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Nissan Patrol Review

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finder score: 80.00%

Avg. critics score: 80.00%
4 critics
How did we calculate this? We analysed and aggregated the scores of Car Advice, WhichCar, GoAuto and PerformanceDrive to bring you the score. This is a comprehensive score that brings together the four different expert ratings you see below. is personal finance comparison site that provides you with the tools you need to make better decisions. Learn
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Critic reviews

WebsiteRatingNotable quotes
Car Advice80.00%"Australia is still LandCruiser country, but the Nissan stacks up in many ways that count, especially financially once you've offset the fuel bills and higher servicing costs against the overall price."Read more
WhichCar80.00%"The Patrol Y62, to give it its full in-house code name, is very different from every Nissan Patrol that preceded it. This Patrol has a big V8 engine that gives it exceptional performance. As well, its unusual and technically advanced suspension combines on-road handling impressively with off-road ability."Read more
GoAutoNo Rating"If you aren't scared of dropping $100-plus every time you visit the petrol station and love comfort and the sound of a big-bore V8 under the hood, the Patrol is the car for you."Read more
PerformanceDriveNo Rating"Nissan hasn't been able to keep up with its arch-rival, the Toyota LandCruiser, in terms of sales numbers. But it doesn't stop it from being, mechanically and equipment-wise, just as capable and generous. Stacked up price-for-price, the Nissan is over $10,000 more affordable too. Take one for a spin and see for yourself. You won't want to get out of it."Read more

How does the Nissan Patrol compare with its peers?

1 - 8 of 8
Name Product Number of seats Boot displacement ANCAP rating Price (from) Finder Score
Toyota LandCruiser 200
8 seats
5 stars
Alfa Romeo Stelvio
5 seats
5 stars
Nissan Patrol
7 seats
5 stars
Toyota LandCruiser Prado
7 seats
5 stars
Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
7 seats
5 stars
Toyota Kluger
7 seats
5 stars
Nissan Pathfinder
7 seats
5 stars
Range Rover Sport
7 seats
5 stars

A comprehensive review of the Nissan Patrol SUV

Nissan Patrol SUV pricing

Refreshingly for a model range, there are just two Patrols to choose from. They are the entry-level Ti (it feels unfair calling it entry-grade when the Ti has such a high spec to start with) and the Ti-L.

Nissan Patrol Ti

Unlike its arch rival, the all-purpose LandCruiser 200, Nissan no longer offers a workhorse spec, off-road SUV. This is most evident when you find out Nissan lavishes the Patrol with a colossus 5.6-litre petrol V8 (the only engine on offer) and leather-accented seat, steering wheel and shift lever trimmings. The interior also possesses remote keyless entry, push-button start, seats for eight, 8-way power adjustable driver and front passenger seats, a manual tilt steering wheel, tri-zone climate control with second-row controls, cruise control, sat nav and an 8" touch display, traffic monitoring, off-road monitoring, Bluetooth audio streaming, six speakers, parking sensors (front and rear), around view with moving object detection, hill descent control and a terrain mode selector. It's fair to say that Nissan has tricked out the Patrol.

You're probably thinking, "So the Patrol is more expensive than a LandCruiser GX?". Surprisingly, the Ti Patrol carries an $80,153 driveaway price. Even the off-road spec GX LandCruiser 200, which is the cheapest in the range, sells for $85,082. That means you'll have almost 5 grand left for off-road mods if you buy a Nissan Patrol and still have the benefit of all the neat extras and passenger comforts.

Nissan Patrol Ti-L

If you're after even more trimmings and don't mind losing the eighth seat, Nissan gives you the option to purchase the Ti-L Patrol for $98,003. This model is very high-end, adding driver's seat position memory, an electronically adjusting steering column, tri-zone climate control with intelligent key memory (a way of remembering the last used settings by an occupant), and Nissan also integrates two 8" entertainment screens with headphones and a remote control, plus the sound system gets overhauled to a 13-speaker premium set-up from Bose. In between the driver and front passenger seats, there's a cool box, an alarm system that monitors the bonnet, a powerlifting tailgate, automatic headlamp levelling, xenon headlights with washers and a puddle illumination light.

