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Full list of New Energy Tech Consumer Code approved solar retailers

Looking to get started with your solar PV system? Make sure your retailer is registered and approved.

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Moving to solar energy is not only good for the planet, it can be good for your wallet too. Of course, just because it's generally a more ethical choice doesn't mean all retailers are. That's where the New Energy Tech Consumer Code (NETCC) comes in: it's the body that makes sure retailers follow ethical practices.

Up until February 2023 solar retailers used to be registered with the Clean Energy Council (CEC), but it has now changed to the NETCC.

Full list of NETCC-approved retailers for solar photovoltaic (PV) panels

The table below is a full list of retailers who are registered and approved with the NETCC to instal solar panels.

This table was last updated on 12 Jun 2024. There are currently 1585 accredited solar retailers operating in Australia.
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RetailerSignatory sinceStates operating inWebsite
A Cleaner World Energy 22/03/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,TAS Go to site
A1 Batterypro 18/11/2019* QLD Go to site
A1 Solar & Electrical Gippsland 11/11/2019* VIC Go to site
AARP Electrical Contractor 28/01/2024 VIC Go to site
AB NEXTGEN PTY LTD 23/11/2023 VIC Go to site
Abacus Energy 31/07/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Abacus Solar 03/09/2019* VIC,SA,ACT,TAS Go to site
Abol Elec 17/06/2020* VIC Not available
AC DC Energy Pty Ltd 23/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Accurate Solar 24/10/2022* VIC,NSW,QLD Not available
Acme Airconditioning & Electrical 05/02/2020* VIC Not available
Acn Electrical Contractors 03/09/2019* VIC Go to site
ACT Solar and Electrical Group 16/08/2023 ACT Not available
Active Energy Group 19/08/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Adam Solar 19/11/2018* SA Go to site
Adapt Energy 05/06/2020* NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Adelaide Solar & Electrical Services 11/12/2018* SA Go to site
Adelaide Solar Systems 03/05/2021* SA Go to site
Adelaide Solarsafe 06/06/2018* SA Go to site
ADMB Group 09/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Adopt Solar 15/06/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
ADS Solar 22/01/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Adsa Australian Solar 14/04/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Adsolar & Electrical 08/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Advanced All Energy 05/04/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Advanced Electrical & Solar 28/01/2021* VIC Not available
Advanced Energy Management 06/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Advanced Energy Solutions 17/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Advanced Solar & Batteries 23/11/2021* VIC Go to site
Advanced Solar Technology 28/06/2022* VIC Go to site
Advantage Electrical Group 15/11/2022* VIC Not available
Advantage Solar 12/01/2022* VIC Go to site
Aees Group 05/12/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Aeronergy 10/03/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Affordable Solar Tasmania 31/10/2023 TAS Go to site
AG Solar 10/08/2018* NSW Go to site
Agility Solar 08/02/2021* VIC Not available
AGL Energy Services Pty Limited 25/06/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Ahlec 05/12/2019* QLD Go to site
AK Solar 12/05/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Al Parker Electrical 02/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Alchimie Electrical 20/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Alee Solar & Electrical Services 03/05/2023 VIC Go to site
All Electric Homes 30/01/2024 VIC Go to site
All Points Energy Solutions 06/10/2021* VIC Not available
All Wired Up Services 20/05/2022* VIC Not available
Allemand Electrical 28/02/2023 VIC Go to site
Allgreen Australia 26/10/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Alliance Solar 09/10/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Alliance Sunpower 02/06/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Allset Energy 27/04/2020* WA,VIC,QLD Not available
Allstate Solar 20/11/2018* NSW,SA Go to site
ALLTECH AIR AND SOLAR 19/12/2023 VIC Go to site
Alm Solar 09/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Alpex Electrical 30/10/2023 VIC Go to site
Alphabet Energy 24/04/2024 VIC Go to site
ALR Designs 02/07/2019* VIC Not available
Amanda Energy 04/03/2019* WA Go to site
Amazing Solar Solutions 20/06/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Amg Solar Energy Experts 30/03/2021* SA Not available
AMLEX Electrical Pty Ltd 15/11/2022* VIC Not available
Ampforce Electrical Solar and Air Conditioning 06/09/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Amrut Solar 07/04/2021* VIC Go to site
AP Solar & Batteries Pty Ltd 15/07/2023 QLD Go to site
Apex Energy Australia 20/11/2018* SA Go to site
Apex Global Solutions 16/05/2019* VIC Not available
Apollo Energy Solutions 28/04/2022* NSW Go to site
Applied Solar Energy 18/03/2020* VIC Not available
Arc Renewable Group 08/11/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Arinna Solar 18/08/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,ACT Go to site
Ark Eco Energy 16/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Arka Energy 08/01/2020* NSW,QLD Go to site
Arkana Energy Group 30/11/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Aruonergy 28/05/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Asa Industry - Melbourne 29/07/2021* VIC Not available
ASENO Pty Ltd 31/05/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Ash Monty Electrical 10/01/2019* VIC,SA Go to site
Ashcroft Electrical 02/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Astra Solar 17/12/2021* VIC,NSW,ACT,TAS Go to site
Astro Energy 23/09/2023 VIC Go to site
Astronic Solar 13/05/2024 VIC Not available
Atlas Renewables Pty Ltd 04/02/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Atp Energy 20/10/2022* VIC Not available
AU SOLAR FEED 17/04/2023 NSW,QLD,TAS Go to site
AU SUN SOLAR 17/10/2023 VIC Go to site
Aurinko Energy 28/01/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Aus Electrical Solutions 19/05/2023 NSW Go to site
Aus Solar Co Pty Ltd 01/03/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Aus Solar Energy Group 23/10/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Aus-Brite Solar 12/10/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Ausceylon Solar 13/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Ausgreen Solar Solutions 05/01/2022* NSW,ACT,TAS Go to site
Ausgrid Electrics 14/08/2023 VIC,NSW,ACT Not available
Ausielectricals 30/06/2020* VIC Not available
Ausola Pty Ltd 27/04/2023 VIC,QLD Go to site
Ausolec Solar 24/11/2021* VIC Not available
Auspac Solar Pty Ltd 03/06/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Auspro Group 08/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Aussie Greenmarks 09/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Aussie Hybrid Solar 13/11/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Aussie Modern Solar 16/08/2022* VIC,SA Go to site
Aussie Solar Tech 05/09/2022* VIC,ACT Go to site
Australia Moore Energy Pty Ltd 08/12/2020* SA Go to site
AUSTRALIA SOLAR POWER PTY LTD 10/04/2024 VIC Not available
Australia Wide Solar 01/02/2021* NSW Go to site
Australian Battery Solar and Energy Solutions 13/11/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,TAS Go to site
Australian Energy Upgrades 14/02/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Australian Enviro Projects 06/06/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Australian Green Solar & Energy 21/01/2022* VIC Go to site
Australian National Solar 17/12/2021* NSW,QLD Go to site
Australian Security and Solar 27/10/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Australian Solar & Energy Solutions (Asaes) 06/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Australian Solar Designs 11/02/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Australian Solar Doctors 28/08/2020* VIC Go to site
Australian Wind and Solar 28/02/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Australis Solar 16/11/2018* WA Go to site
Austwide Solar 10/02/2021* VIC Go to site
Auswell Energy 07/10/2020* NSW,QLD Go to site
Avery Solar & Electrical 16/11/2022* NSW Go to site
Avm Electrical 06/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Axford Solar 14/01/2021* NSW Go to site
Axial Electric 09/04/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Ayka Technologies 19/07/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
AZ solar 28/02/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Aztek Wind and Solar 20/01/2020* VIC Go to site
C.B Air 29/11/2021* VIC Go to site
Chromagen Australia 18/06/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Class A Energy Solutions Pty Ltd 10/12/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Climat Air Conditioning & Solar 18/06/2021* SA Go to site
Commodore Australia 31/05/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Cooper and Co Electrical Services 14/04/2022* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,NT,TAS Go to site
Digitec Australia 25/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Earth and Sun Electrical 29/06/2023 NSW,QLD,NT Go to site
Ecosaver Australia 11/12/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Electrifying Australia 12/04/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Not available
EMI Australia 23/08/2023 VIC Not available
Energy and Carbon Solutions 19/06/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Energy Assist Group 29/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Energy Australia Home Service 02/11/2018* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Energy Aware 04/09/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
G and H Electrics 21/10/2019* VIC Go to site
G&A Martin Solar & Electrical 06/07/2023 NSW Go to site
Grid Alternative Energy 29/05/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Home and Energy 13/04/2019* QLD Go to site
Iberdrola Australia Smart Energy Solutions 08/03/2017* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Ipromise Australia 07/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Jarrod Arentz Electrical 21/11/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
JRL Advanced Solar 08/02/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Lighting and Energy Conservation Australia (Leca) 13/07/2017* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Lonergan and Muhovics 07/12/2018* VIC,SA Go to site
Macdonald Air & Electrical 05/05/2021* QLD Go to site
Moran and Bamford Electrical 19/11/2019* VIC Go to site
NEW ABILITY ENERGY 24/10/2023 NSW Go to site
Nu Age Electrical 03/10/2023 VIC Not available
Oasis Air Conditioning and Solar 25/09/2019* VIC Go to site
Online Air and Solar 24/09/2019* VIC Go to site
Perdaman Advanced Energy 26/08/2014* WA Go to site
Prosolar Australia 18/08/2021* NSW,QLD Go to site
Sen Australia 02/08/2021* VIC Not available
Smith and Freshwater Electrical 17/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Solahart Adelaide South 18/12/2018* SA Go to site
Solahart Albany 11/04/2019* WA Go to site
Solar Architects Australia 21/02/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solar Avenue 24/04/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Solargreen (Aust) 07/04/2021* NSW,QLD Go to site
Sologistics Australia 18/12/2018* VIC Go to site
Sonnen Australia 12/11/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Spec Air Solar & Batteries 31/08/2022* VIC,NSW Go to site
