CommBank International Money Transfers

Take advantage of safe transfers when you send or receive money overseas with Commonwealth Bank (CBA).

The Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia’s leading providers of financial and banking services. With almost $800 million in assets and some 1,100 branches around the country, the Commonwealth Bank is one of Australia’s leading ‘big four’ banks.

As part of its wide range of products and services, CBA allows its customers to make international money transfers. Using the bank’s services, you can transfer funds to more than 200 countries and in over 30 currencies. Some payments take just 24 hours to be processed, while another advantage of using a big bank is that you can enjoy the security of knowing that your transfer will be conducted through the international banking system.

Send and receive money transfers with your CBA transaction account

Rates last updated December 18th, 2017
Name Product Debit Card Access ATM Withdrawal Fee Fee Free Deposit p.m. Monthly Account Fee Product Description
Commonwealth Bank Business Transaction Account
Open business transaction account in less than 10 minutes.
Commonwealth Bank Smart Access
Get unlimited CBA electronic transactions using internet banking, phone banking, ATM and EFTPOS.
Commonwealth Bank Pensioner Security Account
A flexible transaction account that keeps your retirement savings at work.
Commonwealth Bank Streamline Basic
Eligible if you hold a Commonwealth Seniors card, Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care card.

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CBA exchange rates

As one of Australia’s ‘big four’ banks, Commonwealth Bank’s exchange rates are usually very similar to those offered by the other big banks. In fact, do a comparison across the board between the Commonwealth, ANZ, NAB and Westpac and you’ll find little difference. CBA allows you to transfer money in more than 30 currencies, from common currencies like the Euro through to more exotic offerings like the Czech Koruna.

Bank rates are updated multiple times a day to reflect prevailing market conditions. Check out the screenshot below to get an idea of the rates offered by CBA.

