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Stephanie Yip is the travel editor at Finder and has been writing about travel and lifestyle for over a decade. She has written for Travel Weekly, Escape, Thomas Cook Magazine, Showpo, The Nibbler and Hostelworld. She was also the editor of kids magazine DMAG. Stephanie has a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Technology Sydney and has visited over 50 countries (and counting). She has a passion for sharing her experiences and knowledge of travel and helping readers stretch their dollars while on holiday.

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Hi Michael, Thanks for your contact. The fees referred to in our article are guest service fees that are charged to the guest for making bookings through the accommodation website. Hosts are charged different rates for placing listings and welcoming guests. These are the rates you are referring to. Hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on 21 Airbnb alternatives for perfect holiday homes

Hi Terence, Thanks for your question. For the Domestic terminal, the uberx pick up zone is the Priority Pick-up zone. For the International terminal, it is the Express Pick-up zone. Additionally, the Blu Emu car park does allow for one hour free parking for drivers. There is a free shuttle from terminals 2 and 3 for passengers to access this. Hope that helps! Stephanie

Commented on UberX passenger pick-up zone to open at Sydney Airport 19 July

Hi Hetav, Thanks for your question. Please be advised that finder.com.au is a financial comparison website and not a migration agent. For details on the future of our engineering sector, please refer to Job Outlook, which is a government initiative to help guide your career in Australia. You can find details on Electrical Engineers here and Civil Engineers here. I hope that helps, Stephanie

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Hi Lisa, Unfortunately, the return free flights for the route are only for dates from April 2017 onward. You can see a full list of the current return free flights and their flight dates here. Hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on The Jetstar Birthday Sale has $0 return legs for domestic and international flights

Hi Michael, Please refer to this article for the current Jetstar return free sale. As part of the sale there are free return flights to Phuket on certain dates from May to August 2017. Hope that helps! Stephanie

Commented on The Jetstar Birthday Sale has $0 return legs for domestic and international flights

Hi Jhamela, Thanks for your question. The provisions of s 5B of the Privacy Act dealing with its application to acts and practices outside Australia do not apply to the credit reporting provisions. Therefore Australian credit providers can check New Zealand credit reports, however they may choose not to. While Veda operates in both Australia and New Zealand, Veda Advantage doesn't include information about foreign loans in their reports. I hope this has helped, Stephanie

Commented on Loans for Non-Residents – Yes, Non-Residents CAN get loans in Australia

Hi David, I hope you've received your tickets by now. If not, you can access Viagogo's Help Centre here or call them on this number: 1800 040715 I hope that helps and good luck at Melbourne Cup! Stephanie

Commented on Viagogo Australia promo codes and sales

Hi Greg, Thanks for your question. Uber drivers are generally paid by the hour. Higher rates may apply for luxury cars such as uberBLACK and limousine vehicles. For more information, click on the sign up link to contact Uber direct. Hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on How much can you really make as an Uber driver?

Hi Mani, Thanks for your question. If he has been granted a 457 which is valid for the dates of his travel then he can use this in Australia while his 489 is being processed. If he has no valid visas for the dates of his travel, he may need to apply for a bridging visa. I hope this has helped, Stephanie

Commented on Australian visa and citizenship guide

Hi Sam, Thanks for your question. A good place to look for information on job prospects and to learn about salary expectations in Australia is Job Outlook. It’s a government initiative that shows the outlook for various professions throughout Australia. It also breaks down where industries are throughout Australia. I hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on The best places to live in Australia

Hi Christina, If you're using the interactive credit card scan it is magnetic strip down so your phone can read the numbers. Make sure the whole card is in the rectangle and that you have good lighting for the app to read the card number. Hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on All the Melbourne restaurants currently on Uber Eats

Hi Nasir, If your field of employment is not mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List then you may not be eligible for any SOL visas. You may however be eligible for other visas. Please see the official Visa Finder for your options. Best, Stephanie

Commented on Australian Immigration Guide

Hi Susan, Depending on your card's terms and conditions you might be eligible for health and/or travel insurance with your booking. You can find more about credit card travel insurance policies here. It might also be worth contacting your card issuer to confirm your policy and whether it covers your upcoming trip. I hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on Travel Finder™ | Everything you need to book travel online

Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for your question. Most of the time Tigerair has sales or deals that don't require a promo code. At the moment there are no deals fares for your leg, however you can still fly on those dates from $308 return with Tiger. Unfortunately, as you are flying during peak season, it's likely there won't be any sales valid for your dates. If you were after something cheaper, you might like to change your flight dates. A good place to test different dates for different prices is I Want That Flight. I hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on Tigerair promo codes: Domestic flights from $59.95

Hi Christine, Thanks for your question. For cruises close to your budget, Sydney New Year's Eve Cruises has a Ballroom New Year's Eve event. As the minimum age for this is 7, you're less likely to receive a young, 20-something crowd. FantaSea also has a Platinum NYE Fireworks Dinner Cruise which includes a cold buffet and a limit vessel capacity of 140. If you're willing to push your budget further, you might like to look into a Tall Ship Dinner Cruise, which includes a gourmet dinner and is a unique experience on the harbour. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a cruise on the lower end of your budget, your options are mainly limited to shorter, earlier cruises or BYO food and drink cruises such as those with Bass and Flinders and Fantasea. Depending on how you feel, they might be worth looking into. I hope that helps, Stephanie

Commented on Best New Year’s Eve cruises Sydney Harbour | NYE fireworks 2019/2020

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