St Arnaud Solar 22/06/2021* VIC Go to site
Sunny Afternoons 04/09/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Sydney Air & Solar 15/09/2021* NSW Go to site
Tempo (Aust) Pty Ltd 09/10/2023 NSW Not available
Touch Automation 29/11/2023 VIC Go to site
West Australian Alternative Energy 20/05/2014* WA,SA,NT Go to site
Widgery and Wilson Pty Ltd 15/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Zap and Go Electricians 31/10/2022* VIC,NSW Not available
Zeco Australian Energy Solutions 06/12/2018* VIC Not available
365 Solar Australia 05/12/2019* VIC,QLD Go to site
Baileys Electrical and Automation 10/08/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Braintric Electrical and Automation Engineering 22/11/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
Cetinich Electrical and Solar 30/01/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Chin Electrical and Air Conditioning 13/04/2021* VIC Go to site
Clean Power Australia 27/01/2022* NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
CMAX Electrical and Air Conditioning 23/12/2023 TAS Go to site
Coastal Solar and Electrical Tas 15/09/2023 TAS Not available
Cobram Electrical and Data 10/12/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Coreworx Solar and Electrical 28/02/2022* VIC,NSW Not available
Cosmic Energy Australia 11/09/2020* VIC,NSW,TAS Not available
CRE Electrical and Data 02/09/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
E-Homes Australia 10/04/2024 NSW,QLD Go to site
ECO SOLAR AUSTRALIA 21/01/2020* VIC,TAS Go to site
Elevate Solar and Energy Solutions 07/07/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Empower Solar Australia 18/06/2021* WA,VIC Go to site
Energised Electrical & Air Conditioning 19/01/2024 VIC Go to site
Energized Electrical and Solar 04/02/2022* VIC Not available
Energy Control Australia 11/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Exurge Solar and Electrical 22/09/2023 VIC Not available
Fortuna Power Australia Pty Ltd 21/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
GLOBAL GREENS AUS 04/08/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Goldfields Solar and Storage 03/11/2022* VIC Not available
Green Sky Australia 22/03/2021* VIC Go to site
Greenfield Energy Australia 10/08/2018* QLD Go to site
Greentech Solutions Australia 25/05/2020* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Grid Solar and Electrical 13/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Hardy Electrical and Solar 23/01/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Harlow Electrical and Solar 16/06/2022* VIC Not available
HC Electrical & Air Conditioning PTY LTD 08/01/2024 TAS Go to site
HIB Electrical, Air and Solar 24/01/2024 TAS Go to site
Homefirst Services Australia Pty Ltd 14/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Ilumelec Electrical and Solar 29/11/2019* VIC Not available
Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions 21/01/2021* VIC Go to site
Intelligent Energy and Sustainability 08/01/2024 NSW,ACT Not available
Irvine Electrical and Data Solutions 25/08/2023 VIC Not available
JA Solar and Batteries 05/03/2021* SA Go to site
JBE Solar and Electrical Pty Ltd 08/04/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
JC Solar and Electrical VIC 12/01/2024 VIC Go to site
Liberty Electrical and Air Conditioning 16/04/2024 VIC Go to site
Lightyear Solar and Electrical 10/08/2021* VIC Go to site
MD Electrical & Air Conditioning Pty Ltd 03/10/2022* VIC Not available
Meta Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd 12/04/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
Mulrooney Electrical and Contracting Solutions 30/01/2024 VIC Not available
Noor Solar and Electronics 07/12/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,NT,TAS Not available
NRG Solutions Australia 30/06/2022* VIC Go to site
P.Y Electrics And Data Solutions 03/05/2023 VIC Not available
PG SOLAR AND ELECTRICAL PTY LTD 22/01/2024 VIC Not available
Planet Power Australia 10/11/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
Positive Solar and Batteries 12/09/2023 VIC Not available
Rb Electrical and Solar 28/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Renewable Engineering Australia 20/12/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
RJG Electrical and Solar 20/12/2023 VIC Not available
San Solar and Batteries 19/02/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Select Electrical and Solar Solutions 19/11/2019* NSW,ACT Go to site
Seymour Electrical and Solar. 16/11/2023 VIC,NSW Not available
Smart Energy Answers 17/01/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Smart Solar and Batteries 03/03/2021* VIC Go to site
Solahart Wangaratta & Albury Wodonga 19/09/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Experts Australia 21/04/2021* NSW Go to site
Solar Green Australia 12/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Link Australia 24/06/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solar Man Australia 01/11/2023 NSW Go to site
Solar Mission Australia 16/03/2021* NSW Go to site
Solar Partners Australia 24/10/2022* NSW Go to site
Solar Run Australia 15/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Solar Smart Australia 17/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Southeast Solar Australia 16/09/2019* VIC Go to site
Sparkin Energy Australia 10/07/2019* VIC Not available
Specialized Solar and Electrical 13/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Spot On A/C & Electrical 04/02/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Not available
SUN SOLAR AND ELECTRICAL 25/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Sun Solar Australia 23/06/2021* QLD Go to site
Sun Wind and Power 03/04/2020* VIC Not available
Sunrise Solar Australia 08/08/2019* VIC Not available
Sydney Solar and Batteries 23/03/2020* NSW,ACT Go to site
Teaslec Electrical and Solar 09/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Techno Solar Australia 06/12/2019* QLD Go to site
Tesla Motors Australia Pty Ltd 18/12/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Trentham Electrical and Solar 21/04/2023 VIC Go to site
Tropical Solar and Electrical Services 04/07/2023 QLD Go to site
United Solar and Electrical 03/01/2024 SA Go to site
VOLT SOLAR AUSTRALIA 16/10/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
VV Electrical and Solar 11/10/2019* VIC,SA,QLD Go to site
Wattsup Solar and Electrical 09/11/2018* QLD Go to site
Wholesale Solar and Batteries Installed 04/11/2019* QLD Go to site
Williams Electrical and Air PTY LTD 27/02/2024 VIC Go to site
Your Solar Adviser Pty Ltd 18/12/2023 QLD Go to site
Zero Energy Australia 06/07/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Clean Technology Services Aus 16/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Eastern Solar Cleaning and Maintenance 01/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Everglow Electrical Solar and Batteries 09/11/2022* VIC Go to site
Green & Gold Solar Australia 24/12/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Green Power Electrical and Plumbing 11/02/2021* VIC Go to site
Green Power Electrical and Solar PTY LTD 04/01/2024 VIC Go to site
Hybrid Solar Solutions Australia 19/10/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
In Series Electrical and Solar 10/10/2022* TAS Go to site
JFK Electrical, Solar & Air 03/02/2021* WA Go to site
Jim's Energy (Melbourne and Regional) 17/03/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,ACT Go to site
L V Solar and Renewable Energy 09/04/2021* VIC Go to site
NEA-Northern Electrics & Automation 30/08/2021* VIC Not available
New Gisborne Electrical & Air Conditioning Services 01/04/2021* VIC Not available
O'Brien Electrical Albion Park 09/11/2023 NSW Go to site
O'Brien Electrical and Solar Yeppoon 05/10/2023 QLD Go to site
Off-Grid Energy Australia 10/11/2016* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Photon Energy Engineering Australia Pty Ltd 02/08/2016* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
R C Solar and Batteries 13/09/2023 VIC Not available
Ray Watt Electrical and Solar 10/09/2021* VIC Not available
Seam Electrical Solar and Battery 05/11/2021* VIC Not available
Sol-Power Renewables and Electrical 09/05/2022* VIC Not available
South East Solar and Electrical Services 05/02/2021* VIC Not available
Sun Rays Solar Australia 20/09/2023 VIC Go to site
Sunshine Coast Solar and Battery 27/02/2022* QLD Not available
Total Solar Solutions Australia 02/06/2016* VIC Go to site
Walsh Electrical Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 30/10/2019* VIC Go to site
O'Brien Electrical Echuca Moama 19/02/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Shep Electrical 03/06/2020* VIC Not available
Spot On Sparky 09/11/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Warrnambool Solar 21/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Zing Solar (Vic) 06/03/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD,TAS Not available
Indo West Electrical 11/11/2019* VIC Not available
Solar Tank Pty Ltd 29/09/2021* NSW Go to site
Stag Electrical Solar & Refrigeration Pty Ltd 04/02/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Brad Thomas Electrical 19/09/2023 VIC Go to site
Bravo Solar 25/10/2022* VIC Go to site
Carbon Friendly Enterprises 17/06/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Cherry Energy Solutions 19/09/2016* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
CNK Power 28/09/2022* VIC Not available
Do Solar 22/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Eco Energy & Solar Solutions 04/12/2018* NSW Go to site
Eko Energy 14/06/2018* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Energis 30/06/2016* VIC Go to site
Energy Miner 31/08/2023 VIC Not available
ER Solar 12/10/2018* VIC Go to site
Formosa Electrics 29/09/2019* VIC Not available
Global Solar Solutions 30/03/2020* NSW,QLD Go to site
Good Times Electrical 06/06/2023 VIC Not available
Greenmax Power 09/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Grian Solar Power 21/10/2021* VIC Not available
Halcol Energy 07/12/2018* QLD Go to site
Hampson Electrical Services 20/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Homewyse 08/11/2022* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Horan & Bird Energy Pty Ltd 04/11/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
HQ Solar & Electrical 11/07/2022* VIC Go to site
IBISS Electrical 21/03/2024 VIC Go to site
Jeal Electrical Services Pty Ltd 05/02/2024 VIC Not available
Long'S Echuca Moama 20/09/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Midland Solar 24/09/2020* VIC Go to site
Moonshot Solar 13/05/2021* VIC Go to site
Murphy Rowe Electrical Pty Ltd 09/06/2020* VIC Not available
Origin Energy 15/05/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Powersmart Solutions 04/03/2022* NSW,QLD Go to site
R&J Monty's Electrical 30/10/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Resinc Solar 11/10/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD,TAS Go to site
Solahart Sydney Direct 14/01/2019* NSW Go to site
Solar Blast 09/12/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Masters 01/02/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Solar Prime 24/11/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Solar Run Bendigo 04/11/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Tactics 10/04/2019* VIC Go to site
Solarwyse 25/03/2019* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
SOLUTION WITH SAM 14/02/2024 VIC Go to site
Sp Solar 21/01/2021* VIC Not available
Star Solar 10/09/2019* VIC Go to site
Sun Power Electrics 19/09/2019* VIC Go to site
SunSmart Energy 19/10/2023 TAS Go to site