CurrencyCurrency Code(Bank Buys) IMT(Bank Buys) Travel Card(Bank Buys) Travel Chq(Bank Buys) Foreign Cheques(Bank Sells) IMT(Bank Sells) Travel Card(Bank Sells) Travel Chq(Bank Sells) Drafts
US DollarUSD0.80280000000.80300000000.80300000000.80540000000.72530000000.73210000000.73210000000.7253000000
Great British PoundGBP0.61440000000.62070000000.62070000000.61790000000.55870000000.56490000000.56490000000.5587000000
Argentine PesoARS0000010.259300000010.25930000000
Brazilian RealBRL02.74000000002.7400000000002.25500000002.25500000000
Canadian DollarCAD1.04440000001.08410000001.08410000001.04650000000.95160000000.94780000000.94780000000.9516000000
Chilean PesoCLP0599.4678000000599.467800000000422.9273000000422.92730000000
Chinese RenminbiCNY05.51370000005.513700000004.91360000004.75660000004.75660000004.9136000000
Croatian KunaHRK05.76700000005.7670000000004.55750000004.55750000000
Czech KorunaCZK020.686000000020.6860000000017.935000000016.435000000016.435000000017.9350000000
Danish KronerDKK5.27370000005.68680000005.68680000005.46770000004.83000000004.74590000004.74590000004.8300000000
Egyptian PoundEGP07.73330000007.7333000000005.92210000005.92210000000
Fijian DollarFJD1.62650000001.73200000001.732000000001.48180000001.39310000001.39310000001.4818000000
Hong Kong DollarHKD6.19320000006.45250000006.45250000006.31020000005.60630000005.56810000005.56810000005.6063000000
Hungarian ForintHUF0236.6800000000236.68000000000205.6440000000189.2440000000189.2440000000205.6440000000
Indian RupeeINR52.648000000057.800000000057.8000000000050.050000000045.760000000045.760000000050.0500000000
Indonesian RupiahIDR011235.764500000011235.764500000009428.95020000008896.43020000008896.43020000009428.9502000000
Israeli New ShekelILS3.01310000003.28390000003.283900000002.74220000002.51650000002.51650000002.7422000000
Japanese YenJPY81.690000000085.320000000085.320000000083.760000000072.430000000072.150000000072.150000000072.4300000000
Kuwaiti DinarKWD0.23950000000.26210000000.262100000000.21590000000.18370000000.18370000000.2159000000
Lebanese PoundLBP00001098.0500000000001098.0500000000
Malaysian RinggitMYR03.50160000003.5016000000002.83850000002.83850000000
Mauritian RupeeMUR032.380600000032.3806000000025.780000000023.470000000023.470000000025.7800000000
Mexican PesoMXN016.319400000016.31940000000013.656600000013.65660000000
Nepalese RupeeNPR099.741300000099.74130000000066.843000000066.84300000000
New C/Tahiti FrancXPF83.610000000092.240000000092.2400000000075.590000000070.890000000070.890000000075.5900000000
New Zealand DollarNZD1.08670000001.13570000001.13570000001.10120000000.99960000000.99960000000.99960000000.9996000000
Norwegian KronerNOK6.34430000006.80150000006.80150000006.67920000005.87050000005.61200000005.61200000005.8705000000
Oman RialOMR0.31250000000.33750000000.337500000000.27220000000.25640000000.25640000000.2722000000
P.N.G. KinaPGK00002.2709000000002.2709000000
Philippine PesoPHP39.076000000042.150000000042.1500000000035.589000000032.540000000032.540000000035.5890000000
Polish ZlotyPLN3.03940000003.31020000003.310200000002.75560000002.63540000002.63540000002.7556000000
Qatari RialQAR03.45260000003.4526000000002.38270000002.38270000000
Saudi RiyalSAR2.98650000003.29620000003.296200000002.72030000002.51270000002.51270000002.7203000000
Singapore DollarSGD1.09680000001.13840000001.13840000001.11250000000.98740000000.98380000000.98380000000.9874000000
Solomon Island DollarSBD6.39620000006.55000000006.550000000005.41260000005.28210000005.28210000005.4126000000
South African RandZAR10.939900000011.420400000011.420400000010.943800000010.08440000009.95590000009.955900000010.0844000000
South Korean WonKRW0948.3061000000948.30610000000799.9396000000741.3396000000741.3396000000799.9396000000
Sri Lankan RupeeLKR116.1900000000120.1900000000120.19000000000105.7100000000101.2600000000101.2600000000105.7100000000
Swedish KronorSEK6.78850000007.32390000007.32390000006.98470000006.23950000005.95820000005.95820000006.2395000000
Swiss FrancCHF0.77490000000.85360000000.85360000000.80820000000.70350000000.68730000000.68730000000.7035000000
Taiwan DollarTWD027.390000000027.39000000000021.180000000021.18000000000
Thai BahtTHB27.260000000028.920000000028.920000000028.140000000025.050000000024.820000000024.820000000025.0500000000
Tonga Pa'angaTOP01.91800000001.9180000000001.36870000001.36870000000
Turkish LiraTRY2.34380000002.50480000002.504800000002.20620000002.11350000002.11350000002.2062000000
U.A.E. DirhamAED2.92920000003.05940000003.05940000002.98880000002.68300000002.62570000002.62570000002.6830000000
Vanuatu VatuVUV87.480000000087.950000000087.9500000000077.990000000075.800000000075.800000000077.9900000000
Vietnamese DongVND018573.000000000018573.0000000000016670.926100000015882.000000000015882.000000000016670.9261000000
Western Samoa TalaWST02.27080000002.2708000000001.59020000001.59020000000

It’s also worth noting that if you lodge a transfer via your local branch, you can request that any fees imposed by intermediary or receiving banks will be paid by you rather than the recipient. As an example, if you transfer money to the USA, you’ll have to pay an extra $30 fee in addition to the charge imposed from the table above.

