaper and easier.

This convenience comes at a cost in power bills, though, because Pooled Energy's main plan in NSW is equal to the government's reference price and more expensive than most other providers for electricity.

New customers can access a "Sparkling Water" plan with a 10% discount on usage rates, but get lower solar feed-in tariffs as a result.

As part of your Pooled Energy service, you have to pay a $59.95 - $79.95 monthly membership fee as well as a $498 up-front installation cost. In return, Pooled will supply sensors, install an Intelligent Pool Controller, and provide you with "Advanced Water Chemistry" kits yearly to keep your water treated and clean.

Whether Pooled Energy is worth it or not for you will depend on whether you're okay with paying more for power to make pool management more convenient and potentially cheaper.

If you want to bundle your utilities, you'll need to find a different provider because Pooled Energy doesn't sell natural gas plans.

Here are some of the other benefits of going with Pooled Energy:

  • The Pooled Energy app connects to your pool equipment and lets you monitor water quality, change the operation of your pump and filter, and more
  • The automation service may save you time and headache around maintenance
  • Free pool inspection before signing up

What's the catch?

  • Pooled Energy is only offered as a bundled service - to buy electricity, you must also pay for pool automation, and vice versa. Cancelling one service automatically cancels the other
  • Operation of pump and other pool equipment requires both power and an Internet connection. You may be unable to run your pump if the Internet is down
  • $498 installation fee is not refunded if you cancel your service (you will be required to return any equipment installed by Pooled Energy)
  • You may have to pay extra for cleaning, repairs, and chemicals beyond the basics
  • You can only access the lower membership fee if you pay via direct debit

While electricity from Pooled Energy does not have a lock-in contract, the associated pool automation service does. Since cancelling your power automatically cancels the pool service, too, leaving Pooled Energy in the first 12 months could leave you out of pocket.

Pooled Energy offers

Pooled Energy

10% discount for new customers

  • New Pooled Energy customers get access to the Sparkling Water energy plan, which offers a 10% discount on usage costs.

Where is Pooled Energy available?

Pooled Energy is only available to residents of NSW on the Ausgrid or Endeavour distribution networks that own a swimming pool.

Energy plans and annual cost estimates by state

We've given a breakdown of Pooled Energy's electricity plans underneath (including annual bill estimates) so you can see what you might expect to pay.

Click on your state below to get started. Please note that rates and other details were last checked 3 June 2022.

electricity icon

Electricity plans


PlansDifference from reference priceRatesAnnual bill estimates
Market OfferEqual to12 months guarantee$1,393
Sparkling Water10% less12 months guarantee$1,254

Estimated cost including GST for an average household using 3,900 kWh yearly on a flat rate tariff in the Ausgrid network.

PlansDifference from reference priceRatesAnnual bill estimates
Market OfferEqual to12 months guarantee$1,609
Sparkling Water10% less12 months guarantee$1,448

Estimated cost including GST for an average household using 4,900 kWh yearly on a flat rate tariff in the Endeavour Energy network.

solar energy icon

Solar Energy

Does Pooled Energy offer solar plans?

Pooled Energy offers solar feed-in tariffs on all their plans.

However, you'll need to have a solar system already installed, since Pooled Energy doesn't help with the process.

How good is the feed-in tariff?

Pooled Energy's feed-in tariffs are 2 - 4c/kWh below the average for NSW, which means they aren't great. If you take advantage of the 10% discounted Sparkling Water plan for new customers, your tariffs will be even lower.


  • Sparkling Water: 4.5c/kWh
  • Market Offer: 6c/kWh
green energy icon

Green Energy

How green is Pooled Energy?

Beyond a vague mission goal to "reduce pool energy use", Pooled Energy doesn't have any specific green initiatives nor does it offer GreenPower, which would allow customers to pay extra to support renewables.


User reviews and customer service

Pooled Energy customer service

While Pooled Energy scored a little better than average on its customer support line, it had over three times the complaints of the average provider.

One-tenth of Pooled's customers were unhappy enough to file a complaint between 2020-2021, according to the most recent AER Annual Retail Markets report.

Pooled EnergyMarket AverageMajor provider average
Average call wait time53 seconds58 seconds115 seconds
Calls abandoned before being answered6%7%7%
Complaints (% of total customers)10%3%1.5%

How can I get in touch with Pooled Energy?

If you need to reach Pooled Energy with a problem or question, you can:

  • Ring up the customer service line between 9am - 5pm AEST weekdays.
  • Send an email if you don't need a quick response.

Pooled Energy has local customer support based in St Leonards in Sydney, NSW but does not have live chat on its website.

Looking to switch to Pooled Energy?

If you're keen to switch to an energy plan from Pooled Energy, you'll first need to arrange a free pool inspection via the Pooled Energy website.

  • Once they've confirmed that your pool is compatible, you'll be signed onto a new Pooled Energy plan. It should take no more than 2 business days to be switched over from your previous provider.

For more details, take a look at our guide on switching energy plans.

Important notes: We calculate estimated prices based on a single rate tariff. Energy bills may refer to this as "anytime tariff", "peak tariff", or "peak only". Other tariff types are available so you might need to contact your provider if you have a tariff that is:

  • Single rate with a controlled load
  • Time of use
  • Time of use with a controlled load

The price estimates are not exact quotes, only estimates of what you might pay on a plan. You should get more accurate estimates if you provide us with your bill details. Learn more about this here.

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