Town & Country Solar 17/04/2019* SA Go to site
UB Energy Pty Ltd 15/02/2024 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Unique Solar Solutions 25/11/2021* VIC Go to site
Unlimited Power Solutions 01/02/2023* NSW,ACT Go to site
Venergy 08/04/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Zohra's Clean Energy 21/11/2023 NSW Go to site
ZS Global 02/07/2021* VIC,SA,QLD Not available
42 Energy Street 25/11/2021* TAS Go to site
Banana Solar 19/12/2019* NSW Go to site
Berrys Energy Services Pty Ltd 07/06/2023 NSW,QLD,TAS Go to site
Blake Campbell Solar 03/05/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Bnm Solar 30/08/2021* VIC Go to site
Bright Earth Solar 08/04/2021* VIC,SA Go to site
Chris Conlan Electrical 14/10/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Clean Energy 365 10/01/2024 VIC Not available
Crystal Solar Energy 09/08/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
DK Electrical Co. 18/08/2021* NSW,QLD Go to site
Ecopower Electrical Supplies 01/05/2023 VIC Not available
Equal Energy 22/01/2024 VIC Go to site
Everlite Electrical 05/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Fair Value Solar 16/05/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
First Choice Solar 29/06/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Formulagreen Energy Solutions 01/08/2019* SA Go to site
GK Solar & Electricals Pty Ltd 31/10/2022* VIC Not available
Glow Electrical Contracting 06/07/2022* VIC Go to site
Gray Sparks Electrical 10/01/2020* VIC Not available
Green Line Solar 26/05/2021* VIC Go to site
Green Vision Solar 06/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Harvey Norman Commercial Division Solar 01/02/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Island Power Co. 20/02/2018* WA Go to site
Koolec 17/05/2024 VIC Not available
Lifecycle Electrical 11/09/2022* NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Manter Service Group 29/04/2024 VIC Go to site
My Solar Guy 02/10/2022* VIC Go to site
Northern Perth Electrical 17/06/2019* WA Not available
O'Brien Electrical - North Geelong 20/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Parkinson Electrical 04/05/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
Peninsula Precision Solar 10/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Pigeon House Power 24/11/2021* NSW Go to site
PROBEC Solar 12/12/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Prolific Electrical 21/04/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Propower Solar Pty Ltd 15/05/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Raffin Electrical 09/05/2022* QLD Go to site
Redefining Solar 26/10/2022* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Not available
Renewable Solar Pty Ltd 15/10/2021* VIC Go to site
RJC Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd 18/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Rooftop Solar 05/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
SAE Group 29/05/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Shine On Solar 24/09/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Siemax Electrical & Security 02/04/2019* SA Go to site
Sky Solar 18/08/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Solahart Bendigo 01/02/2023 VIC Go to site
Solahart Central Coast 14/01/2019* NSW Go to site
SOLAR BOOM 19/12/2023 VIC Not available
Solar Chief 02/03/2020* NSW,ACT Go to site
Solar Miner 10/01/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Solar Power Nation 25/09/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar Run Frankston 04/04/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Sons 19/07/2021* NSW Not available
Solar Water Wind 09/01/2024 NSW Go to site
Solaraide 14/12/2023 WA,VIC,NSW Go to site
Solargain PV 07/02/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solargain Rockhampton 27/02/2019* QLD Go to site
Solarpro 08/01/2019* NSW Go to site
Solarwide 07/12/2018* QLD Go to site
Solstra 26/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Sparkwire Solar 22/10/2020* SA Go to site
Sun Central Solar 02/10/2022* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
SunBuilt Solar 28/01/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Sunburn Solar 12/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Sundirect Energy 20/05/2023 VIC Go to site
Sunflare Solar 13/12/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,TAS Go to site
Sunopt Solar 26/11/2019* VIC Not available
SUNTICK SOLAR 13/12/2023 VIC,SA,QLD Go to site
Sustainable Power Systems 10/01/2022* VIC Not available
Target Solar 15/10/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Technaus Solar 14/06/2019* WA,VIC Go to site
The Sustainable Sparky Pty Ltd 20/05/2023 VIC Not available
Ultimate Solar Energy 31/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Unified Energy Solutions SA 19/10/2020* SA Go to site
Unified Solar Solutions Pty Ltd 17/07/2023 SA,QLD Go to site
United Solar Energy 09/05/2014* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Universe Solar 29/02/2024 NSW,QLD Go to site
Victorian Power Savers 11/02/2021* VIC Go to site
Vision Energy 24/05/2023 QLD Go to site
Wade Charlton Electrical 02/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Watts Of Power 08/12/2021* VIC Not available
3P Solar 24/07/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,ACT,TAS Go to site
Best Energy 22/09/2021* SA Go to site
Chux Electrical 21/06/2023 VIC Not available
Design Electrics 15/03/2024 VIC Go to site
Dodo Solar 15/07/2020* VIC Go to site
E-Tec 12/05/2020* VIC Go to site
EFS Solar 25/11/2021* NSW,QLD,NT Go to site
Elite Power Group 28/04/2021* NSW Go to site
Energise 23/12/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Energy Makeovers 04/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Engage Electrics 19/04/2024 VIC,NSW Go to site
Gimpel Electrics 07/03/2018* QLD Go to site
Go Sunny Solar 08/01/2024 SA Go to site
Green Electric Solutions 23/11/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Green Light Electrical Services 12/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Greencell Energy 16/10/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Greenlink Solar Energy 25/04/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Greenwood Solutions 17/04/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Hankins Electrical 07/02/2019* SA Go to site
Hytech Solar & Batteries 15/04/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Island Energy 01/04/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Jusaso Group 04/04/2024 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
LV Renewables Pty Ltd 19/03/2024 NSW,ACT Go to site
MC Electrical 29/01/2016* QLD Go to site
Melham Electrical 05/12/2019* VIC Not available
MTCO Electrical 11/05/2021* VIC Not available
Newgen Solar & Heat Pumps 20/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Off The Grid Group 08/12/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Pristine Solar 06/01/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Rdg Electrical Mildura 16/03/2022* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Reclaim Solar Energy 22/06/2021* NSW Go to site
Regenergy 18/03/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
Rk Solar & Consulting Services 10/09/2018* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Sales Expert 22/10/2021* VIC Go to site
Satellite Solar 08/04/2019* VIC Go to site
Save On Energy 05/04/2019* VIC,QLD Go to site
Shinehub 01/01/2019* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Solahart Cannington 16/10/2021* WA Go to site
Solahart Spencer Gulf 26/10/2023 SA Not available
Solana Energy Specialists 13/04/2023 NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar Emporium 06/09/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Power Direct 21/01/2019* SA Go to site
Solar Run Invermay 25/07/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Run Warrnambool 16/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Solargain Gold Coast 27/02/2019* QLD Go to site
Sulex Electrics 17/08/2022* VIC Go to site
Sun People 05/11/2020* NSW Go to site
Sunpark Solar 22/02/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Sunstainable Energy 22/12/2017* VIC,SA Go to site
Symmetry Solar 04/06/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
TJ Coutts 15/07/2021* VIC Go to site
Traeger Solar 22/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Your Green Planet 02/10/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,NT Go to site
Z R Electrics 09/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Campaspe Electrical 04/08/2022* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Canberra Solar Guru 02/10/2022* VIC,ACT Go to site
Capital Solar Energy 27/09/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Clean Sun Energy 29/09/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Cosmic Solar 04/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Cyanergy Pty Ltd 28/11/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
De Energy 13/08/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Delight Solar 14/05/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
DMC Electrical & Energy 11/11/2022* NSW,QLD Go to site
Easy Being Green 24/05/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
ECL Energy Pty Ltd 11/05/2023 TAS Go to site
Ecovantage 30/07/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Edge Solar Group 23/06/2021* VIC Go to site
Emj Electrical 23/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Epc Solar 28/06/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Essential Energy Solutions Pty Ltd 06/06/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Evergen 30/08/2017* NSW,QLD Go to site
Everysolar 2.0 03/04/2020* QLD Go to site
Expert Electrical Tasmania 23/06/2021* TAS Go to site
G Star Energy 29/05/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Not available
Green Solar Energy 05/09/2022* NSW Go to site
Greenaus Solar 25/12/2019* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Gt Solar 16/10/2019* VIC,SA,QLD Go to site
Hayespower Electrics 09/01/2020* VIC,QLD Go to site
Helios Energy Solutions Pty Ltd 21/03/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
High Power Solar 12/11/2021* VIC Go to site
Kdec Electrical & Solar 13/04/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Lifestyle Technologies 06/02/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
McSweeney Electrical Pty Ltd 17/02/2024 VIC Not available
Mildura Solar 13/01/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Nebo Energy 15/03/2023 NSW,ACT Not available
Northern electrical 12/05/2023 VIC Not available
ORANGE ENERGY 02/08/2023 NSW,ACT Not available
Resolve Electrical Projects 19/09/2022* NSW,ACT Not available
Shaw Electrix Pty ltd 12/09/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
Smart Energy Group 13/12/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solar Vertex 24/02/2021* NSW,QLD Go to site
Solargain Echuca 29/07/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solargizer 06/04/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Sonergy 18/02/2021* WA,VIC Not available
Sparktec 10/09/2018* QLD Go to site
Stored Solar 20/11/2020* NSW,ACT Go to site
The Energy People 12/08/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Three Frase Electrical Pty Ltd 27/08/2021* NSW,ACT Not available
Todae Solar Pty Ltd 14/10/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Trione Energy 24/06/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
True Connection Electrical Pty Ltd 20/12/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
UPL Solar 12/02/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
