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Historical Rate chart of AUD and CHF

Updated: 23 May 2019 14:00:01 UTC

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Min. Transfer Amount Transfer Speed Online Transfer Fee Rate Amount Received Description CTA Details
AUD 200 1 day AUD 0.00 0.69 CHF
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AUD 2,000 1 day AUD 0.00 0.69 CHF
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AUD 250 1 - 2 days AUD 0.00 0.69 CHF
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AUD 3,000 1 day AUD 0.00 0.69 CHF
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AUD 1 1 day AUD 0.00 0.689 CHF
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AUD 5 1 - 2 days EUR 3.00 0.689 CHF
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AUD 1 1 - 2 days AUD 40.00 0.693 CHF
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See exchange rate updates in real-time

Refreshing in: 60s | Thu, 23 May 02:00pm GMT
1 USD = 1.0000 1.4545 Inverse: 0.6875 1.3492 Inverse: 0.7412 0.8986 Inverse: 1.1128 6.9189 Inverse: 0.1445 0.7904 Inverse: 1.2652 69.8724 Inverse: 0.0143 19.0557 Inverse: 0.0525 52.5200 Inverse: 0.0190
1 AUD = 0.6875 Inverse: 1.4545 1.0000 0.9276 Inverse: 1.0781 0.6178 Inverse: 1.6186 4.7568 Inverse: 0.2102 0.5434 Inverse: 1.8403 48.0378 Inverse: 0.0208 13.1010 Inverse: 0.0763 36.1079 Inverse: 0.0277
1 EUR = 1.1128 Inverse: 0.8986 1.6186 Inverse: 0.6178 1.5014 Inverse: 0.6660 1.0000 7.6995 Inverse: 0.1299 0.8795 Inverse: 1.1370 77.7556 Inverse: 0.0129 21.2057 Inverse: 0.0472 58.4455 Inverse: 0.0171
1 GBP = 1.2652 Inverse: 0.7904 1.8403 Inverse: 0.5434 1.7070 Inverse: 0.5858 1.1370 Inverse: 0.8795 8.7540 Inverse: 0.1142 1.0000 88.4043 Inverse: 0.0113 24.1098 Inverse: 0.0415 66.4497 Inverse: 0.0150

If so, you’ll need to find the best exchange rate for your transfer. By timing your transfer when the AUD/CHF exchange rate is at its peak and by choosing the transfer provider that offers the best exchange rate, you can enjoy huge savings on your transaction.

Australian Dollar

The Australian dollar is the fifth most traded currency in the world. When it was first created, suggestions for its name included the koala, the royal and the austral. Even so, it's commonly referred to as the "Aussie" in forex markets.
Currency: Australian Dollar
Currency Symbol: $
Sub unit: cents
Bank notes: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
Coins: 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2

Swiss Franc

The Swiss franc is considered a "neutral" currency, much like its home country, Switzerland, is a neutral country. Experts rate Switzerland the safest economy in the world, with the franc emerging as a safe haven within the forex market.
Currency: Swiss Franc
Currency Symbol: CHF, Fr., SFr. (old)
Sub unit: rappen
Bank notes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 & 1,000 francs
Coins: 5, 10 & 20 centimes,  1⁄2, 1, 2 & 5 francs

Australian Dollar to the Swiss Franc for the last 10 years

May 2009 May 2010 May 2011 May 2012 May 2013 May 2014 May 2015 May 2016 May 2017 May 2018
1 AUD = 0.8522 Inverse: 1.1735 0.9541 Inverse: 1.0481 0.9342 Inverse: 1.0704 0.9275 Inverse: 1.0782 0.9503 Inverse: 1.0523 0.8256 Inverse: 1.2112 0.7398 Inverse: 1.3518 0.7150 Inverse: 1.3986 0.7256 Inverse: 1.3781 0.7509 Inverse: 1.3317

Lock in the best AUD/CHF exchange rate and find the lowest transfer fees when you send money to Switzerland.

AUD/CHF: How to get value for money

If you’re sending money from Australia to Switzerland, there are two critical factors you need to consider:

  • Sending your transfer at the right time, when the AUD/CHF exchange rate is at its highest
  • Choosing a transfer provider that consistently offers high AUD/CHF exchange rates and competitive transfer fees

Let’s start with the first of these two points: how do you pinpoint the best AUD/CHF exchange rate? The best place to start is to take a look back at the historical performance of the AUD compared to the CHF.

