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Of course one way of ensuring you are dealing with a legitimate life insurance company is to choose one of long standing and one which is well known to you. You may however find that an online company that is not known to you offers online term life insurance with such good terms and conditions that it can not be matched. In this case make certain you do your research, check out the reviews. You might find it is a quite large and respected company overseas, and warrants your trust.

Because you will be divulging much of your personal information when searching for the best online term life insurance you should also only do business with a company that has a reliable security seal. In order for you to find out whether the company you are dealing with is safe or not it is up to you to check whether the website has some kind of security seal and whether it is in fact a bone fide company or not. A security seal will be found on the site of a responsible online business and when you click on it, it will give you the security background of the company along with details of how long it has been in business as well as other pertinent details.

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Details Features
Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Choice of cover options and flexible premiums to suit budget. No lock-in contracts and fast application.
  • Benefit payment of up to $1,500,000
  • Cover for applicants up to age of 65
  • 30 day cooling-off period
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Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Receive up to $1,500,000 in life cover and pay nothing for the first month. 10% Multi-life discount available.
  • Lump sum cover from $50,000 - $1,500,000
  • $15,000 Cash advance benefit
  • 10% Multi-life discount
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Term Life Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Save 25% on NobleOak life insurance and pay no premium in the first month.
  • Lump sum benefit up to $15 million
  • Available for applicants up to 69 years old
  • 30 day cooling off period
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Life Insurance
Life Insurance
Get flexible life insurance up to the sum of $2,000,000.
  • Receive a lump sum benefit up to $2,000,000
  • Optional critical illness cover up to 50% life cover selected.
  • Cover for applicants up to age of 59
  • 24/7 worldwide cover
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Term Life Insurance Can be Better Tailored to the Level of Risk You Carry

Most young people carry higher debt levels than older people but older people are more likely to die, therefore you may well find it to your advantage to seek out term life insurance quotes for a greater value of cover, and at lower cost while you are still young, in order for you to adequately cover the costs of your mortgage, the raising of your children and to ensure that their standard of living remains the same should you happen to die before you have been able to establish yourself financially.

Once these big items in your life have diminished, your house is paid for and the children have grown, you may have no need for being insured at the same level any longer. This is where your term life insurance cover could expire and you could take out fresh cover of a much reduced amount. Term life insurance can be taken out for terms ranging from one year to 30 years. The money you saved by not taking out whole life cover could then have been spent in other better paying investments and the forfeiture of you premiums would have been worth the risk of being fully covered during that vulnerable period of your life.

Length of Term for Your Life Insurance Cover

Once you have decided on which type of cover will suit you best, your next decision will revolve around the length of time you will need to take out your cover for. If you have chosen whole life cover this question will not be an issue as you will have the same amount of insurance on your life for the whole of your life as long as you continue to make the premium payments as they come due. If you have chosen term insurance you will need to obtain term insurance quotes for the various terms available.

You will also need to know the amount of cover you need, this can be ascertained by knowing how much you will need to have your mortgage paid off, along with the amount of money needed to invest so that the return in interest would equal your salary. You will then have to decide on how long you will need to have this high amount of cover for. When doing this keep in mind that term insurance quotes will depend on the amount of cover you require and for how long.

Term life insurance quotes will give you the cheapest way to ensure you have adequate cover as it is pure insurance, similar to the type of insurance you take out to cover the cost of replacing your house should it burn down and need to be rebuilt, and all of your possessions replaced. It is also the same in the sense that if your house didn't burn down during the time it was insured the money you paid for the cover would have been lost. The same with term life insurance, if you manage to outlive the term you have had the insurance taken out for, the money you paid in premiums will be lost. But if the worst scenario had occurred in either instance you could have your home rebuilt in the first instance and in the other your beneficiaries would have been fully protected against any financial loss.

Tips to Secure the Best Term Life Insurance Policy

When searching for the best life insurance* quotes don't spend too much of your time searching around for the cover with the lowest premium charges. All life insurance sold in Australia today is term life insurance and all insurers provide this type of cover at low cost, especially when you take into account the amount of cover you can purchase. This is true while you are still young, or reasonably young, but as you age you'll find term life insurance quotes will increase considerably no matter what life insurance company you're dealing with.

Term life insurance quotes should therefore be assessed on what's being offered for the premium you're being quoted, therefore, to secure the best term life insurance policy you should seek quotes based on the following criteria:

  • The policy should pay an advance payment, while you're still living, if a medical doctor has given you a prognosis of dying within 12 months. Paid as a terminal illness benefit and a later funeral benefit.
  • The insurer should guarantee renewals through to age 99 without any medical examinations being required.
  • There should be options available for you to add-on total and permanent disability cover as well as trauma insurance if you wish to do so.
  • Ongoing life insurance premiums to be waived if a successful total and permanent disability claim is made.