UV Power 03/07/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Watters Electrical 27/05/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
xTechs Renewables Pty Ltd 24/01/2024 VIC Go to site
Capital Green Energy 19/05/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,ACT Go to site
Connect U Solar & Electrical 26/05/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
ECG Electrical 20/08/2020* ACT Go to site
Econ Electrical & Data Pty Ltd 07/01/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Global Solar World 27/05/2021* NSW Go to site
Greenultimate 01/11/2021* NSW,SA,ACT,NT Go to site
Malwa Electrical & Solar 13/08/2020* NSW,ACT Go to site
Meridien Energy 24/08/2022* NSW,QLD Go to site
O'Brien Electrical Fyshwick 23/06/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Plum Electrical Pty Ltd 17/04/2023 VIC Go to site
Prime Solar Energy 02/05/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Puma Solar 06/02/2020* VIC Not available
Regen Power 15/04/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Reposit Power 22/04/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar Harbour 07/12/2020* WA,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar4Life 16/05/2019* NSW,ACT Go to site
Solarhub 10/06/2015* NSW,ACT Go to site
Virtue Electrical 06/12/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Capital Solar Pv 23/05/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Capital Valley Solar 15/02/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Green Home Green Planet 08/01/2020* VIC,NSW,ACT Not available
Green Renewable Electrical Pty Ltd 02/05/2023 VIC Go to site
ITP Home Energy 14/07/2017* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Nu-Tility 10/06/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT Go to site
Polygon Energy 02/08/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Solar Forever Canberra 24/09/2021* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
SunStak 11/05/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
Upowr 29/10/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Huglo Solar 15/06/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Photon Energy Solutions 29/08/2019* NSW Not available
Sunline Energy 06/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
3E Group 06/08/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
One Stop Utilities 22/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Jim's Energy (NSW) 15/09/2023 ACT Go to site
Bare Energy 15/05/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
Beyond Solar 21/08/2018* NSW,ACT Go to site
F.NOVA TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD 31/05/2023 NSW,ACT Not available
Fased Solar 25/01/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Innovate Energy 23/11/2020* NSW,ACT Go to site
Kratos Energy 28/01/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Lenergy 02/08/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
MIQ Energy 13/09/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
Nm Electrical Group 20/09/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Photonic Solar Solutions 24/05/2021* NSW,ACT Not available
Platinum Solar Designs 14/01/2019* NSW,ACT Go to site
Spectrum Solar & Electrical 16/05/2022* NSW,ACT Go to site
Sunshine Holdings Pty Ltd 16/11/2023 NSW,ACT Not available
The Energy Experts 21/05/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Trill Energy 18/05/2021* NSW,ACT Go to site
Ulladulla Solar 28/03/2023 NSW,ACT Go to site
2SPEC Solar 16/08/2023 NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Boschetti 01/02/2021* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Brimbank Solar 19/05/2020* VIC,NSW,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Case Statewide Solar 13/10/2021* NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Galileo Solar 21/08/2019* VIC,NSW,ACT Not available
Next Generation Energy 19/08/2019* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Platinum Solar Group 03/05/2023 VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Podium Solar 14/09/2023 NSW,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Quality Solar Systems 08/04/2021* NSW,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Ric Electrics 20/01/2022* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Shannon Fraser Solar & Electrical 18/12/2019* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Solar State 07/02/2022* VIC,NSW,ACT Go to site
Spinifex Energy 22/03/2021* NSW,QLD,ACT,NT Go to site
Streamline Energy Group 13/01/2022* NSW,SA,ACT,NT Not available
Electrical Doctorz 27/04/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Hazard Electrical Victoria 13/01/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Integra Energy Group 22/07/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT,TAS Not available
Marshall Energy Solutions 29/09/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,ACT Go to site
NGSS 23/07/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,ACT,TAS Go to site
Power Ideas Pty Ltd 20/01/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Sailax Solar 10/01/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar Safari 01/06/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar System 31/05/2021* NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
CR Solar 15/06/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Energus Pty Ltd 07/07/2018* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Energybuild Pty Ltd 20/05/2024 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
GEE Energy 09/07/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Goal Solar 19/09/2022* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
GREEN IOT 01/07/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Jr New Energy 23/08/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Kuga Electrical 28/08/2018* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
MAC Trade Services 24/03/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
My Energy Group 13/05/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
NXTGEN Group 31/01/2024 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Not available
Pioneer Solar 08/01/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Quality Energy 14/06/2022* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Solar 370 Degrees 23/12/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Solar Run 25/01/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Solar Worx Pty Ltd 04/02/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solbase 17/09/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Supreme Solar Power 18/02/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Switchtorenewables 22/05/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Not available
Unlimited Solar Energy 10/03/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,ACT Go to site
Zip Solar 07/07/2023 WA,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
100 Powerlink 14/07/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Bespoke Solar 08/11/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Best Green Solar 09/05/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Caltech Solar 22/11/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Captain Green Solar 10/07/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Chase Renewables 27/05/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Choice Energy 13/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
CNW Electrical Wholesale 16/06/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Direct Nrg 06/08/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
DS Energy Services 23/04/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT Not available
Electribuild Pty Ltd 15/08/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Electrical Masters 27/04/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Elite Smart Energy Solutions 25/10/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Endeavour Solar 31/01/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Energenic Solar 01/07/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Energy Buster 04/03/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Energy Formula 17/02/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Energy Independence 14/02/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Energy Saviours 18/12/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Evitech 28/01/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Excel Safe Electrical Pty Ltd 09/08/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
First Sun Solar 22/07/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
G-Solar & Electrical 13/08/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
GFE Group 29/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Gn & Zef Electrical 23/12/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Gnowee Solar Pty Ltd 01/11/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site 04/07/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Greentech Engineering Solutions 10/08/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Greenzee 16/10/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Hey Solar 20/05/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Horus Energy 15/07/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Hp Energy 26/03/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT Go to site
Incite Energy 19/02/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Into Solar 14/05/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Invincible Energy 30/03/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
IQ Solar 11/12/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
JE Group 22/09/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Jim's Energy (Bacchus Marsh) 20/04/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Jim's Energy (Melbourne Victoria) 21/10/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
JM Solar Solutions 04/11/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Johns Lyng Energy Services 04/07/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Led Saves 30/03/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Make My Energy 10/12/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Metro Solar Nsw 01/11/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
National New Energy 09/06/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Natural Solar 11/10/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Nea Energeia Group Pty Ltd 05/05/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
NRG7 15/03/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Paragon Solar Power Pty Ltd 13/10/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Pasma Electrical 27/02/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Photon Energy Solar 13/10/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Polarised Electrical Services 07/12/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Power Tech Energy Pty Ltd 22/02/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Pure Electric Solutions 01/09/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Quad Energy 17/02/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Regen Energy 01/11/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Right Choice Solar 04/03/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Sapphire Solar 12/06/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
SLM Solar 21/01/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Smart Consult 03/06/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solar Battery Group 18/09/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solar Optimum 21/07/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solar Pal 04/09/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Solar Red Power 19/09/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Solar Run Bentleigh 17/03/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Not available
