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Wrong place, wrong time for 54 Australians

  • One in four workplace deaths involved bystanders in 2013
  • Workplace bystander deaths the same for first quarter of 2014 and 2013
  • Australians should consider life insurance policies to protect themselves from the unexpected

JULY 18, 2014, SYDNEY – Many Australians killed in workplace accidents are simply in the ‘wrong place at the wrong time’, highlighting the importance of life insurance by one Australia’s biggest comparison websites

One in four (25 percent) victims of workplace deaths were bystanders in 2013, accounting for 54 fatalities. A total of 218 people were killed in work-related accidents last year, 164 of those were workers, 54 were bystanders as a result of work activity. conducted the investigation into Australian workplace deaths, analysing Notifiable Fatalities data from Safe Work Australia.

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert for, said that workers are at risk of injury or even death from the moment they enter their workplace.

"These unfortunate bystanders weren’t at fault or responsible for their fatalities. In fact, 37 of the 54 bystanders killed, happened from public road incidents. It is a case of wrong place, wrong time.”

Bystander deaths occurred every month last year, with the highest number of fatalities in July, when nine bystander deaths were recorded.

Figures released for the first three months of 2014 also follow the trend, with 12 out of 57 Australians killed in work-related incidents between January and March being bystanders. This was the same number of bystanders killed in the first three months of 2013.

Transport, postal and warehousing industries recorded the highest number of bystander deaths in 2013 as well as the first quarter of 2014.

Mrs Hutchison is calling on Australian workers to consider life insurance to protect their families against the unforeseen dangers present in our day to day lives.

“Life insurance offers a safety net to ensure your loved ones are protected and secure if you were no longer around to support them financially.

“While the premium you pay will be determined by the risks you face in your work and leisure activities, this research shows that death is a constant threat that Australians face and can happen to anyone at any time.

“Take the time to compare life insurance which could help make a big difference in the unfortunate event of death,” she said.'s key life insurance policy considerations for accidental death:

  • Accidental death cover: This type of cover provides a lump sum benefit payment for accidental related death or accidental injury
  • Funeral cover: Provides a financial benefit to cover the costs of funeral services
  • Mortgage protection: Specifically covers home loan repayments in the event of unemployment, temporary or permanent disability and death
  • Estate Protection: Ensures that sufficient funds are available for equal distribution of an estate if the policyholder dies
  • Family Protection: Covers a family’s day to day living expenses.


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