If that wasn't enough, Ti-L models also feature a suite of advanced safety assists, including:

  • Intelligent Cruise Control
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Intelligent Distance Control
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Intelligent Lane Intervention
  • Intelligent Brake Assist

Click on the model you're interested in to compare Patrol finance options.

4WD, 7-speed automatic, 5.6-litre V8 petrol, 8 seats: $80,1534WD, 7-speed automatic, 5.6-litre V8 petrol, 7 seats: $98,003

Metallic and pearlescent finishes cost an extra $625. The only free paint colour is a Gun Metallic Grey. Other available finishes include:

  • Black Obsidian
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Desert Dune
  • Ivory Pearl
  • Rich Brown
  • Titanium
The above prices are for postcode 2000 and include Nissan's recommended retail price, 12 months rego and CTP, stamp duty, dealer delivery charges and any other fees. Nissan bases this price on the Patrol being parked in a garage in postcode 2000.


There are just a few common gripes that the press spout, mainly the lack of a diesel donk and poor fuel economy. Also, a number of reviewers took a dislike to the woodgrain and chrome-accented interior. But a Patrol offers excellent value for money, even when you factor in your increased fuel bill thanks to the burly petrol V8. If the Patrol was still available as a diesel, Toyota would be looking over the shoulders with a worried expression.
WebsiteProsConsNotable quote
Car Advice
  • Awesome petrol V8
  • Comfortable on-road
  • Off-road capability
  • Value for money
  • Warranty and servicing intervals
  • No diesel option
  • Infotainment and woodgrain
"The Y62 Patrol's sales may pale in comparison to the Toyota LandCruiser 200, but all that tells us is how underrated and supply-constrained the big Nissan is."
  • Enormous interior
  • Muscly engine
  • Off-road ability
  • Fuel thirsty
  • Size means you need room to park
"The Ti is the pick of the range, given that it is very well equipped and has all the essential mechanical features of the Ti-L. While the Ti-L does bring additional luxury, convenience and safety features, it is significantly more expensive."
  • Hearty V8 petrol engine
  • High-end ride
  • Dumbfounding acceleration
  • Jumbo passenger compartment
  • Price (vs LC200)
  • No diesel!
  • Dashboard and entertainment is oldy worldy
  • Steering is inexact
  • Fuel usage
"If you aren't scared of dropping $100-plus every time you visit the petrol station and love comfort and the sound of a big-bore V8 under the hood, the Patrol is the car for you."
  • V8 is one of the best on sale
  • Safety
  • Accomplished off-roader
  • Legit seven-seater
  • BFG
  • Drinks petrol
  • Dash design is old school
"The sheer size and accommodation on offer instantly wins you over. If you really do need interior space (or simply enjoy space) the Patrol is a vehicle you should consider. And with that awesome V8 motor it is surprisingly enjoyable to take for a spin on a Sunday morning."

Engine and performance

The engine Nissan bolts into a Patrol is an absolute beast. It's a V8 with a 5.6-litre displacement. Maximum power thumps in at 5,800 rpm, measuring 298kW. Max torque is an impressive 560Nm@4,000 revs. Nissan used a relative of this engine to propel its Altima V8 Supercars. It's rare (or utterly unheard of) that a chunky 4x4 SUV shares an engine with a racing car.

Translating the engine's energy to the road is a seven-speed automatic transmission, with a manual override mode. The Patrol still has the obligatory high-low transfer case for tackling rough terrain.

Car reviewers' impressions of the Nissan Patrol engine and gearbox combo

Broadly, journalists were bamboozled by the lack of diesel option for this mammoth 4x4. This is one area that most of the reviewers we referenced found the Patrol to be lacking. That's not to say the big V8 is bad, it's just nowadays consumers lean towards lower consumption, higher torque turbo diesel engines.

The power plant did win over experts though. It seems a good number were blown away by the performance of the Patrol, which tips the scale over 2,700kg unladen. Despite its bloaty mass, one reviewer said they sped from 0-100km/h in around seven seconds. That's brisk!

The spirited V8 is also lovely and smooth. Journalists remarked how noise-free it is too, although some found it resembled the noise of a V8 Supercar. Needless to say, with all that power, overtakes aren't particularly pressing. Another journo said it was their favourite thing about the Patrol.