Solar Secure 15/06/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site 02/03/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Solarbos Residential 20/06/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Not available
Solarwise Group 01/08/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT Go to site
Sun Lizard 17/04/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Sun Select 19/08/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Sunny Gold Solar 08/02/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Supa Solar 23/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT Go to site
Sustainable Energy Solutions World 06/04/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,TAS Go to site
Sustainable Savings 29/07/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
T3Sol 13/11/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
The Solar Broker 02/07/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
The Solar Professionals 24/01/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
Unified Energy Services 16/10/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,ACT,NT,TAS Go to site
B&B Solar & Electrical 30/04/2024 NSW Go to site
B.D Electrics 30/07/2020* VIC Go to site
Baden Napier Electrical & Solar 17/01/2019* SA Not available
Bailey Technologies 12/06/2019* VIC Not available
Ballarat Solar & Electrical 03/12/2019* VIC Not available
Ballarat Solar Company 19/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Ballarat Solar Panels 29/03/2019* VIC Go to site
Bamps Electrical Pty Ltd 11/05/2022* QLD Go to site
Barra Electrical 18/02/2020* QLD Go to site
Bascon Group Solar Solutions 23/12/2020* VIC Go to site
BD North East Electrics 29/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Bec Group Pty Ltd 06/09/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Begbie Electrical 11/05/2021* VIC Not available
Beibei Electrical Service 30/06/2020* VIC Not available
Bendigo Grid Connect 21/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Bendigo Solar Services 29/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Best Solar & Batteries 08/09/2022* SA Go to site
Best Sparky Electrical Services PTY LTD 24/10/2019* VIC Not available
Betawatt Solar 31/08/2023 NSW Go to site
Betta Value Renewable Energy 25/11/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
BI Electrics Pty Ltd 13/11/2019* VIC Not available
Billabong Solar 20/11/2020* VIC,SA,QLD Go to site
Binu Electrical Services Pty Ltd 20/11/2019* VIC Not available
Bizsolar 25/11/2019* VIC Go to site
BJ White Electrics 23/10/2019* VIC Go to site
BK Energy Solutions PTY LTD 15/05/2024 VIC Not available
Blue Reef Electrics 28/01/2021* VIC Not available
Blue Solar 04/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Bluegum Electrical Solutions 16/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Boltz Contractors 14/12/2020* VIC Not available
Bordertown Pumps & Refrigeration 16/04/2019* VIC,SA Go to site
Breaze Energy Solutions 23/07/2019* VIC Go to site
BREC Energy Pty Ltd 29/01/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,TAS Go to site
Bridge Energy Solution 20/04/2021* VIC Not available
Bright New Energy Technology Pty Ltd 10/06/2024 VIC Go to site
Bright Switch Solar 09/11/2023 VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Brightex Solar 23/08/2021* VIC,TAS Go to site
Brightworks Solar Pty Ltd 18/11/2023 VIC Go to site
Bromson Energy 03/05/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Btr Electrical 06/04/2022* VIC Not available
Bundaberg Solar 22/06/2018* QLD Go to site
Burra Electrical Services 09/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Buy Solar 04/01/2022* VIC,QLD Go to site
BWD Solar 06/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Byers Electrical (Vic) 01/11/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
CJ Bromley Electrical 13/11/2020* VIC Not available
Electric Blue Services 27/01/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
Energy Benefits 02/06/2021* VIC Go to site
Jd Bains Electricals 28/10/2020* VIC Not available
Lucky Bay Electrical 28/09/2022* VIC Go to site
M & B Electrical & Training 09/04/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
O'Brien Electrical Mount Gambier 14/01/2019* VIC,SA Go to site
O'Brien Electrical Warrnambool 06/08/2019* VIC Go to site
O'Brien Electrical Yarraville 15/04/2020* VIC Not available
Pat Byrne Electrical 09/03/2022* VIC,NSW Go to site
Scott Burke Solar 21/02/2019* QLD Go to site
Solahart Balcatta 11/04/2019* WA Go to site
Solahart Ballarat 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Brisbane Inner South 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solahart Brisbane South 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solahart Brisbane West & Ipswich 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solar Battery Power Specialists 01/03/2024 VIC Not available
Solar Beat 02/11/2023 VIC,SA Go to site
Solar Blessing 21/06/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Solar Boss 14/04/2021* VIC Not available
Solar Bright 23/07/2019* NSW Go to site
Solar Brightness 05/03/2021* VIC Go to site
South Beach Solar 08/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Tru Blu Solar Co 29/05/2019* NSW Go to site
Eureka Solar & Battery 10/12/2021* VIC Not available
Jim's Energy (Bundoora) 10/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Jim's Energy (Burnside Heights) 20/08/2021* VIC Go to site
Sb Solar Battery 27/08/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Energy & Battery Storage Solutions 30/08/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Solar Pro Bendigo 01/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Run Berwick 12/07/2022* VIC Go to site
Carl Spink Electrical 14/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Crawford Electrical & Solar 13/05/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
M L Roberts Electrical PTY LTD 28/04/2023 VIC Not available
24X7 Electrical Services 31/10/2019* VIC Not available
7 Star Energy Pty Ltd 29/06/2023 VIC Not available
Capacity Electrical 02/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Central Highlands Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd 20/12/2021* VIC Not available
D.J. Electrics 31/08/2023 VIC Not available
Driftwind 21/11/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Elec&Co 02/07/2021* VIC Go to site
ELITE VIN SOLAR 04/09/2023 VIC Go to site
Empire Electrics PTY LTD 27/05/2024 VIC Go to site
Esena Energy 18/01/2019* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Everest Energy 07/06/2023 VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Flood Solar 17/11/2023 VIC Go to site
Green Net Solar 31/10/2019* VIC Not available
Greener Housing Solutions 20/11/2018* SA Go to site
Helios Solaire 24/09/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Iconic Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd 09/07/2023 TAS Go to site
Infinity Solar Solutions 17/08/2022* VIC Go to site
Jake Campbell Electrics 21/09/2023 NSW Go to site
Jim's Energy (Mount Waverley) 04/03/2022* VIC Go to site
Jim's Energy (Victoria) 29/09/2021* VIC Go to site
JJM Electrical Group 31/08/2023 TAS Not available
Kennedy Electrical & Solar 14/10/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Launceston Electrical Solutions 07/02/2023 TAS Not available
Metrisol Energy 08/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Mode Electrical (Tas.) 20/02/2018* TAS Go to site
MSA Electrical Services Pty Ltd 06/07/2023 VIC Not available
Murray Valley Solar 15/11/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Nepean Solar Solutions 01/12/2020* NSW Go to site
Olver Electrical 05/02/2020* VIC Not available
Opera Solar Energy 10/05/2021* NSW Go to site
Oti Power 23/05/2018* QLD Go to site
Penrith Solar Centre 14/08/2019* NSW Go to site
Perth Solar Force 23/11/2018* WA Go to site
Positive Charge Electrical 03/12/2019* VIC Go to site
RenewOz 23/11/2023 NSW Not available
Renewture 06/02/2024 NSW,QLD Not available
Rtb Electric 15/01/2020* VIC Not available
Solahart Central Tablelands 16/10/2021* NSW Go to site
Solahart Wagga Wagga 19/12/2023 NSW Not available
Solar Central Pty Ltd 28/05/2019* VIC Go to site
SOLAR RUN WHITTLESEA 25/06/2023 VIC Go to site
Solar-Man 14/07/2016* SA Go to site
Solaray Energy 30/10/2018* VIC,NSW Go to site
SUNDROP SOLAR 21/05/2021* VIC Go to site
TCK Solar 28/02/2019* VIC Go to site
The Heat Shop 23/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Think Solar Systems Pty Ltd 20/05/2024 VIC Go to site
Thompson Electrical Solar Pty Ltd 06/01/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Usc Electrical Group 04/09/2020* VIC Go to site
Veeras Solar Energy 16/08/2019* VIC Go to site
Western District Electrical Services 05/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Wood Services Group 12/02/2023 NSW,QLD Go to site
4Shore Solar 18/12/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Century Solar Energy 10/12/2014* NSW Go to site
ECG Electrical Victoria 26/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Eco-White Pty Ltd 07/12/2018* WA Go to site
Elexcellent 05/02/2024 VIC Go to site
Eoc Energy 16/09/2019* VIC Go to site
ERG Energy 31/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Evergreen Solar Power 20/06/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Gensol Energy 19/08/2022* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Go Get Solar 18/01/2022* VIC,QLD Go to site
I-Tech Electrical Pty Ltd 08/12/2020* QLD Go to site
Jet Solar 22/08/2019* VIC Go to site
JSA Solar 18/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Leada Electrical Pty Ltd 17/02/2021* VIC Not available
MV Solar 20/05/2020* NSW Go to site
R Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd 28/06/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Not available
Renew Energy 07/07/2015* WA Go to site
Sandhurst Solar 28/04/2023 VIC Not available
Sky Energy 28/10/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Sleeth Electrical 03/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Sunbeat Solar 21/01/2021* VIC,QLD Go to site
Sunscape Solar 23/04/2019* VIC Go to site
Theta Electrics 29/11/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Ultraclean Solar Services 19/07/2019* VIC Go to site
YOURGREENENERGY 12/04/2024 VIC Not available
1POWER SERVICES 19/05/2024 VIC Go to site
Champion Energy 29/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Charged Energy Pty Ltd 07/04/2022* NSW,QLD Go to site
E-Smart Solar 16/07/2018* NSW Go to site
East Gippsland Solar 13/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Electrician In Melbourne 21/04/2021* VIC Not available
EMERGING SOLAR 14/06/2023 VIC Go to site
Enervest 22/11/2017* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Envirogroup 28/05/2015* VIC Go to site
Flow Power Solar Pty Ltd 04/10/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Future Power Solutions 03/11/2022* QLD Go to site
GLOWER 03/05/2024 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Greenhouse Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd 23/09/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
HARVEST ENERGY 08/05/2024 TAS Go to site
Integr8 Solar 27/02/2024 QLD Go to site
Kin Energy 17/05/2021* VIC Go to site
Krypton Group 15/06/2022* VIC,NSW Not available
Lindustries Electrical Contracting 22/06/2022* VIC Not available
LR Energy 13/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Maxim Energy Pty Ltd 17/10/2022* VIC Go to site
MCNELEC 22/02/2024 VIC,NSW Go to site