Your main interest in seeking term life insurance quotes will be to provide the best financial protection you can for your loved ones, or your creditors, in the event of your untimely death. For this reason you should make certain that the life insurance company you finally place your business with is an established company that has been in business for a number of years and in doing so built up an impeccable reputation. Term life insurance quotes from unknown financial bodies that haven't been established long enough to prove their reliability are not worth the risk.

Term Life Insurance Through Your Superannuation

All superannuation funds include a term life insurance cover within the fund to enable the beneficiaries of the fund member who dies to receive a lump sum benefit to supplement any money the fund member will have built up in the fund over his or her term of membership. Some members find this amount of cover is insufficient to cover their current needs so they seek term life insurance quotes to add to their present protection.

It's cheaper to increase your life insurance cover by adding it to the term life insurance you already have in your superannuation fund because it's purchased at group wholesale rates. It can also be the most cost effective way to increase your cover as the premium cost can be covered by the fund contributions that are already being made by your employer or yourself. However, if you allow this to occur you must weigh the cost up against the loss of contribution money that would otherwise go towards the investment portion of the fund. If you wish you can avoid this happening by making non-contributory payments into the fund to cover the insurance costs. The downside to placing your additional term life insurance through your superannuation is that it can become more complicated for your beneficiaries to have their claims met.

Is Term Life Insurance More Affordable?

When you're considering term life insurance quotes you may ponder for a while and wonder if term life insurance can be more affordable. The short answer is simply, no. Term life insurance is the cheapest form of life insurance you can buy and in Australia it's also the only type of life insurance you can buy.

Term life insurance quotes offered by the different insurers are not all that different from each other, everything being equal. This means any real differences will be in the extras that some insurers offer and some don't. When you're out and about seeking term insurance cover you therefore have to take into account exactly what you're being covered for. A cheaper term life insurance quote being offered by a company should always be looked on with caution as it could have certain exemptions included in its 'fine print' that could restrict a lot of successful claims being made, where another dearer quote won't have the same exemptions.

Life insurance by its very nature relies on trust, the life insurance company has to trust you to honestly answer any questions they ask. If you answer dishonestly, to get a cheaper quote, and it’s found out after you die, your beneficiaries most likely won't get paid.

What happens when life insurance term expires in Australia

This will depend on the policy that you have in place. Some policies will remain active but the premiums will increase significantly. On other policies, cover will stop once the policy has expired and the insured will need to apply to renew their cover if it is still required. Some providers offer guaranteed renewability feature which enables the policy owner to renew their policy without undertaking further medical exams. Most policies can be renewed until the policyholder is 99 years of age.

Benefits of Online Term Life Insurance

It is a worrying matter that many families fail to upgrade their life insurance coverage when they have children. This is particularly worrying because it is for the benefit of children that we need life insurance in the first place. It costs a lot of money to bring up children and if the main breadwinner in a family was to be taken from the scene much unnecessary financial hardship would undoubtedly follow.

The reason for not taking out sufficient life insurance can not be blamed on cost, as the Insurance Information Institute has also reported that insurance premiums are one item that have been falling in recent years. In fact they show a fall of 50 percent on an average term insurance since 1994. This has largely come about because of new competition from online term life insurance companies since that time. Besides online term life insurance forcing down premium prices, it has also brought about many other self-serve type changes into the industry. Some of these include the following:

  • You can now use an insurance calculator online that helps you to determine how much insurance you need to cover all expenses such as; mortgage or rent payments over a certain period of time, costs of raising your children till they are finally off your hands and your ongoing day to day expenses over that period.
  • Online term life insurance companies explain the benefits of buying cheaper term insurance while you are young and have large financial responsibilities. When in your sixties, the house is paid for and the children have grown, perhaps a smaller whole life policy may be worth contemplating to see you through your retirement years, but it is important that you take out large amounts of online term life insurance whilst young as whole life at that stage of your life would be too expensive for you to obtain the same level of cover.
  • Quotes for various types of life insurance are readily available online. Where in the past it would have been near impossible to get a large number of quotes from different companies, online term life insurance quotes are now available in their hundreds. This has led to much competition that has, in turn, benefited the consumer. Quotes can be found for both no exam term life insurance as well as for those willing to undergo a medical examination in order to obtain a lower premium.
  • When searching for online term life insurance you will also have the added opportunity to purchase the cover you need directly from the insurance company itself or through an agent, whether the agent be a financial planner or professional insurance agent. Some people find it more comforting to buy with the advice from such third parties rather than buying direct from the company.

When buying online term life insurance, never purchase it with the intention of not looking back and reviewing it from time to time. You will need to assess you position again and again over the coming years, especially when you get married, start a family and buy a home. Once all these responsibilities are off your hands, in your older age, you can cut back of your insurance needs with safety.

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