An awesome motor can be totally ruined if it's paired with a middle-of-the-road gearbox. Reviewers described the seven-speed auto as holding gears nicely and making logical shifts.

It transpires Nissan's V8 is well-rated, but we have to address the elephant in the room: fuel economy. Scroll down to see the full figures.

Nissan Patrol engine and transmission statistics

V8 petrol
Engine typeNaturally aspirated, with Variable Valve Event and Lift
DrivetrainIntelligent 4x4
Engine size/displacement5,552cc
Fuel typePetrol (95 RON)
Cylinders8 in a V configuration
Fuel tank capacity140 litres
Max power298kW at 5,800rpm
Max torque560Nm at 4,000rpm
Fuel consumption (combined)14.4L/100km
Acceleration (0-100km/h)Around seven seconds (according to reviewers)
Emissions standardEuro 5
Top speed (km/h)N/A
SecurityFactory immobiliser and alarm (bonnet alarm on Ti-L also)
Transmission7-speed automatic transmission with Manual Mode & Adaptive Shift Control (ASC)
Towing capacity (unbraked/braked)750kg/3,500kg

Fuel Efficiency

We must, of course, talk about fuel economy. This was really the only criticism that testers had with the V8.
According to the Green Vehicle Guide, the 5.6-litre V8 will use:

  • Combined: 14.4L/100km
  • Urban: 20.2L/100km
  • Extra-urban: 11L/100km

Based on those numbers, the Green Vehicle Guide calculates the yearly petrol bill for a Patrol covering 14,000km per year (66% urban conditions) to be a not inconsiderable $3,704.

The true extent of the Patrol's fuel use is revealed when you consider that the factory figures are produced from an ADR 81/02 test. This evaluation is great for quantifying fuel use and allowing an even comparison between different models and car brands, but due to the strictly controlled conditions of the test, it doesn't reflect real-world fuel economy. On public roads, you have traffic, weather, vehicle maintenance and wear and load conditions to throw into the mix.

What kind of fuel consumption did the reviewers report? Unusually, some automotive experts managed to better the brochure figures, something that rarely happens. Still, because the Patrol has a 140-litre fuel tank (the average bath has a 180-litre capacity) and a minimum 95 RON requirement, you'll be easily spending $200 per tank at today's national averages.


Once again, it seems that Nissan has managed to pleasantly surprise discerning motoring journalists. One reviewer said the Patrol defied logic considering how good it is on the road. Even when really pushing the Patrol in corners, the press were stunned by its well-controlled body roll. Like the LandCruiser, Nissan engineers use a hydraulic body control system which is shown in the video below.

Combine this automated suspension set-up with all-around double wishbones and it seems the Patrol is unexpectedly supple, considering its gargantuan proportions and weight. The flexible dampers do a good job of ironing out road imperfections and undulations. Apparently, even the steering delivers a pleasant surprise, with only a little effort required to change direction.

Something that will not shock you though, is the Patrol can be a handful in towns and confined car parks. It sounds like the journos felt more like they were at the helm of an oil tanker than a car when negotiating cramped spaces. Obviously, this is something you'll need to take into consideration if you're looking into buying a Patrol, but these are common sacrifices that have to be made to have a luxurious, spacious 4x4 with seats for at least seven.

Fortunately, Nissan pre-empted parking difficulties, giving both Ti and Ti-L models forward and rearward parking sensors in addition to an intelligent around view monitor. It no doubt helps that the front end of the Patrol is shaped like a slab, meaning the bumper protrudes minimally beyond the profile of the bonnet.

Interior and features

The interior of the Nissan Patrol, like the LandCruiser, is probably bigger than many people's bathrooms. It's huge. Journalists were struck by the sheer size. However, the Patrol has a very comfortable cabin, thanks to large front seats that one tester likened to captain's chairs. Base model Ti Patrols have eight seats, though most commenters thought that things would be a little cramped with eight passengers. Thanks to the generous internal dimensions, it was noted you'll have plenty of head/shoulder/elbow/leg and foot room. As per usual, the third-row seats don't offer an abundance of room, making them best suited for people of a shorter stature.

As you'd imagine for a high-end 4x4, road noise and vibrations are kept to a minimum. All Patrols come with a leather accented interior and a massive 8-inch touchscreen system. Unfortunately, most of the reviews we examined indicated the interior styling was a bit outdated. This may not bother you. One journo likened it to a 1990s American boardroom, with hints of wood and chrome spread around the cabin.