Milton Contracting Pty Ltd 16/02/2022* SA Go to site
NA Electrical Services 21/02/2020* VIC Not available
Neon Solar Systems 18/10/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Nexgen Power Solutions 17/12/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Oz Smart Solar 31/10/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Oz Solar Energy Solutions 08/07/2019* VIC Go to site
PJB Electrical Contractors 12/02/2020* VIC,QLD Not available
Powerhouse Shop 08/05/2020* VIC Not available
POWERLINKT 13/07/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
Proma Solar 11/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Qvolt Solar 28/04/2021* QLD Go to site
RACV Solar 02/10/2017* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,TAS Go to site
SBS Solar & Electricals 27/05/2024 VIC Not available
SE SOLAR SOLUTIONS 14/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Simmark 13/07/2020* NSW Go to site
Solahart Newcastle 14/01/2019* NSW Go to site
Solahart Port Macquarie 16/10/2020* NSW Go to site
Solar Engineers 27/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Run Wollert 13/09/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Solar Sunfill 25/09/2019* VIC Not available
Solar Today 20/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Start Solar 29/09/2019* VIC,NSW,TAS Go to site
SUN COMMERCE 14/05/2024 VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Top Solar Solutions 22/02/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Twin City Electrical & Solar 18/11/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Twoforty Electrical & Property Services 21/11/2022* VIC Not available
Valcomm Electrical 20/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Vortex Electrical 04/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Willco Electrical 13/05/2020* VIC Not available
You Energy 16/01/2024 VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Coastwide Solar 07/07/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Ecosmart Solar Energy 09/01/2020* SA Go to site
Electrical & Solar Solutions 16/03/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Everyday Solar Solutions 22/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Expert Electrical 21/12/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Freedom Energy Solutions 14/06/2022* VIC,NSW Go to site
Green Energy Technologies 13/08/2018* QLD Go to site
Hielscher Electrical 03/10/2018* QLD Go to site
HILLS NATURAL SOLAR 24/01/2024 NSW Go to site
KNIC Electrical Services Pty Ltd 15/05/2023 SA Go to site
Lifestyle Electrical Services Pty Ltd 22/02/2023 TAS Go to site
Lilojo Electrical Solutions 02/06/2023 VIC Go to site
Linked Solar 02/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Local Power 07/09/2018* QLD Go to site
Mission Green Solar 27/10/2023 NSW,QLD Go to site
O'Dea Solar & Electrical 08/08/2019* SA Go to site
Perth Solar Warehouse 09/05/2024 WA Go to site
PSW Energy 20/12/2018* WA Go to site
Radius Technology 28/10/2020* VIC Go to site
Renewable Energy Solutions Tasmania 03/05/2023 TAS Go to site
RLE Group Pty Ltd 02/03/2022* SA Not available
Running Energy 26/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Schumacher Solar & Electrical 22/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Solahart Geelong 30/08/2022* VIC Go to site
Solaire Connect 20/08/2018* WA Go to site
Solar Energy Victoria 11/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Powered Homes 20/05/2019* NSW Go to site
Solar Wholesalers 21/05/2020* SA Go to site
Solargain Gippsland 27/02/2019* VIC Go to site
Solid Solar Services 13/10/2021* NSW Go to site
Sungen 25/03/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Sunlogics 23/03/2021* QLD Go to site
Sunnier Solar 17/05/2024 VIC Go to site
Sustainable Facility Group 13/06/2023 VIC Go to site
TRI CT ELEC PTY LTD 12/09/2023 VIC Go to site
UltraVolt Electrical Services 16/05/2023 NSW Go to site
Urban Renewables 22/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Valley Electrical Group Pty Ltd 24/05/2022* VIC Go to site
ZED ENERGY 04/08/2023 VIC Go to site
Coffs Solar Energy 03/07/2014* NSW Go to site
Eco Elite 01/08/2023 NSW,QLD Go to site
Halec Electrical Services Pty Ltd 17/08/2022* VIC Go to site
Neutek Energy 21/01/2019* VIC Go to site
NQ Solar 14/08/2019* QLD Go to site
Renuvo Electrical Pty Ltd 31/08/2023 VIC Go to site
Solahart Eastern Ranges 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Gold Coast 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solahart Melbourne South East 16/10/2021* VIC Go to site
Solahart Strathpine 18/10/2022* QLD Go to site
Solar Flow 14/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Power Panels 17/04/2020* QLD Go to site
Solenergy Group 19/04/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Sunny Sky Solar 16/08/2023 QLD Go to site
Sunterra 05/09/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Voltora Industries Pty Ltd 16/05/2023 QLD Not available
Go Run Solar 15/09/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Impact Energy Pty Ltd 17/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Limitless Energy 25/05/2021* VIC Not available
START GREEN SOLAR 05/02/2024 QLD Go to site
ECO ENERGIZERS 11/05/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,TAS Go to site
Calvin Contractors 16/06/2021* SA Go to site
Casone Electrical Pty Ltd 15/07/2022* VIC Go to site
Castle Solar 26/09/2023 TAS Go to site
Catchin Rayz Solar & Electrical 07/05/2021* VIC Go to site
CBR Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd 14/09/2021* VIC Go to site
Cdl Electricals 29/09/2020* VIC Not available
Centelon CEC 29/04/2024 NSW,QLD Not available
Central Spark Victoria 09/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Cerium Energy 14/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Certified Electrical Group Pty Ltd 08/06/2022* VIC Not available
Certified Energy Solutions 26/05/2023 QLD Go to site
Chief Electricians Pty Ltd 06/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Chugg Electrical Tasmania 21/11/2023 TAS Go to site
City To Surf Solar 13/04/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Clean Earth Services 13/12/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Clean Earth Solar 11/04/2024 NSW Go to site
Clean Energy Direct 06/09/2021* VIC Not available
Clean Energy Solar 16/06/2014* VIC Go to site
Clean Energy Solutions 08/09/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
Clean Green Energy Solutions Pty Ltd 07/07/2022* VIC,SA Go to site
Clean Nrg Solar 26/03/2015* WA Go to site
Click Control Systems 20/09/2019* VIC Go to site
CM Solar Solutions 25/11/2023 VIC Not available
Coltec Industries Pty Ltd 01/03/2023 VIC Not available
Committed Solar Solutions 06/05/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Complete Electrical Data Services 23/11/2023 TAS Not available
Connect Solar & Electrical 03/12/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Contact Group 16/06/2023 TAS Go to site
Continental Power Solutions 27/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Core Solar 14/02/2024 NSW Go to site
Countryside Solar 28/09/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD,TAS Go to site
Cowlec Pty Ltd 20/06/2022* VIC,NSW Go to site
Craftec Electric Pty Ltd 09/02/2023 VIC Not available
Crowlz Electrical Pty Ltd 05/12/2019* VIC,QLD Go to site
CTI Solar 10/01/2019* SA Go to site
CutHill Electrical Contractors 21/11/2023 NSW Go to site
Cuttriss Electrical 23/12/2019* VIC Not available
Cygnus Energy 16/03/2020* VIC Not available
Degree C 21/11/2023 TAS Go to site
Eco Choice Solar 09/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Glen Clark & Co 16/05/2019* VIC Not available
Gold Class Installation & Electrical 06/05/2022* VIC,NSW Not available
N.G Cabling Solutions 26/03/2020* VIC Go to site
RS Cabling 19/02/2024 VIC Go to site
Rw Coulthard Electrical Services 04/03/2020* VIC Not available
Solahart Caboolture 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solahart Central West 18/10/2022* NSW Not available
Solar Charge 20/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Solar Conversion 25/11/2021* VIC Not available
Sun Current 03/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Tassolar Clean Energy 30/05/2024 TAS Go to site
Technoport Co 15/04/2024 VIC Go to site
Westwire Comms 12/02/2020* VIC Not available
Day's Electrical Contracting 10/12/2019* VIC,NSW,SA Not available
Ekonomix Sapphire Coast 02/12/2019* NSW,SA Not available
Energy Solution Centre 12/10/2020* QLD Go to site
Glow Heating Cooling Electrical 21/11/2018* SA Go to site
Haynes Electrical Contractors PTY LTD 08/03/2023 VIC Go to site
Innovative Electrical Contractors 07/10/2023 VIC Go to site
JD Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd 29/05/2023 QLD Go to site
Jim's Energy (Carnegie) 15/05/2024 VIC Not available
Jim's Energy (Caulfield South) 16/03/2023 VIC Go to site
Paramount Energy Co Pty Ltd 15/02/2024 NSW,QLD Not available
Platinum Electrical Company 24/01/2024 VIC Not available
Rutledge Electrical Contractors 24/07/2023 VIC,NSW Go to site
Solahart South Coast & Hills 18/12/2018* SA Go to site
Solahart Sunshine Coast 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solar Install Co 25/08/2023 QLD Go to site
SunSmart Sunshine Coast 31/10/2019* QLD Go to site
Tasmanian Energy Company 15/06/2023 TAS Go to site
TCA Electrical Contractors 21/01/2020* VIC Go to site
TW Electrical Contractors 27/07/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
DT Electrical & Data Communications 30/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Far South Coast 14/01/2019* NSW Go to site
D E S Electrical Contractors (TAS) Pty Ltd 09/11/2022* TAS Go to site
In-Form Electrical Data Communications 18/12/2020* VIC Go to site
1Power Solar 14/01/2020* VIC Go to site
3 Phase Solar 07/11/2019* VIC Go to site
4 Eva Energy 09/11/2022* NSW Go to site
4Front Services 14/02/2023 TAS Go to site
D & S Taber Electrical 18/06/2019* NSW Not available
Dean Simcocks Electrical 06/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Derwent Electrical PTY LTD 30/03/2023 TAS Go to site
Devam Solar 16/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Direct Solar Wholesaler Renewable Energy Group 27/02/2023 VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Discover Solar 13/09/2021* VIC Go to site
Divine Solar Power 31/08/2023 TAS Go to site
Dizzy D Electrical Services 21/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Dnl Electrics 04/11/2020* VIC Go to site
DQ Electrical Pty Ltd 13/12/2018* SA Go to site
Dunton Group 29/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Dynamic Renewables 19/12/2019* VIC Go to site
East Point Power 05/08/2020* NSW Go to site
Eco Smart Solar 17/08/2016* QLD Go to site
Ecoelectric 30/07/2015* QLD Go to site
EGS ELECTRIC GAS SOLAR 13/12/2023 TAS Go to site
Elcon Solar 23/08/2019* VIC Go to site
ElecFX Group 28/09/2023 VIC Go to site
Elecshine 15/08/2019* VIC Go to site
Elect-Solar 17/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Electralife Energy Pty Ltd 15/01/2021* VIC Go to site
electreksolar 22/02/2023 TAS Go to site
Electrify Victoria 21/04/2023 VIC Go to site
Elite Solar Pro 27/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Energized Solutions 20/08/2023 VIC Go to site
Energy Goals 31/01/2024 VIC Go to site
Energy Loop 17/11/2023 SA Go to site
ENERGY RESET 17/04/2024 VIC Go to site
Energy Wired 26/11/2019* VIC,SA Go to site
Engaged Electrical Service 28/04/2021* VIC Go to site
Environmental Energy Solar 20/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Eqrenewable 27/04/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,TAS Go to site
Essential Solar 29/03/2019* VIC Go to site
Evergreen Electrical Services 18/06/2020* QLD Go to site