Minimum transfer amount and available countries

There is no minimum payment amount for an international money transfer with CBA. While the standard amount you can send overseas at any one time through NetBank is $2,000, you can apply to have this limit raised to up to $50,000.

CBA allows you to transfer money into more than 30 currencies and to over 200 countries. While there’s no list available that outlines the countries you are unable to transfer to through CBA, transfers to countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Somalia are not available.

CBA allows transfers in the following currencies:


What types of transfers can you carry out with CBA?

  • Internet banking. You can lodge an international money transfer through your NetBank account.
  • In-branch banking. You can lodge a transfer by visiting a branch, but you’ll be charged more for the transaction than if done online.
  • Phone banking. It’s also possible to complete transactions via phone banking.
  • Forward contracts. CBA allows you to lock in an exchange rate now for a transfer you want to make in the future.
  • One-off transfers. You can lodge a one-off transfer with CBA.
  • Regular transfers. You can also set up regular scheduled transfers to automatically send funds overseas.

If you ever need assistance when conducting a CBA international money transfer, there are plenty of customer service options available. As well as seeking help in branch, you can search the bank’s online help resources, ask a question on the CBA community, or even phone for assistance.

The registration and transfer process

Screenshot 2015-10-01 15.45.33You’ll need to be a CBA customer in order to use its money transfer services. You can open an account at a CBA branch by supplying appropriate identification and your contact details. If you wish to sign up for NetBank in order to perform your transactions, you can do this online by supplying details of your Commonwealth Bank debit card, credit card or keycard, plus your mobile phone number.

The first time you lodge an international money transfer via NetBank, you’ll have to click on ‘Increase Your Limit Now’ to set your international money transfer limit. Once that’s done, select ‘Transfers and BPAY’ and click on ‘International Money Transfer’. Enter the country you’re transferring money to and the recipient’s bank code. Next, type in the recipient’s bank details and select the account you would like to transfer the funds from. Finally, enter the amount and currency, and then click ‘Next’ to confirm your transfer.

Most transfers are processed within two to five business days.

What are the pros and cons?


  • Secure. Using a trusted provider like CBA means your transfer is conducted through the secure SWIFT international banking system.
  • Range of options. You can lodge your transfer online, over the phone or in a branch.
  • Range of currencies. With more than 30 currencies available, CBA allows you to send funds to over 200 countries.


  • Fees apply. Fees apply to any international money transfer conducted through CBA.
  • Exchange rates. You’ll typically be able to find better exchange rates from dedicated international money transfer companies.

What other products and services does CommBank offer?

  • Foreign currency accounts. You can choose from 15 major global currencies and send and receive payments to and from overseas without having to repeatedly convert currencies.
  • Travel money cards. A travel money card from CBA allows you to load up to 13 currencies onto your card, which is accepted at more than 35 million locations worldwide. No transaction fees apply to purchases.
  • Travellers’ cheques. The bank offers American Express travellers’ cheques in US Dollars, Euros, Great British Pounds, Canadian Dollars and Japanese Yen.
  • International bank drafts. CBA provides bank drafts in 14 currencies across 19 countries. Drafts are treated as local cheques, allowing recipients to access their money quicker.

Questions about CommBank overseas transfers

Do I need to be an Australian resident?

Not necessarily. Holders of 457 visas may be able to open a CBA account.

Do I need to be a CBA customer to transfer funds?

Yes, you’ll need to hold an account with CBA before you can use the bank’s international money transfer services.

Is this service available for small businesses?

Yes, small business can use CBA’s services to send money overseas.

How long do transfers take?

Most transfers take between two and five business days to be processed.

CBA offers a quick and easy option when you’re looking to transfer money overseas. However, make sure you compare the rates and fees of CBA with other banks and money transfer services so that you end up using the provider that gives you the best possible deal.

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) offers an easy solution when you’re looking to make an international money transfer. CBA offers transfers into more than 30 currencies and to over 200 countries around the world.

International Money Transfer Offers

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