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Travellers flock to the US in record numbers despite weak Aussie dollar

  • More than one million Aussies have visited the United States in the past 12 months, up 5.3% in a year
  • This comes despite a 15% decline in the Aussie Dollar
  • Value for money: Most everyday items still cheaper in the US compared to Australia

23 May, 2016, Sydney, Australia – The number of Australian visitors heading to the United States in the past 12 months has passed the one million mark for the first time, despite the weak Aussie Dollar, according to new research by, one of Australia’s biggest comparison websites.

A investigation of Australian Bureau of Statistics Overseas Arrivals and Departures data shows a record 1.02 million Aussies headed to the U.S. in the year to March 2016. This was up from 971,200 visitors 12 months earlier.

Cracking the million-visitor milestone comes in spite of the Australian Dollar sinking 15% versus the Greenback over the past year. The recent decline to US $0.735 is $0.13 less than the US$0.867 one year earlier.

This follows a spike in the number of Australians searching and applying for travel insurance to America on, with interest more than doubling in the past 12 months.

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at says the U.S. remains very popular even though the Australian Dollar has fallen against the Greenback, perhaps because of the cheap cost of flights.

“While our Dollar is not as good value in the U.S. as it was a few years ago when the Aussie Dollar was above US$1.00, lower flight costs have cushioned Aussie travellers heading to America.

“Rock bottom airfares to America are being offered to Aussies for as little as $798 return (Sydney to LA).

“The figures prove Australians’ enduring love affair with America as a holiday hotspot – with official visitor numbers growing 5.3% in a year. In fact there have been year-on-year increases since March 2009.

“Interestingly, despite a weaker Aussie Dollar, most everyday items are still cheaper in America compared to Australia – even after converting currency – keeping the Aussie tourism market strong.

“For instance, while a cappuccino might be a little dearer in America ($5.20) than Australia ($4.08), a mid-range meal for two is 14% cheaper ($80 in Australia vs $68.79 in America) and prepaid mobile calls are almost 60% cheaper in the U.S.

“Comparatively you get more bang for your buck in the US but travellers still need to be mindful of potential risks and consider travel insurance before taking off. You don’t want to turn a great value holiday into a financial disaster.”

Difference in cost of everyday items in Australia and America



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