Everyday Energy 10/08/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
Evo Solar 03/06/2021* VIC Go to site
Ezy Energy 24/11/2023 VIC Go to site
Fair Solar 12/05/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Fnq Solar Solutions 12/04/2019* QLD Go to site
Fortune Solar 06/02/2024 WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,TAS Go to site
Freelight Energy 20/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Future Friendly 20/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Future NRG 03/06/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Future NRG Echuca Pty Ltd 17/08/2022* VIC,NSW Go to site
Future Services 17/06/2022* NSW Go to site
Future Solar Wa 17/12/2019* WA Go to site
G & D Russell Family Trust 16/03/2023 VIC Go to site
G7 Electrical 13/05/2024 QLD,TAS Go to site
Galactic Solar Solutions 20/09/2021* QLD Go to site
Garrett Electrics 15/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Gary Schmidt Electrical 14/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Gecko Solar Energy 15/06/2023 VIC Go to site
Geelong Solar Energy 01/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Genr8 18/10/2022* TAS Go to site
GI Energy 02/03/2018* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
GJB Electrical 14/12/2023 TAS Not available
Go Green Home Solar 03/06/2024 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Go Solar Go Green 02/12/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Going Solar Pty Ltd 19/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Goodhew Electrical & Solar 16/04/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Green Earth Electrical 16/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Green Edge Technologies 30/09/2019* VIC Go to site
Green Efficient Living 11/04/2022* SA Go to site
Green Energy Needs 20/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Green Power Gen 28/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Green Solar 07/01/2019* QLD Go to site
Green Solar Technologies 23/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Green Valley Solar 20/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Green Wave Electrical Services 01/04/2020* VIC Go to site
Green4Life Oz 22/08/2019* NSW Go to site
Greenbuild Energy Solutions 23/08/2019* SA Go to site
Greener Upgrade 22/01/2024 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
GreenGEN Solar 24/10/2023 VIC Go to site
Greenify energy 28/05/2024 VIC,NSW Go to site
Greenlight Energy Solutions 19/11/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Greenoz Solutions 03/09/2019* VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Greensaver Solar 28/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Grow Energy Pty Ltd 10/01/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Helcro Pty Ltd 24/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Hello Solar 02/09/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Hembrows Electrical 31/10/2023 QLD Go to site
Hills Energy Solutions 23/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Hinterland Energy 22/06/2020* VIC,QLD Go to site
Hisolar Energy 21/01/2021* VIC Go to site
HJR Installation Services 01/12/2023 VIC Go to site
Hogan Electrical & Solar 18/03/2022* VIC Go to site
Home Efficiency Group 08/10/2022* VIC,TAS Not available
Horizon Solar Power 21/10/2019* VIC Go to site
I Want Energy 15/07/2019* TAS Not available
Iconic Energy Pty Ltd 10/04/2024 TAS Go to site
iEnergy Hub 30/10/2018* SA Go to site
Illuma Electrical Group 15/03/2021* VIC Go to site
Illumina Energy 30/04/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Inspire Energy 24/05/2018* NSW Go to site
Instyle Solar 20/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Ivyndi Energy 27/07/2022* VIC Go to site
J.T Electrical 08/01/2020* VIC Not available
J.W.S. Electrical Services Pty Ltd 04/06/2019* VIC Go to site
JC Energy Sales Pty Ltd 22/02/2024 SA Go to site
Jcs Industries Pty Ltd 28/10/2019* VIC Go to site
JD Electrical Tas 25/05/2023 TAS Go to site
Jessups Solar Squad 11/10/2022* TAS Go to site
Jim's Energy (Glen Waverley) 23/09/2021* VIC Go to site
Jim's Energy (Mornington) 24/05/2023 VIC Go to site
Jim's Energy (South Morang) 10/10/2022* VIC Go to site
JMC Electrics 11/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Jnt Electrical 23/10/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Johnstone Electrical & Sunvalley Solar 27/11/2019* VIC Go to site
JRG Electrics PTY LTD 10/07/2023 VIC Go to site
Just Energy Pty Ltd 10/07/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Not available
K.A.W Electrical & Solar 07/08/2023 VIC Go to site
Kenny Solar 25/03/2024 WA,VIC,NSW Not available
Keselec 07/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Keystones Solar Group Pty Ltd 13/07/2020* SA Go to site
Kik Electrics Pty Ltd 16/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Kizz Electrical 01/10/2020* VIC Go to site
Klean Energy Solar 06/02/2024 VIC Go to site
Koala Solar 23/11/2021* WA Go to site
Konekt Electrical 06/01/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Konfek 29/04/2020* VIC Go to site
Kozco Energy Group 30/01/2019* VIC,SA Go to site
Kubo Electrical 24/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Larkin Electrical Data Pty Ltd 01/04/2021* VIC Go to site
Laser Electrical Horsham 16/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Leahy's Electrical Services 06/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Leeson Solar 18/12/2019* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Level Electrical Wantirna 31/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Life Solar 23/08/2019* VIC,QLD Go to site
Lightning Energy 06/08/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Lite Force Pty Ltd 08/07/2023 WA Go to site
LMS Renewable Energy 18/04/2024 QLD Go to site
LPS Electrical Services Pty Ltd 31/08/2022* VIC Go to site
Luke Mitchell Electrical 06/08/2021* VIC Go to site
Macedon Ranges Solar Power 29/05/2019* VIC Go to site
Mansfield Pump Shop & Electrical 26/08/2020* VIC Go to site
Marathon Electrical 26/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Max Power Electrical (Victoria) 22/04/2020* VIC Go to site
Melb Electrics 30/07/2021* VIC Go to site
Melbourne Energy Group 28/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Melsun Solar 01/06/2021* VIC Go to site
Mercy Rays Pty Ltd 25/11/2021* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Metpro Green Energy Pty Ltd 24/10/2022* VIC Go to site
Metta Energy 21/01/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Mg Energy 05/05/2017* NSW Go to site
MHE Solar 14/02/2020* VIC Go to site
Middle Swan Solar 25/05/2022* WA Go to site
Motek 10/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Mr Solar Renewable Energy Systems 22/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Murcott Electrical 21/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Murray River Electrical 18/11/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Myenergy Engineering 06/12/2018* VIC,SA Go to site
Myers Solar 25/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Natimuk Solar 11/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Nature Saver Solar 05/11/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
NEW DESIGN ELECTRICAL 05/02/2021* VIC Go to site
New Sky Energy Solutions 17/09/2020* VIC Go to site
Ng Elec Pty Ltd 25/07/2022* SA Go to site
Nhc Solar 18/10/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
No.1 Solar 24/02/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Norvec 03/12/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Nova Renewable Energy 06/09/2023 VIC Go to site
NRN 22/01/2020* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
OG Trade Services 06/03/2019* SA Go to site
Omzen Electric 11/03/2021* VIC Go to site
Open Electrical 30/11/2020* QLD Go to site
Opt Energy 12/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Os Solar 30/05/2022* NSW Go to site
Oslec Energy 05/05/2022* SA Go to site
Otis Energy Solutions 11/07/2023 VIC Go to site
OZ SOLAR NEEDS PTY LTD 07/05/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Oz Solar World 20/01/2020* NSW,QLD Go to site
Ozzie Solar 18/06/2020* SA Go to site
Patel Electrical 28/02/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Pegasus Solar & Energy Storage 09/02/2021* SA Go to site
Peninsula South East Solar 14/12/2020* VIC Go to site
Platinum Electricians Hindmarsh 08/08/2019* VIC,SA Go to site
Plico Energy 22/12/2023 WA,VIC Go to site
Positive Electrical Services 14/01/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
Positive Energy Solutions 26/05/2021* WA Go to site
Poslec 05/09/2022* VIC Go to site
Power to the Max 01/06/2023 VIC Go to site
Price Electrical Industries 23/04/2020* VIC Go to site
Pride Energy Systems 29/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Primero Electric & Solar 20/08/2020* VIC Go to site
Pro Fx Electrical 24/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Pro Solar Solutions 28/09/2022* VIC Go to site
Proex Electric 19/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Prosolar Global 06/10/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Proven Energy 21/10/2020* QLD Go to site
Pure Green Energy 13/07/2021* VIC Go to site
Purtle Electrical (NSW) 19/12/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
QA Electrical 17/11/2020* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Quantum Solar 12/04/2019* NSW,QLD Go to site
Quick Solar 11/06/2024 QLD Go to site
RAA 20/11/2019* SA Go to site
RACQ Solar 29/07/2022* NSW,QLD Go to site
Ramselec Solar 15/11/2023 VIC Not available
Real Response Electrical 18/06/2019* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Red Solar 14/07/2021* VIC Go to site
Redfern Power Solutions 02/07/2021* NSW Go to site
Redshift Solar 02/12/2021* NSW Go to site
Refrigelec 06/12/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Renewable Energy Queensland 15/05/2023 QLD Go to site
Replenishable Energy 29/11/2018* QLD Go to site
Rescom Solar Pty Ltd 08/10/2021* NSW Go to site
Revolusun Power 02/10/2019* VIC,QLD Go to site
Revolutionary Solar 16/10/2020* VIC,SA Go to site
Rocky's Solar 10/12/2018* VIC Go to site
RTP Electrical 10/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Rudra Registered Engineers Pty Ltd 03/05/2023 VIC,NSW,SA Go to site
Ruff Renewable Energy 15/05/2024 VIC Go to site
Sahara Solar 16/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Sailing Solar 07/07/2022* TAS Go to site
Salinger Electrical 13/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Samar Tech 23/09/2021* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
SAVING EARTH PTY LTD 31/08/2023 VIC Go to site
Sell Smart Solutions 13/03/2024 VIC Go to site
SFR Electrical 12/11/2019* QLD Go to site
Shining Solar Energy 19/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Signature Solar 17/07/2020* NSW Go to site
Silicon Solar 26/10/2020* VIC Go to site
Simply Solar Solutions 19/01/2024 NSW Go to site
Six Star Plus 13/08/2019* VIC Go to site
Sky Power Energy 30/09/2019* VIC Go to site
SkyGreen 08/05/2019* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Skyline Solar 21/03/2014* NSW Go to site
Smart Energy Specialists Pty Ltd 03/04/2024 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Smart User 31/03/2021* VIC Go to site
Smart Utilities 29/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Smart Wise Solar 27/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Snap Solar 27/07/2022* QLD Go to site
Sol Excel 14/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Solahart East Gippsland 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Fremantle 11/04/2019* WA Go to site
Solahart Geraldton 11/04/2019* WA Go to site
