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Perth Energy: Electricity and gas plans

Western Australian business owners can take advantage of specialised business energy services from Perth Energy.


Perth Energy

Is Perth Energy right for me?

  • What does Perth Energy offer? Electricity and gas for businesses in Western Australia.
  • Product highlights: Get gas, electricity and solar power plans explicitly tailored to the needs of businesses.
  • Watch out for: No GreenPower options are available.

Perth Energy electricity and gas

Perth Energy was founded in 1999 as an electricity retailer and has since expanded to offer electricity and gas to over 1,500 business connections in Western Australia. The company also runs the Kwinana Swift Power Station, a gas turbine plant located in Perth.

As one of the largest business energy providers in WA, Perth Energy offers plans for businesses of any size, from small shops to large corporations.

To be eligible to sign up for an electricity plan, your business must be within the South West Interconnected System (SWIS). The company must also use more than 50,000 KWh of electricity per year or have more than $13,000 in electricity costs annually.

To sign up for gas, your business must be on the Dampier to Bunbury Natural Gas Pipeline. You must also spend at least $6,000 on gas annually or use more than 180Gj per year.

State⚡ Electricity♨️ Gas

Can my business get solar power?

Yes, if your business has a solar system, you can sign up for a solar plan. You can also request a free quote to have your business assessed and find out how much your business could save by installing solar.

Perth Energy partners with Infinite Energy to provide Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). With a PPA, you can get solar panels installed without paying any up-front costs. You then buy the energy that the solar system produces at a fixed price. Once the PPA ends, you'll own the solar system.

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Can my business get GreenPower?

No, Perth Energy isn't GreenPower certified.

How can I pay my bills?

Choose from the following payment methods:

Why consider Perth Energy?

  • Business energy specialists. Energy plans are designed with businesses in mind and include specialist support to help you reduce your company's energy use.
  • Separate or bundled invoicing. If you own a business with multiple locations, you can choose to receive either a combined invoice or individual bills for each site.
  • Flexible payments. Choose the payment method that works best for your business.

How do I contact Perth Energy for support?

General Enquiries+61 8 9420 0300
MailL24, 221 St Georges Terrace, Perth, WA 6000
Electricity faults and emergencies (Western Power)13 13 51
Gas faults and emergencies (ATCO)13 13 52

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