Australian Dollar to the Swiss Franc for the last 10 months

Jul 2018 Aug 2018 Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Nov 2018 Dec 2018 Jan 2019 Feb 2019 Mar 2019 Apr 2019
1 AUD = 0.7365 Inverse: 1.3578 0.7211 Inverse: 1.3867 0.6996 Inverse: 1.4294 0.7057 Inverse: 1.4170 0.7215 Inverse: 1.3859 0.6954 Inverse: 1.4381 0.7062 Inverse: 1.4160 0.7157 Inverse: 1.3973 0.7046 Inverse: 1.4192 0.7178 Inverse: 1.3932

Australian Dollar to the Swiss Franc for the last 10 days

May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May 17 May 18 May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22
1 AUD = 0.6983 Inverse: 1.4321 0.6999 Inverse: 1.4288 0.6982 Inverse: 1.4322 0.6961 Inverse: 1.4365 0.6936 Inverse: 1.4417 0.6936 Inverse: 1.4417 0.6977 Inverse: 1.4332 0.6980 Inverse: 1.4327 0.6959 Inverse: 1.4371 0.6942 Inverse: 1.4406

Australian dollar to Swiss franc exchange rate history

The AUD replaced the British pound (GBP) as Australia’s official currency in 1966. Though originally fixed to the GBP, the AUD was to eventually become a free-floating currency during 1983.

Meanwhile, the Swiss franc (CHF) was first introduced back in 1798, replacing a wide range of different currency systems used by cantons and cities across the country, but didn’t become Switzerland’s official currency until 1850. The value of the CHF was pegged to silver and gold throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries before being linked to the US dollar (USD) under the Bretton Woods System after World War II.

The CHF has generally been seen as a safe currency by traders on global markets, due in part to Switzerland’s low inflation rate. A legal requirement that the CHF be backed by at least 40% gold reserves, abolished in 2000, has also contributed to the currency’s ability to trade at a higher value than the AUD.

However, as the effects of the global financial crisis hit many economies around the world in 2007, Australia’s resources boom saw the AUD outperform the CHF and hit highs of 1 AUD = 1.07 CHF.

The two currencies then achieved something close to parity for the period from late 2009 to mid-2013 – except for a brief period in mid-2011 when the Swiss National Bank capped the CHF’s exchange rate against the euro, causing the CHF to lose more than 8% against all other major global currencies.

In recent years, as Australia’s economy has slowed, the AUD has dropped in value to sit around 0.75 CHF. However, the two currencies are still both popular choices with currency traders, with the AUD the fifth most popular currency traded on global markets and the CHF just behind it in seventh.

When can I find the best AUD/CHF exchange rate?

Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating – if you need evidence of this, just take a look at a graph charting the 24-hour performance of the AUD/CHF exchange rate. And if you look at a graph examining the exchange rate fluctuations over the course of a few months or even a year, you’ll see just how dramatically a currency’s value can change in a relatively short period of time.

For example, let’s say you wanted to send $5,000 to Switzerland in 2016. Had you looked to send the transfer in June when 1 AUD was worth 0.71 CHF, you would have received poor value for money. But by waiting just one month until July when the rate rose to 1 AUD = 0.75 CHF, your AUD$5,000 would have bought a lot more CHF.

The best exchange rate on offer in 2016 came in October when 1 AUD = 0.76 CHF. As you can see in the table below, this higher exchange rate would have allowed you to send an extra CHF250 than if you had sent the transfer in June.

June 2016 July 2016 October 2016
Transfer amount (in AUD) $5,000 $5,000 $5,000
Exchange rate 1 AUD = 0.71 CHF 1 AUD = 0.75 CHF 1 AUD = 0.76 CHF
Amount received (in CHF) 3,550 3,750 3,800

Market rate for common transfer amounts AUD to CHF

Australian Dollars (AUD) Swiss Franc (CHF)
$1 0
$100 0
$500 0
$1000 0
$1500 0
$2500 0
$5000 0

How do I know when to transfer AUD to CHF?

The best time to send an international transfer to Switzerland is when the AUD is performing strongly against the CHF – in other words, when the AUD/CHF exchange rate is at its highest point.