Solahart Goulburn Valley/Shepparton 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Greater Gippsland 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Mandurah 11/04/2019* WA Go to site
Solahart Melbourne 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Melbourne West 16/10/2021* VIC Go to site
Solahart Mile End 18/12/2018* SA Go to site
Solahart Northern Tasmania 11/04/2019* TAS Go to site
Solahart Peninsula 08/01/2019* VIC Go to site
Solahart Rockhampton 16/10/2018* QLD Go to site
Solahart South West 11/04/2019* WA Go to site
Solahart Southern Tasmania 11/04/2019* TAS Go to site
Solahart Townsville 18/10/2022* QLD Go to site
Solaire Solutions Pty Ltd 21/03/2023 VIC Go to site
Solar & Electrical 02/12/2023 VIC Go to site
Solar 1 Electrical 08/05/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar 24 Pty Ltd 27/01/2022* VIC Not available
Solar Dimension 22/03/2019* QLD Go to site
Solar Dynamics 21/05/2019* VIC Go to site
DARKHORSE ELECTRICAL 07/06/2023 VIC Not available
DBH Electrical 29/08/2022* VIC Not available
DMB ELECTRICAL 23/03/2023 VIC Not available
DPV Electrical Solutions 16/12/2019* VIC Not available
Mahoney & Da Silva Pty Ltd 05/08/2022* VIC Not available
Red Diamond Solar Energy 17/02/2023 VIC Not available
JLS Electrical & data services 21/05/2023 VIC Not available
Renovation Electrical Design 17/01/2020* VIC Not available
Truelight Electrical & Data Pty Ltd 31/01/2022* VIC,SA Go to site
Vic Power & Data 11/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Ultra Green Energy 05/03/2020* VIC Go to site
Moncrieff Electrical 25/02/2020* VIC Not available
NXT GEN SOLAR PTY LTD 03/12/2023 VIC Not available
Solar Spirit 21/05/2019* VIC,QLD Go to site
Sunrise Innovations 29/11/2021* VIC Go to site
TFA Solar 11/12/2018* SA Go to site
Yarra Solar 04/02/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Echuca Moama Solar & Electrical 14/04/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
IONIC ELECTRIC 29/01/2024 VIC Not available
Jss Electrical Solutions 24/05/2022* VIC Not available
Look Up Electrical 20/12/2019* VIC Not available
Peak Energy Group 19/11/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Phaser Electrical 20/05/2022* VIC Not available
Pj Electrical Solar 25/11/2019* SA Go to site
Ragg Volt 19/05/2020* VIC Not available
Sam McAllan Electrical 13/06/2023 VIC,NSW Not available
Solar Panel Options 17/08/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,QLD,TAS Go to site
SS Electrix Pty Ltd 29/05/2024 VIC Not available
Ssk Energised Electrics 10/08/2021* VIC Not available
Sun 2 Solar 31/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Sundra Energy 25/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Sundriven 29/08/2018* NSW,QLD Go to site
Swift Solar Repairs 30/08/2019* VIC Go to site
T.K.S. Electrics Pty Ltd 06/05/2023 VIC Go to site
Thompson Electrical Solutions 08/04/2020* VIC Go to site
Trademark Energy 02/09/2020* VIC Not available
V Safe Electrics Pty Ltd 18/01/2022* VIC Not available
Electrosafe 14/08/2020* QLD Go to site
Fast Solar 22/01/2024 VIC Not available
Logos Energy 05/05/2021* VIC Not available
QDXG Pty Ltd 05/04/2024 NSW Not available
Raso Electrical 30/05/2022* VIC Not available
Solar On Panels 11/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Run Traralgon 07/07/2022* VIC Not available
SOLAR TECH EXPERT 12/07/2023 VIC,NSW,QLD Not available
Sun Group Energy 26/10/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Sun Petal Solar Pty Ltd 16/11/2023 QLD Go to site
Sunscope Energy Pty Ltd 04/12/2023 VIC Go to site
Sunsmart Solar Energy 15/01/2020* VIC Not available
Switch 2 Solar 19/06/2019* VIC Go to site
Tailored Power Solutions 25/08/2020* VIC Not available
TR ELECTRICAL & SOLAR 29/06/2023 VIC Not available
United Energy Group 12/08/2021* VIC Not available
Waldron Solar Solutions 06/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Westsun Energy 17/05/2021* WA Go to site
Winki Solar 04/06/2021* VIC Go to site
Iwire Electrical & Solar Pty Ltd 22/01/2024 VIC Not available
Magma Electrical 02/05/2023 VIC Not available
Solar Integrity 25/04/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Run Lara 13/09/2021* VIC Go to site
Switch On Energy 01/05/2024 VIC,NSW Go to site
Tindo Solar 15/11/2018* VIC,SA Go to site
Uncommon Solar 20/02/2024 VIC Go to site
Wescor Electrical 13/12/2019* QLD Go to site
Zain Services 22/04/2022* VIC Go to site
Samwise Electrical 18/12/2020* VIC Not available
Steen Electrical 04/09/2019* VIC Go to site
VJ Energy Group 05/11/2021* VIC Not available
Wholesale Solar 17/05/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
EB Solar 04/05/2023 TAS Not available
Ecosun Solar & Electrical 16/03/2021* VIC Not available
Edwards Electrical 14/01/2020* VIC Not available
Eko Solar 09/10/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
ELITE ENERGY GROUP 04/06/2023 VIC Not available
Energy Efficiency Solutions 17/11/2023 VIC Not available
Engineering Energy 04/01/2024 NSW Go to site
Enviroshop 31/10/2019* VIC Go to site
EPJ Electrical 12/09/2023 VIC Not available
ESI Solutions Pty Ltd 14/04/2023 VIC Go to site
ESIC Energy Solutions 12/11/2020* VIC Not available
Essential Electrical & Solar Solutions 28/06/2019* VIC Not available
Express Solar Solutions 20/04/2022* VIC Not available
360 Electrical Group 23/01/2020* VIC Not available
GHE Electrical & Solar 04/02/2020* VIC,NSW Not available
Gilded Electrical 13/01/2020* VIC Not available
HAS ENERGY PTY LTD 12/09/2023 VIC Not available
HDC Electrical & Solar 27/07/2020* VIC Not available
Hume Electrical 09/10/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Hypalyte Electrical 07/01/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
JC Electrical Services Tas Pty Ltd 07/05/2023 TAS Not available
Jim's Energy Queensland South 22/02/2024 QLD Not available
Kraft Electrical & Solar 28/07/2022* NSW Not available
Laser Electrical Swan Hill 05/12/2019* VIC,NSW Not available
Livesay Electrical 29/01/2024 VIC,NSW Not available
Longaz Electrics & Solar 05/08/2021* VIC Not available
LPB Electrical 11/12/2023 VIC Not available
Luminous Energy Solutions Pty Ltd 18/08/2022* VIC Not available
MAXWELL ENERGY 11/11/2023 VIC Not available
Northwest Electrical & Solar 26/05/2023 VIC Not available
OJE Electrical PTY LTD 30/03/2023 VIC Not available
Omni Electrical 04/07/2019* VIC Not available
OVO Electrical 22/09/2023 VIC Not available
Radiant Energy Systems 03/12/2019* VIC Not available
Regenerate Electrical 08/12/2020* VIC Not available
Rjay Electrics 09/01/2020* VIC Not available
Russell's Electrical & Solar 23/10/2023 VIC Not available
S.E Energy Solutions 03/01/2024 VIC Not available
Saving Energy Electric 03/04/2020* VIC Not available
Sea Energy Group 08/10/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Seidel's Electrical Services 06/04/2020* VIC Not available
SF Electrics 06/06/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Not available
Solar Energy Experts 02/06/2022* NSW Go to site
Solar Energy Group 10/01/2024 VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Solar Energy Partners 21/10/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Energy Storage 29/05/2023 NSW,QLD Go to site
Solar Ezway 29/06/2021* VIC Not available
Solaress Electrical & Solar Systems 12/03/2021* SA Go to site
Streamline Energy 23/06/2023 VIC Go to site
Sunsolar Energy Pty Ltd 27/06/2022* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,TAS Go to site
Suntek Energy 22/09/2021* VIC,QLD Go to site
Sunworx Energy 10/06/2021* VIC Not available
Symons Energy 28/01/2021* NSW,QLD Go to site
TJM Electrical Services 15/07/2023 VIC Not available
Ultima Energy 20/09/2021* VIC Go to site
Vagus Energy Solutions 07/01/2020* VIC Go to site
Viet Energy Group 18/10/2021* VIC Not available
Volts Electrics Pty Ltd 15/09/2022* VIC Not available
Ware Electrical Pty Ltd 06/01/2022* VIC Not available
Future Green Energies Pty Ltd 19/04/2024 VIC Not available
M Lia Electrics 21/10/2019* VIC Not available
Mark Graham Electrical 01/04/2020* QLD Go to site
Mitchell Shire Electrical 22/11/2019* VIC Not available
Select Solar & Electrical 11/08/2022* VIC,NSW Not available
Smart Solar Energy 02/02/2024 VIC Not available
Solar On Electrical 06/04/2020* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Plus Electrical 18/07/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Pv Energy Solutions 20/04/2022* VIC,QLD Go to site
Solar Smart Electrical Pty Ltd 21/03/2023 VIC Not available
Sun Phase Electrical Pty Ltd 28/10/2023 VIC Go to site
Suri & Suri Electrical 17/07/2019* VIC Go to site
Thomas Wolf Energy 31/10/2023 TAS Go to site
Total Solar & Electrical 28/10/2019* VIC Not available
WM Solar & Electrical 05/08/2021* VIC Go to site
Green Machine Solar & Electrical Pty Ltd 12/01/2024 VIC Not available
Sun Solar Power & Energy Solutions 10/02/2021* VIC Not available
VIC SOLAR SYSTEMS & EV 09/05/2024 VIC Go to site
Michael Kenneth Macdonald 23/07/2021* VIC Not available
Servlec Pty Ltd 15/10/2021* VIC,NSW Not available
Sunergy Solar 29/04/2024 VIC Go to site
Hume Solar 07/06/2022* VIC,NSW Not available
Solarseed 17/11/2020* VIC Go to site
Superior Solar 28/07/2023 NSW Go to site
Think Renewable Pty Ltd 17/03/2023 WA,VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
UR LOCAL SOLAR 21/07/2023 SA Go to site
Peninsula Solar 01/10/2020* VIC Go to site
SEC Services 07/06/2024 VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Roof 24/02/2021* VIC Go to site
Supergreen Solutions NQLD 08/11/2022* QLD Go to site
Think Solar 27/05/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Five 03/11/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Nation 21/11/2022* VIC Go to site
Solargain Hastings 27/02/2019* VIC Go to site
Suhan 30/07/2021* VIC Go to site
Switch On Solar 04/09/2020* VIC Go to site
V Power Solar 13/12/2021* VIC Not available
Johnoelec Pty Ltd 24/03/2020* VIC Not available
Inspire Solar 10/08/2023 WA,VIC,SA Not available
Kushtech Power Solutions 10/09/2020* WA,VIC,SA,NT Not available
KLAB Group Pty Ltd 18/04/2023 VIC Not available
Solargain Great Southern 08/02/2021* WA Go to site
Target Green Pty Ltd 18/10/2021* VIC Go to site
Ultra Greensun Solar Southern Tas 18/10/2022* TAS Go to site
Prestige Solar Group 16/01/2024 VIC,NSW Not available
Solar Service Guys 01/02/2021* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
On Point Power Solutions 29/11/2023 VIC Not available
Solar Run Wyndham Vale 15/03/2021* VIC Go to site
SolarFeed 27/06/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Power Hub 24/03/2021* VIC Go to site
SPH Solar 15/02/2023 VIC Go to site
H.E Solutions Pty Ltd 22/02/2023 QLD Not available
TP Solar 23/04/2021* VIC Go to site
Treu Solar 10/11/2023 QLD Go to site
Wildman Solar 06/06/2023 NSW Go to site
YDA HVAC 08/10/2022* VIC Not available
Iconic Solar 09/12/2021* VIC Not available
Intelec Solutions 23/03/2021* VIC Not available
Priority One Trade Services 08/11/2019* VIC Go to site
Seek Solar 24/01/2020* WA,VIC,NSW,SA,QLD,TAS Go to site
Serene Solar 01/03/2023 VIC Go to site
Solar Installations Pty Ltd 06/12/2019* VIC Go to site
Solar Mentor 29/01/2021* VIC Go to site
Solar Merchants 15/12/2021* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solar Run Kilmore 02/05/2022* VIC Go to site
Solar Run Sunshine 20/09/2021* VIC Go to site
Solar Set 07/07/2022* VIC,NSW,SA,QLD Go to site
Solar Union Pty Ltd 17/01/2022* VIC,NSW,QLD Go to site
Solarbank 04/03/2019* NSW Go to site
Solarever 29/04/2022* VIC Not available
Solargain Wangaratta 27/02/2019* VIC,NSW Go to site
Solargain Warrnambool 27/02/2019* VIC Go to site
Solarhub Melbourne 20/04/2017* VIC Go to site
Solarhunters 06/06/2024 WA,NSW Go to site
Solarvista 02/10/2019* VIC Go to site