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Taking a trip? Carrying goods for your business? Living in a luxury trailer on some exotic stretch of Australian coastline? Just because your caravan isn’t stuck in one place doesn’t mean it isn’t your second – or first – home.

QBE can help you protect your caravan no matter who you are or where you go. They’ll bring you and your caravan back to friendly hands even if you’re hundreds of kilometres away.

Green Insurer of the Year 2021

As part of the Finder Green Awards, we are pleased to announce QBE as our Green Insurer of the Year. It is clear that QBE is an insurance business taking their sustainability efforts seriously. Notably the company is sourcing more than 60% of their electricity from renewable sources, as well as committing to numerous external benchmarks such as CDP and DJSI.

Finder green awards 2021
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What cover options does QBE have?

When buying caravan insurance through QBE, there are a wide range of options available. First, you can choose between comprehensive cover for either your caravan or a trailer. When insuring your caravan, you can either cover it Australia-wide or on-site. In the latter case, you nominate a secure address in Australia where your caravan will be protected.

Finally, QBE requires you to declare your caravan’s primary use: private, business or commercial. You will not be compensated if you’re using your caravan for a purpose other than the primary use at the time of an incident.

How does each cover type compare?

FeatureCaravan cover (Australia-wide)Caravan cover (on-site)Trailer cover
Accidental damage or loss
Legal liability
Lifetime repair guarantee
Choice of repairer
Essential repairs
Windscreen/window cover
Towing costs to repairer
Emergency accommodation or transport costs
Total loss replacement
Freight costs
Motor burnout cover
Vehicle tools
Transfer of cover to new vehicle
Debris removal
Annex cover

What additional cover options are there?

When taking out comprehensive caravan insurance, you can add on some or all of the following options for an increase to your premium:

  • Excess free windscreen/glass cover. If your windows are broken accidentally, QBE won’t charge an excess.
  • Hire car. If your caravan is stolen or undriveable following an accident, you will be reimbursed for up to 14 days of replacement hire.
  • General contents. By default, your caravan or trailer contents are not covered by QBE. This option will protect possessions kept inside the caravan or trailer, up to $750 per item, with a number of general exceptions.
  • Specified contents. Same as general, but for particular items.
  • Lay up cover. This is a discounted premium for up to six months of your insurance period when you’re not using your vehicle.

What exclusions are there?

As with any policy, you aren’t covered for every single eventuality. QBE will not honor your claim if the damage or loss was caused:

  • By unimpeded or unattended theft. If a thief is able to access your belongings without making a violent and forced entry, or you haven’t attended your belongings properly, you won’t be able to claim.
  • By breakdown, fault, or lack of maintenance. When not taking proper or regular care of your caravan, it can easily get build-ups of rot, corrosion or mold. Your insurer won’t pay for this kind of damage, or structural, mechanical or electrical breakdowns.
  • By unlicenced or reckless driving. If the driver doesn’t have the proper licence when an accident occurs, or they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you won’t be covered.
  • While breaking rules or regulations. Regardless of the incident, you will not be covered if your caravan is involved in breaking any laws or rules at the time. This includes the price of any fines you might attract.
  • While on hire. Hiring out your caravan to a business or anyone else will nullify your ability to make a claim for incidents during hire.
  • While using your caravan if it’s on lay-up cover. If your caravan gets damaged while it’s on lay-up cover and you were using it, you’re violating the terms of the agreement and won’t be compensated.

What excess do I need to pay?

If you lodge a claim, you will most likely be required to pay one of the following excesses. Multiple excesses can apply for a single incident, including:

  • Vehicle excess. Every vehicle carries a standard excess that must be paid for any incident.
  • Cyclone excess. This applies when the incident involves a named cyclone.
  • Imposed excess. When insuring certain types of vehicles, QBE may require this extra excess in order to provide cover.
  • Named driver excess. Certain insured drivers will carry a particular excess, which is defined at the time you take out the policy.

The only time you will not have to pay an excess is if you are not at fault for an accident and you can provide the full details of the party who is at fault.

How do I make a claim?

If an incident has occurred, QBE recommends following these steps to get the best outcome on a claim:

  • Prevent further damage. Move your caravan to a safe location, for example pull it over to the side of the road and turn on the hazard lights.
  • Inform the police. As soon as possible if a crime has occurred.
  • Collect details. Get the names, addresses and contact numbers for witnesses or anyone involved in the incident.
  • Call QBE immediately on 133 723. The sooner you contact QBE with details, the better your chances. You can also claim online at https://www.qbe.com/au/online-claims.
  • Pay your excess. As outlined in the previous section.

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