Ti models sell for $80,153 driveaway. Although the cheapest Patrol Nissan builds, they certainly aren't lacking in features. For a start, you get keyless entry, seating for eight, leather upholstery, power adjustable driver and passenger seats, tri-zone climate control with second-row vents, cruise control, sat nav, an 8" touchscreen display, off-road monitor, an audio system with six speakers and support for CD/DVDs, AM/FM radio, MP3 compatibility, USB/iPod input and Bluetooth audio streaming. The steering wheel has audio controls and the Patrol also has a Bluetooth hands-free phone system, again with buttons on the wheel.


Nissan's PR team gave car reviewers the top-spec Ti-L to test. While this model does carry a higher price, around $98,628 driveaway, it also improves on and adds to the Ti base trim.

For example, Ti-L models boast a two-setting driver's seat memory (including the door mirrors and steering column), a power adjusting (for tilt and reach) steering column, the tri-zone climate control has a memory, rear passengers can watch one of two 8" rear entertainment screens and the audio system is upgraded to a 13-speaker package from Bose. You'll also get a first-row centre console cool box fitted in your Ti-L Patrol and a very clever screen built into the rearview mirror, allowing you to "see through" a fully loaded boot. Speaking of the rear tailgate, Nissan adds a mechanism to power open and close the boot lid. The standard halogen headlamps are switched for high-power xenon units, complete with washers. To stop you accidentally exiting and standing in a puddle, the Ti-L has courtesy lights built into the doors.

Finally, the Ti-L has a suite of smart driver assists including intelligent cruise control, a forward collision warning, intelligent distance control, lane departure alerts, lane intervention, blind spot warning, blind spot intervention and braking assist.


On the outside, the Nissan Patrol appears to be a mild-mannered, premium SUV. But, you should never judge anything on looks. Nissan has engineered the Patrol to be nigh-on unstoppable. And flicking through the specs, it actually betters its arch-enemy the LandCruiser in many areas. For example, a LandCruiser 200 has a highly usable 8.8-inches of ground clearance. Nissan lists the Y62 Patrol as having a ridiculous 10.7-inches. On rough terrain, this can mean the difference between getting stranded on a hump or easily straddling a rocky outcrop.

Having all four corners work independently helps keep the Patrol steady and stable, even on heavily undulating ground and journalists noticed this. On paper, it has everything a good 4x4 should have, a decent wading depth, rear locking diff, high ground clearance, low-range transmission, hill-descent and a terrain response traction control module. On loose, rocky and muddy surfaces, it seems that testers thought the Patrol was nearly unstoppable.

It's a little different to the LandCruiser 200 (the LC200 uses a more traditional configuration, with a mechanical centre diff and solid rear axle) but it certainly gets the job done and takes you where you need to go.

Nissan Patrol safety and driver assists

Front and rear parking sensors
Intelligent Around-View Monitor (AVM) with Moving Object Detection
Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) including Traction Control System
Hill Descent Control (HDC) with on/off switch and Hill Start Assist (HSA)
Nissan Anti Theft System (NATS) vehicle immobiliser✖️
Nissan Anti Theft System (NATS) vehicle immobiliser and bonnet alarm✖️
Driver and passenger front- and side-impact SRS airbags
Curtain SRS airbags all 3 rows
Driver and passenger 3 point ELR seat belts with pre-tensioners, load limiters and height adjustment
Second and third-row 3 point ELR seat belts
2nd-row child restraint anchorage points
(2 x ISOFIX outer seats, 2 x top tether)
3rd-row child restraint anchorage point (right-hand seat)
Driver and passenger seatbelt warning and reminder
Front adjustable active headrests
Rear adjustable headrests
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC)✖️
Forward Collision Warning (FCW)✖️
Intelligent Distance Control✖️
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)✖️
Intelligent Lane Intervention✖️
Blind Spot Warning (BSW)✖️
Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention✖️
Intelligent Brake Assist (IBA)✖️

