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ING Landlord Insurance

ING Landlord Insurance gives you cover with one of the world's leading banking services. 

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ING is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation with headquarters in Amsterdam. It provides a wide range of insurance products including car, travel and home and contents insurance. With its home and contents cover, you can get landlord insurance.

ING Landlord Insurance policy options

You can buy an ING Landlord Insurance policy by adding cover to a home insurance policy. All you have to do is specify how the property is occupied during the application process. After that, you'll see that you can choose from; home only, home & contents and contents only.

Home only

If you have an unfurnished property, ING's home only landlord insurance policy might be the right option for you. This policy is designed to protect the physical structure of the building by insuring against certain events like fire, storms and malicious damage.

Home & contents

If you rent out a furnished property that comes with all the bells and whistles, then a combined policy is a good idea. This policy insures damage to the building, but also the things that you let your tenants use like TVs, fridges and washing machines.

Contents only

This type of policy could be useful for a landlord who owns a property that's part of a strata unit. Strata would usually take care of insuring the building, so you'd only have to worry about the contents, fittings and fixtures.

ING policy benefits

The table below provides an overview of what you'll be covered for with an ING landlord insurance policy.

Insured eventHome and contentsHome insuranceContents insurance
Theft or attempted theft
Malicious damage, vandalism, riot or civil commotion
Breakage of glass, ceramic and sanitary fixtures
Storms and rainwater damage
Escape of liquid
Earthquake or tsunami
Impact at the home

Here are some more benefits you can get with ING landlord insurance.

More benefitsHome and contentsHome insuranceContents insurance
Removal of debris and extra rebuilding costs10% of sum insured10% of home sum insured10% of contents sum insured
Temporary accommodation costs10% of sum insured10% of home sum insured10% of contents sum insured
Loss of rent10% of home sum insured10% of home sum insured
Landlord's contents5% of home sum insured5% of home sum insured
Mortgage discharge costs$750$750
Modifications to your home to support paraplegia or quadriplegia$5,000$5,000
Funeral expenses$7,000$7,000$7,000
Replacement of locks and stolen keys$1,000
Food spoilage$500
Contents temporarily removed from the insured20% of contents sum insured
20% of contents sum insured
Contents when you are moving20% of contents sum insured
20% of contents sum insured
Cover for unattached equipment, spare parts or accessories$500
Uninsured contents belonging to guests and visitors$500
Legal liability$20,000,000$20,000,000$20,000,000

Listed below are optional add-ons.

Optional add-onsHome and contentsHome insuranceContents insurance
Unspecified personal effects$1,000
Specified personal effects$1,000
Motor burnout
Commercial storage
Accidental damage
Tenant default (landlord options)
Theft and malicious damage by tenants and their visitors (landlord options)
Sum insured safeguard25%

ING landlord insurance excesses

An excess is a payment that you usually need to make whenever you submit an insurance claim. With ING, you'll need to pay an excess for every incident that results in loss or damage to your property and its contents. In some cases, depending on the claim, this can include paying an additional excess. These will be outlined on your certificate of insurance. ING will also let you know whether to pay the excess to a repairer, supplier, directly to ING or if it will deduct the excess from you.

Who is eligible for a ING landlord insurance policy?

To be eligible, you need to be at least 16 years of age and have an Australian mailing address (or have one in the next 30 days), reside or own property in Australia and be willing to undertake an ING name-screening assessment. Policies are generally not suitable for:

  • Homes in the Northern Territory or above the Tropic of Capricorn (excluding the Greater Rockhampton area)
  • Hotels and other multi-occupancy dwellings
  • Caravans, cars, trailers, mobile homes or shipping containers
  • Homes that have asbestos roofs
  • Homes that are under construction and not at lock-up stage
  • Anyone who has been convicted of arson or fraud or has had their previous insurance denied due to fraud

How to submit an ING landlord insurance claim

Before you submit your claim, follow these steps.

  1. Get together the relevant facts. Some of the information worth knowing includes:
  • Policy number
  • Police report number (if applicable)
  • Damage reports
  • Repair or replacement quotes for damaged property
  • Incident details, such as time it happened and where it took place
  • Photos
  • Receipts and invoices (if possible)
  1. Lodge your claim. This can be done online or by phone on 1800 611 422.
  2. Get an answer. It usually takes around 10 business days for you to receive your outcome.

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