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Is your workplace kitchen making you sick?

  • calls for Australian workplaces to improve kitchen hygiene
  • There are 4.1 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year
  • Checklist aims to help workers find out how safe their workplace is

7 April 2015, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – One of Australia’s biggest life insurance comparison websites is calling for Australians to celebrate World Health Day today (Tuesday 7 April, 2015) by boosting food safety in the workplace. has developed a checklist for employees to find out just how safe their workplace kitchen really is. In addition, the list includes tips and solutions to sidestep sickness by making food safety, the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) theme for this year, a top priority.

According to the Food Safety Information Council, there are 4.1 million cases of food poisoning in Australia each year, leading to 32,000 hospitalisations, almost 100 deaths and one million doctor visits on average each year.

Worldwide, unsafe food is linked to the deaths of approximately two million people each year. Food containing harmful bacteria, chemical, parasites or viruses is the cause of over 200 diseases.

Fred Schebesta, Co-Founder and Director at, said workplaces and employees alike need to pay more attention to kitchen hygiene.

“With the estimated annual cost of food poisoning in Australia sitting at $1.25 billion, workplaces need to do more to ensure their employees are not falling victim. Creating a more hygienic work environment can also increase productivity, by reducing staff sick leave.

“As today is World Health Day focusing on food safety, it’s a great time to take a look at your workplace kitchen and check if your workplace kitchen is making you sick. Look for things like, is your dish towel covered in food stains, is there off food in the fridge, is there hand sanitiser, crusty food baked onto the microwave.

“You might not realise it, but this could end up killing you if you’re not careful.And remember, if in doubt, throw it out!” said Mr Schebesta.

The top seven culprits that are making you sick at work

  1. Not washing hands when handling food
  2. An overcrowded fridge, which can affect regulation of temperature, which should be kept at 5℃ or lower
  3. Eating food that has been left out overnight
  4. Dirty cutting boards and benchtops
  5. Not following cooking instructions on packed foods
  6. Reheating leftovers to an unsafe temperature
  7. Old or dirty dish towels

Seven tips for staying safe in the work kitchen

  1. Keep floors clear of obstructions and dry at all times
  2. If you have broken a glass, wrap it up before throwing it out
  3. Make sure your cook your food thoroughly
  4. Test your kitchen equipment regularly
  5. Don't eat food that is past its used by date
  6. Follow the food storage and cooking instructions
  7. Use separate knives when preparing uncooked meats and vegetables.

For the full list of kitchen safety tips, common food safety bugs, and how to know if you’ve got food poisoning, check out:


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