Nissan Patrol interior and comfort features

Intelligent Key with remote keyless entry
Push-button engine start
Seating capacity87
Leather accented seat trim
8-way driver seat with power slide/recline/ height adjustment and power lumbar support
8-way front passenger seat with power slide/recline/height adjustment
Driver's seat memory, with two settings, including side mirrors and steering column✖️
Manual tilt and telescopic adjustable steering column✖️
Tilt and telescopic electronically adjustable steering column✖️
Tri-zone climate control air-conditioning✖️
Tri-zone climate control air-conditioning with Intelligent Key memory✖️
Second-row air conditioning controls
Cruise control
Intelligent 4WD shift switch (Auto, 4H & 4L) with mode select (On Road, Sand, Snow, Rock)
Drive computer
Tachometer and twin trip odometer
Digital clock
Low fuel level warning indicator
Door ajar warning indicator
Oil pressure, water temperature and voltmeter gauge
Outside temperature display
Dash illumination control
Leave key warning
Lights on warning
Leather accented steering wheel and shift lever
Chrome interior door handles
Satellite navigation with 3D mapping and 8" integrated colour display with touch screen
Traffic Monitoring System (TMS)
Off Road Monitor
Two second-row seat 8" entertainment screens with headphones and remote control (USB/DVD/HDMI)✖️
Audio system with CD/DVD, AM/FM radio, MP3 and USB /iPod+ connectivity with Bluetooth audio streaming
Steering wheel audio controls
Bluetooth hands-free phone system with steering wheel controls
6 speakers✖️
13 premium Bose speakers✖️
USB charging ports (behind centre console)22
First row and second-row auto up/down power windows
60/40 split-fold second-row seating with manual recline and fold function and centre armrest
60/40 split-fold third-row seating with manual recline and fold function
First and second-row door pockets
Driver and passenger sun visors with extension and illuminated vanity mirrors
Sunglasses holder
Front and rear opening centre console storage with armrest
First row centre console cool box✖️
Glove compartment with lock and light
12V power outlets (front, centre console, second-row and rear luggage area)44
Cup holders44
Bottle holders88
Driver and passenger assist grips (first, second and third row)
Door operated interior lights
Rear luggage area light
Front map lights
Second-row passenger reading lights
Driver and front passenger back pocket
Leather-accented door trim
First and second row door armrest
Manual anti-dazzle rear view mirror✖️
Intelligent Rear View Mirror✖️
Foot release park brake
Second-row coat hanger hooks22
Cargo net hooks
Floor mats

Nissan Patrol exterior styling features

Alloy wheels18"18"
Full-size spare
Sunroof (electric one-touch power tilt and slide)
Power-operated tailgate✖️
Automatic headlights
Automatic headlight leveller✖️
Halogen headlights✖️
Xenon headlights✖️
Headlight washers✖️
Follow Me Home headlight function
Front fog lights
Heated door mirrors with power adjustment/folding and integrated indicator lights
Front variable intermittent rain-sensing wipers
Rear intermittent wiper with demister timer
LED rear combination light
Side steps
Rear spoiler
Front and rear mudguards
Front and rear towing hooks
Chrome exterior door handles
One-touch turn signal
Puddle illumination light✖️
Front door UV reducing glass
Rear side, back and sunroof privacy glass
Front windscreen with laminated glass
Electromagnetic fuel lid opener
V8 emblem

Nissan Patrol off-road features

Transfer case – Intelligent 4x4 with electronic 4WD selection
Independent double wishbone coil-sprung front and rear suspension
Electronic rear differential lock
Rear Helical Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
Off-road monitor
Ground clearance
10.7 inches
Approach angle (degrees)
Departure angle (degrees)
Breakover angle (degrees)
Not given
Wading depth


The sales figures don't really do the Y62 Patrol justice. It's far better equipped than its longtime sparring partner, the LC200, while it also represents drastically better value for money. Even factoring in the increased fuel use, it still makes a lot of sense.

Buyers probably take a look at the spec sheet, see you can only get the whopping 5.6-litre V8 petrol and then immediately head to buy a diesel LandCruiser. If you're looking to drop $80,000-$100,000 on a 4x4 SUV with seven or eight seats, at least look at the Patrol. It'll give you a good point of reference and you may find you actually prefer its offerings.

