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Smashed screens: The greatest smartphone killer

  • Almost one third of smartphone users have smashed their screen
  • Lost and found: one in four Aussies have lost a phone, while 29% have found one
  • Four things to consider after breaking your screen

27 July, 2016, Sydney, Australia – Almost nine million smartphone screens have been smashed at the hands of their uncoordinated Aussie owners, according to a new survey by Australia’s most visited comparison website1,

Nearly one in three mobile phone owners (28%) admit they have smashed their screen - the fear of all avid smartphone users.

Alex Kidman, Telco Expert at, said that’s a lot of broken glass.

“With 31 million active mobile phone accounts in Australia, that’s equivalent to 8.6 million broken screens” he said.

The survey, which questioned 1,010 Australians, showed almost one third (29%) of respondents had found a phone, while another unlucky 25% had lost a phone.

More than one in ten (11%) had dropped their phone into the toilet bowl, 10% had a phone stolen, while 6% had left theirs in a taxi.

Broken down by generation, one in six Gen Ys (17%) had dropped a phone down the toilet compared to 9% of Gen X and 7% of Baby Boomers. The oldest generation of smartphone users surveyed were also the most careful, with only one in ten (10%) experiencing a smashed screen, compared to Gen X (25%) and Gen Y (46%).

“Many of us rely on our smartphones on an hourly basis, so when they are unexpectedly out of action, it’s a major gripe,” he said.

“The time and expense of dealing with smashed screens, lost handsets and flushed gadgets can be a major source of stress.”

“Personally, I cringe when I see people swiping across broken glass displays, but it's understandable given the high cost of repair,” he said.

Four things to ask yourself after you’ve broken your screen:

1. Can I live with it?

Many phones will operate with a broken screen, although you are quite likely to find other people cringing as you swipe across its broken glass fragments. The reality with any damaged screen is that delaying a repair is just delaying the inevitable. But if it’s still functioning, it can buy you time to weigh up your options.

2. Do I have a backup phone?
If you don’t have an old phone kicking around, ask your colleagues, friends and family if they have a phone they aren’t using. It’s as simple as changing over the SIM card. It won’t likely be the latest and greatest, but again, it’ll tide you over till you go phone shopping.

3. Can I perform a DIY repair?
If you’re particularly keen -- or just cash-strapped but willing to take a few risks -- it’s entirely feasible to repair a smashed phone screen yourself. A replacement screen part on eBay generally runs from $100 to $130, which is a little cheaper than many repair places will offer to do the repair, but of course you’ve got to do the actual replacement work yourself.

4. Is it time for an upgrade?
Sometimes the most blatant answer is: just buy a new phone. If you’ve had your smartphone for more than 18 or 24 months, chances are you’re itching to get a newer model. Bite the bullet, compare your options and buy yourself something new and shiny.

1Average 1.7M visitors monthly, Experian Hitwise since 2015


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