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Will Eve is the lead publisher of the global team at Finder. He was previously the group publisher for insurance for Finder Australia. Will has a Bachelor of Communications from the University of Technology Sydney. He loves the challenge of launching Finder into new markets while helping grow Finder’s global team.

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Hi, Thanks for your comment. You can contact Westpac on 132 032. All the best, Will

Commented on Westpac Life Insurance

Hi OKB, 1 - Provided that your trip departs and finishes in Australia, the regions you receive cover for should be covered provided there have not been any official warnings. 2 - Generally complimentary cover is provided for children. It is worth entering your childrens ages when receiving a quote to ensure they are also covered. You will need to include your partner when receiving a quote to ensure you get duo cover in place. Thank you, Will

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Hi OKB, Thank you for your enquiry. 1) You will just need to enter each destination you are travelling to ensure that you are covered for that region under that policy. You do not need to take out separate policies to cover the individual countries you are travelling to. Simply enter the destinations you are heading to and the 4 month period to receive an accurate quote for cover. 2) As you are the policyholder, you will be covered for trips without your children. Your children will not be covered if they were to travel unaccompanied by you on a trip overseas. I hope this was helpful, Will

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Hi Garry, Thank you for your comment. Please note that finder.com.au is a travel insurance provider and does not represent Vero. You may wish to contact Vero directly to discuss the pricing of the brands they back. Thank you for your comment and all the best, Will

Commented on Vero Travel Insurance

Hi Conchita, Thank you for your enquiry. You can receive a quote for Covermore Travel Insurance by entering your trip details on the quoting engine here https://www.finder.com.au/travel-insurance Thank you and all the best, Will

Commented on CoverMore Travel Insurance

Hi Gary, Thank you for your enquiry. It is 365 days from the policy commencement date, that is the date you select when purchasing cover. It is not from Jan 1 to Dec 31. Thanks again and all the best, Will

Commented on American Express Travel Insurance

Hi Janet, Thank you for your question. Conditions around pre-existing conditions will vary between insurers, particularly if you plan on taking a cruise. Depending on the nature of your condition, the insurer will either; - Provide you with cover - Provide you with cover but not pay claims related to the condition - Provide you with cover but request more details about the condition i.e. medical report - Not provide you with cover It's worth speaking with a couple of different insurers and consulting the product disclosure statement before purchasing insurance to ensure you are adequately covered. You can receive quotes for your trip via our quote engine and visit different insurers to find out more about the cover provided https://www.finder.com.au/travel-insurance. Thank you again for your enquiry and all the best. Will

Commented on Seniors Travel Insurance

Hi James, Thank you for your enquiry. According to the Budget Direct PDS, no payment will be made for "loss or damage caused by power surge or fluctuation that is not a result of a lightning strike." You should be covered for damage that has occurred from lightning but it is not clear if you are able to claim for expenses incurred if no damage has yet occurred. It would be best to get in touch with Budget Direct to discuss further. Thank you for your enquiry and all the best, Will

Commented on Storm damage

Hi Helen, Thank you for your enquiry on finder.com.au. Not all international policies will automatically cover cruise trips. Our Cruise Insurance page shows those with Cruise cover. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with at this stage. All the best, Will

Commented on International travel insurance

Hi Cat, Generally Pregnancy will be only covered up to 26 weeks inclusive, if it is a single, natural and no complications and cover will only be provided if it is an emergency. General check ups are not covered under the policy.You would not covered if it is unsafe to travel, you are only covered for cancellation if case there is a complication that has been certified by a medical practitioner. I hope this helps, Will

Commented on Travel insurance for pregnancy

Hi Irene, Thank you for your enquiry. I have checked the Good2Go PDS, it states; Brittle or fragile items, glassware, china, ceramics, pottery etc or an electronic component that becomes broken or scratched unless it is: • The lens of spectacles, laptop computers, binoculars, photographic or video equipment. • A breakage or scratch caused by an accident involving any vehicle You were travelling in. It could be worth speaking with Good2Go directly to find out if you will be covered. It might be worth insuring the instrument as a valuable item to ensure it is covered. Thank you for your enquiry and all the best. Will

Commented on Good2Go Travel Insurance

Thank you for your enquiry on Finder.com.au. Unfortunately we are unable to recommend a specific car insurance provider for your situation. We recommend you contact insurers directly to discuss what policy options are available with a previous record. Thanks, Will

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Hi Govind, Thank you for your enquiry regarding public and product liability cover. If you would like to receive a quote for cover and begin your application, you can enter your details on the form on the finder.com.au business insurance page. An insurance consultant will be in touch to discuss different options and provide you with a quote. https://www.finder.com.au/business-insurance

Commented on Public Liability Insurance in Australia

Hi Cheryle, The InsureandGo Cruise Ship policy does cover cruise holidays. The policy provides extra cover for; - Missed cruise departure - Missed port cover - Delays, loss, theft and damage to your luggage - Cover for medical expenses incurred while on board the ship or while at a land-based medical facility during the cruise journey - Reimbursements for shore excursions that are cancelled/interrupted by the cruise liner - Cabin confinement - Cruise delays - Emergency Medical Transportation If you are interested in taking out cover with Insureandgo, you can follow this secure link through to the Insureandgo website where you may purchase cover and find out more about the policy.

Commented on InsureandGo One Trip Travel Insurance

Hi Kate, Thank you for your enquiry on Finder. You will need to contact Probus directly when taking out cover to discuss your condition and previous treatment. Probus will consider current treatment and may need some verification from your medical practitioner before you are accepted for cover. Thank you for your enquiry and all the best.

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