Compare some options to finance a Nissan Patrol

{"visibility":"visibilityTable","ctaLabel":"Calculate","tableCode":"AUFCL_COMPARISON_V2_TABLE","nicheCode":"AUFCL","fields":[{"name":"LOAN_AMOUNT","value":"30000","options":"","label":"Loan amount","suffix":"$","useSuffixAsPrefix":true,"useDropDownOption":false,"tooltip":""},{"name":"PERIOD","value":"3","options":"","label":"Loan term","suffix":"years","useSuffixAsPrefix":true,"useDropDownOption":false,"tooltip":""}]}
1 - 8 of 8
Name Interest Rate (p.a.) Comp. Rate (p.a.) Application Fee Monthly Fee Monthly Repayment - New - Variable Rate Special
Variable3 - 7 Years $5,000 - $150,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 7.74%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 8.85%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
OurMoneyMarket New Car Loan
Fixed1 - 7 Years $2,001 - $75,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 18.99%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 21.78%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
Stratton Finance New Car Loan
Fixed1 - 7 Years $10,000 - $300,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 18%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 23%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
You'll receive a fixed rate from 6.52% p.a. depending on the lender you are approved with.
Apply for up to $300,000 and use cash or trade in a vehicle to use as a deposit. Optional balloon payment available.
Verified Lending Used Car Loan
Fixed1 - 7 Years $10,000 - $200,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 18.99%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 22.99%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
NRMA New Car Loan
Fixed1 - 7 Years $5,000 - $130,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 16.99%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 17.77%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
Note: Take out a loan for an eligible electric vehicle and receive a 1.5% discount on your personalised interest rate (interest rates start from 5.79% p.a. and comparison rates from 6.49% p.a.)
OurMoneyMarket Used Car Loan - No Vehicle Age Limit
Fixed1 - 7 Years $2,001 - $75,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 18.99%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 21.78%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
Stratton Finance Used Car Loan
Fixed1 - 7 Years $10,000 - $300,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 18%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 23%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
Go to siteMore Info
You'll receive a fixed rate loan from 6.52% p.a. with a comparison rate of 6.95% p.a.
A used car loan of up to $300,000 with quick approval times and balloon payment options. - Variable Rate Used Car < 5 years
Variable3 - 7 Years $5,000 - $150,000
Interest Rate (p.a.)
to 7.74%
Comp. Rate (p.a.)
to 8.99%
Application Fee
Monthly Fee
Monthly Repayment
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Showing 8 of 8 results

Compare car insurance products to insure a Nissan Patrol

Name Product Roadside assistance Accidental damage Storm Choice of repairer Agreed or Market Value
Budget Direct Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: The 2024 winner of our Best Value Car Insurance award. It's cheaper than most, plus you can lower costs by adding age restrictions.

⭐ Current offer: 15% off your first year's premium when you take out a policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Anyone who wants a good value policy.
Youi Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: The 2023 winner of our Best Features Car Insurance award. Plus, it's one of the only insurers to automatically include roadside assistance.

Who it might be good for: Those who want good customer service with lots of inclusions.
Australia Post Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Covers a little more than other insurers. You don’t need to pay an excess for windscreen repairs and cover applies to anyone who uses your car.

⭐ Current offer: Get $75 off your first year's comprehensive car insurance premium when you buy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Multiple people using one car.
ROLLiN' Comprehensive
Finder's summary: One of the most cost-effective insurers for under 25s, according to Finder research, with no aged-based excess.

Who it might be good for: Young drivers looking to keep costs down and anyone who’d like to get more flexibility from their car insurance.
QBE Comprehensive
Green Company
QBE Comprehensive
Agreed or Market
Finder's summary: Our best-rated Car Insurer for Customer Satisfaction in 2021/2022 and Green Insurer for the last 3 years.

⭐ Current offer: Save $75 when you purchase a new comprehensive policy online. T&Cs apply.

Who it might be good for: Those who want a trustworthy insurer and more cover than other brands, such as 3-year new car replacement (e.g. they'll give you money for a new car for up to 3 years if yours is written off).
Bingle Comprehensive
Finder's summary: Our data shows it’s the cheapest comprehensive policy. It just covers the basics such as damage to your car, theft and storms – it doesn’t go in for add-ons and extras.

Who it might be good for: Those wanting a low-cost, no-frills policy.
Kogan Comprehensive
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