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Best super fund methodology

How we pick the best Super Fund Product Awards, Customer Satisfaction Awards and Green Awards.

What are the Best Super Fund Awards?

Finder Gold Award
Product Awards

We analyse hundreds of products across dozens of categories to determine the best options.
Finder Blue and Gold Award
Customer Satisfaction Awards

We survey thousands of Aussies to determine the best-rated brands in 100s of categories.
Finder Green Award
Green Awards

Industry experts judge green innovation from leading Australian brands.

Best Super Fund Product Awards

Low Fee Super Fund: For this category, we look at the default growth super funds in our database and filter for the best fund with the lowest annual fees (based on a $50,000 balance). Single asset options and indexed options were excluded – we only looked at diversified products.

Conservative Super Fund: In this category default growth super funds from our database are included. We then filter for the top fund with more money invested in low-risk, defensive assets like cash, fixed interest and bonds and less money invested in shares. Single asset class options were excluded.

Conservative Balanced Super Fund: For this category, we consider fund options that have growth assets between 41-60%. This award category is slightly more conservative than the balanced options. Single asset class options were excluded.

Balanced Super Fund: For this category we filter super funds with 60–80% growth assets. Balanced super funds have a higher proportion of money invested in assets like international shares and Australian shares and less on defensive assets. Single asset class options were excluded.

High Growth Super Fund: For this category, we look at funds with 81-95% growth assets. High growth super funds invest the majority of the money into shares and very little on defensive assets. Single asset class options were excluded.

Single Sector Fund: The Single Sector Fund category includes a single asset class or market sector, such as global equities, Australian equities or fixed income.


When determining the Best Super Fund Awards, certain assumptions are made for a focused assessment:

  1. Lifestage funds are excluded from the selection process. These funds automatically adjust the asset mix as members age, which may not align with the specific category definitions used in our evaluation.
  2. The award methodology relies on data from Chant West, which means the analysis includes a subset of the market as provided by Chant West. This implies that there may be other funds or options in the broader market that are not taken into account in this selection process.

Methodology: How we picked the best super fund

Our team of expert analysts employs an objective rating system to determine our award winners. All fund data is supplied to Finder by the leading super research firm, Chant West. Funds that were closed to the public or were private, as well as funds available only through a certain employer, were excluded from consideration.

All investment returns data was for the performance period ending June 2023. All fee data was correct at the time of our analysis in September 2023.

We only included diversified funds for the categories: low fee, balanced, conservative, conservative balanced and high growth. The single asset category only has single asset class funds. Only $50K fees were weighted.

Weighting for Super Fund Awards

Best Low FeeBalancedConservativeConservative BalancedHigh GrowthSingle Sector Shares
Fees – $50,00075%30%30%30%30%30%
Number of investment options5%5%5%5%5%5%
10-year performance10%35%15%15%40%35%
5-year performance5%20%40%40%15%20%
1-year performance5%10%10%10%10%10%

Who do we find the best super fund for?

The awards for the best super funds are designed for those seeking funds that have demonstrated strong performance and competitive fees, tailored to different risk profiles as outlined above. It's important to note that while these awards provide a comprehensive overview based on data provided by Chant West, they do not represent a complete analysis of all available products in the market.

The Best Super Fund picks might not be suitable for everyone and may not consider factors that are unique to individual circumstances.

Finder Customer Satisfaction Award

The Finder Customer Satisfaction Awards aim to highlight the best super funds according to actual customers' experiences and satisfaction levels. These awards are distinct because they are based entirely on direct feedback from consumers who use these funds.

Methodology: How we picked based on customer satisfaction

  1. Survey-based: Customers of major super funds are surveyed to share their experiences and rate their satisfaction across multiple dimensions.
  2. Consumer ratings: The awards are based on customer ratings across 5 metrics:
    • Features and benefits
    • Customer service
    • Fees
    • Performance
    • Overall experience
  3. Recommendation score: In addition to the above metrics, customers are asked whether they would recommend the fund to a friend. This score is included as a significant factor in the final assessment.
  4. Eligibility criteria: To be considered, a brand must receive a minimum number of responses (45 in this case) to ensure the reliability of the data.
  5. Scoring: Each category is scored, and a recommendation percentage is converted into a score out of 5. The final score for each super fund is an average across all metrics.
  6. Independence and integrity: The process is independently carried out by Finder's data and insights team, ensuring that commercial partnerships do not influence the results.

Finder Best Ethical Super Funds Award

The Finder Best Ethical Super Award is part of the Finder Green Awards, which acknowledge top super funds that are leading the way in environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. This award specifically recognises super funds that excel in integrating ethical considerations into their investment strategies and operations.

Methodology: How we picked the most ethical super fund

The methodology for the Finder Green Awards, including the Best Ethical Super Funds Award, involves a comprehensive entry and scoring process that hinges on accuracy, transparency and relative performance:

  1. Submission forms: Entrants provide information via online forms, which may be cross-checked with public data. Submissions may be revoked if the information is false or misleading.
  2. Additional evidence: Entrants can submit further evidence via email, which is considered alongside the form.
  3. Date ranges: Data should cover the 12 months prior to 1 March 2023 and be the most recent available.
  4. Dynamic scoring system: Points are awarded relative to other entries in each category, ensuring scores are proportional to the range of values submitted.
  5. Weighted scores: Scores are adjusted according to the importance of each metric, as indicated by percentage weightings.
  6. Manual scoring: Some metrics are manually scored based on their nature, outside of the dynamic system.
  7. Flexibility: Finder may switch to a static scoring system if the number of submissions is too low for effective dynamic scoring.
  8. New information: Finder may consider new information about an entrant that emerges between entry and announcement if it could affect the award outcome.

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