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AON landlord insurance

AON landlord insurance review: get rental protection cover or tailor a policy to your needs.   

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AON is a global professional services firm that provides liability, car, travel and home insurance to thousands of people across Australia. AON landlord insurance is designed to protect your property and the contents inside it from fire, theft and other types of damage. It currently provides two types of landlord insurance, one of which lets you tailor cover to your specific needs.

Policies you can get through AON

AON offers two types of landlord insurance policies. Here's what they do.

Rental Protection Plus Advantage

Rental Protection Plus Advantage includes set cover for your property's contents (worth up to $50,000) and loss of rent as an optional extra. You can also get cover for malicious and accidental damage and legal liability for up to $20 million if someone tries to sue you. This policy comes with a basic excess of $100.

Rental Protection Plus

This is a landlord insurance policy that lets you choose what you're covered for, including building insurance. The cost of a policy will depend on what you want covered and the excess you choose.

Compare the main policies

The table below outlines some of the main benefits included with AON landlord insurance policies.

Insured eventRental Protection Plus AdvantageRental Protection Plus
Malicious & Accidental Damage$50,000$50,000
Damage by pets$2,500$2,500

Here are some more benefits you'll get with an AON policy.

More benefitsRental Protection Plus AdvantageRental Protection Plus
Public Liability$20,000,000$20,000,000
Illegal Drug Protection$20,000$20,000

The table below outlines the optional add-ons with AON policies. By paying extra each month you can get protected for the following:

Optional add-onsRental Protection Plus AdvantageRental Protection Plus
Loss of RentUp to $50,000 (Max of 25 weeks)Up to $50,000 (Max of 25 weeks)
Rent Default & Theft

AON's excess explained

An excess is an amount that you need to contribute whenever you make a claim. All insurers generally require you to pay an excess. With an AON landlord insurance policy, the standard excess is usually $100. It may differ if you buy a Rental Protection Plus policy.

If you need to make a claim for damage or loss because of an earthquake, it's likely that you'll have to pay an additional excess of $250 on top of the standard excess. You might find that you have to pay additional excesses for other reasons but this should be outlined in your Certificate of Insurance.

Claiming with AON

To make an AON landlord insurance claim, you can call 1800 105 900 or complete the form and return it to Before you submit your claim, it's worth noting that you'll need:

  • Information about what happened and when it occurred
  • To keep damaged items if possible to be inspected
  • Receipts, invoices, credit card statements, if possible
  • Photo evidence
  • Your policy number and other personal information

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