Unfortunately, it’s often far from easy to predict the future course an exchange rate will take. There are several factors that can influence the performance of an exchange rate, including everything from interest rates and inflation to political changes on a national and global scale, while economic developments in both Australia and Switzerland can have an effect.

There is no sure-fire way of predicting what will happen to any exchange rate in the coming weeks, months and years, but there are plenty of things you can do to make an educated guess about which way the rate could be headed. Stay abreast of important economic and political developments, monitor financial forecasts for any exchange rate news and look back at the AUD/CHF exchange rate history for information on factors that can drive the rate up or down.

So when is the best time to send AUD to CHF? The graph below, taken from on 24/05/2017, shows the performance of the AUD/CHF exchange rate in the year leading up to that date. As you can see, the best times to send money to Switzerland during that 12-month period were:

  • In February 2017 when 1 AUD = 0.777 CHF
  • In March 2017 when 1 AUD = 0.772 CHF
  • In April 2017 when 1 AUD = 0.765 CHF
  • In October 2016 when 1 AUD = 0.763 CHF

Australian dollar to Swiss franc

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How to choose the best transfer provider

Finding the right time to transfer money to Switzerland is only half the battle; the other half is finding the right transfer company to handle the transaction. There are three main options to choose from when sending money overseas:

  • Banks. Sending an international transfer via your bank may be convenient, but it also means you may need to accept a lower exchange rate than you can find elsewhere.
  • Cash pickup transfer providers. These companies, such as Western Union and MoneyGram, provide fast transfers in as little as 10 minutes and the convenience of a cash pickup option. However, they can have high transfer fees and don’t offer rates as high as those from online transfer providers.
  • Online money transfer providers. Specialist online transfer companies, such as CurrencyFair and OFX, usually offer the highest exchange rates and lowest fees, providing value for money when you need to send funds overseas.

Case study: bank vs money transfer provider vs cash pickup provider

As the manager of an Australian online financial services startup in the midst of an expansion program, Sue needs to send CHF5,000 to Switzerland to help get the company’s new Zurich office up and running.

All of the company’s business banking is usually done with one of Australia’s Big Four banks, but Sue has grown tired of accepting the low exchange rate they offer for each and every transaction. She decides to compare her bank with a cash pickup transfer company and an online transfer provider to see which offers the best deal.

BankCash pickup transfer providerOnline transfer provider
Exchange rate1 AUD = 0.6885 CHF1 AUD = 0.695070 CHF1 AUD = 0.7229 CHF
Transfer fee$22$180$4
Processing time2–5 days10 minutes2 days
AUD needed to send CHF5,000$7,284.16$7,373.52$6,920.59
Cost compared to bank (including fee)-$89.36 more expensive$363.57 cheaper

As you can see, by using an online transfer provider instead of her bank, Sue can save an impressive $363.57 on the cost of her transfer but still send the exact same amount of CHF overseas. This clearly shows why it’s important to compare transfer providers and hunt around for the best deals on exchange rates and transaction fees.

Other tips to help you find the best AUD/CHF exchange rate

There’s plenty more you can do to find the best AUD/CHF exchange rate when sending money to Switzerland, including:

  • Monitoring the market. The exchange rate quoted in financial news reports is the mid-market rate, which is the rate at which banks buy and sell currency from one another. Checking the AUD/CHF mid-market rate regularly will help you work out whether the exchange rate a provider offers represents good value for money.
  • Comparing multiple quotes. Obtain quotes from multiple transfer providers and see how they stack up against one another. Make sure any quote includes the full transaction fee and keep an eye out for companies that quote you the interbank rate rather than the rate you will actually receive.
  • Place a forward contract. With a forward contract, you can protect yourself against a drop in the exchange rate by locking in an exchange rate now for a future transaction.
  • Place a limit order. With a limit order, you get to specify the exchange rate you want for a transaction and then let your transfer provider do the hard work of monitoring currency markets. Your transfer is then automatically sent when your desired rate is offered.
  • Send larger transfers. Some companies offer fee-free thresholds for large transfers – transfer more than a specified amount and you will not have to pay any fees. You can also cut down on transaction charges by sending one large transfer instead of several smaller ones.

Exchange rates from AUD to other currencies

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