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How to get to the FIFA World Cup for free

  • Rewards credit cards more popular – 4 times more than 2 years ago:
  • More competition for rewards cards – up to 80,000 bonus points on sign up
  • How to maximise your points to fly to the world cup for free

JUNE 17, 2014, SYDNEY - A new investigation by Australia's biggest credit card comparison website reveals Australians could head to the World Cup for free this year by cashing in on credit card rewards points.

While more Australians are choosing rewards credit cards, competition between rewards card providers is also heating up, making it possible for more Australians to potentially fly to the World Cup for free.’s Winter 2014 Insights Report revealed that the number of people applying for rewards credit cards has increased four-fold in the last two years, which shows that more Australians are keen to be rewarded for their spending habits.

According to the report, one in five cardholders said they chose a credit card for the rewards program, compared to only 6 percent who chose a rewards card two years ago. Similarly, findings from the report show that 20 percent of all credit card applications on were for rewards credit cards.

More Australians are also signing up to frequent flyer memberships, with a combined 13.1 million Qantas and Velocity members recorded in 2013. Qantas recorded 9 percent growth last year on the previous financial year, while Velocity saw 17 percent more members.

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert at said that more cardholders want to be rewarded for their credit card use and competition between credit card providers is making it easier for cardholders to earn bonus points.

“With increased competition in the credit card market, it is becoming easier for people to choose rewards cards with better incentives to sign up. For instance, at the end of last year, there were 21 credit cards in the database that offered bonus points on sign up and now there are more than double, with 49 cards offering up to 80,000 bonus points. We’re also seeing providers offering double the rewards points for a limited time on sign up.

“The World Cup is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world, and if you manage to get your flights for free you’ll have even more reason to cheer.”

According to, it would cost 124,000 Qantas Points or 94,000 Velocity Points for a return trip to Brazil for this year’s World Cup.

“When 94,000-124,000 points can get you from Sydney to Rio and back (depending on the program), maximising your rewards hunting skills could get you to this year’s games for free, or close to it.

“So if you already have a rewards card, make sure you check your points balance or consider switching to a new card with bonus points on sign up and it could be the difference between cheering from the sideline and watching the game from your couch.

“Make sure you check the terms and conditions to ensure you make the most of your credit card choice,” said Mrs Hutchison.

Tips for smart rewards cardholders:

  • 1. Switch to cards with high sign-up incentives: Currently on the two cards with the highest sign up bonus points incentives are the American Express Platinum Card with 80,000 member points when you spend $500, and the Citi Select Credit Card with 60,000 rewards points. Make sure you check the details of cards with high incentives as they will usually have high annual fees – the two cards mentioned above have annual fees of $1,200 and $700 respectively. Also, check if there are points capping as the bonus points could limit the amount of points you can earn per year.
  • 2. Put your hand up to pay for group bookings: Booking a group event or paying for a group gift on your rewards card is a quick way to earn extra points. This could also be the case for fuel on road trips or covering rental bills when living with friends. Just make sure everyone pays their share of the cost otherwise the extra cost might outweigh the points earned if you’re out of pocket.
  • 3. Compare cards that maximise reward points: Source out cards that give you the best return on your money spent. Look for extra points from selected retail partners – cardholders on Virgin’s Velocity program could be entitled to exclusive bonus point deals with Foxtel, Crown Hotels and Apple. American Express offers up to three points per dollar for selected restaurants and some cards with the Qantas Points program allow you to earn two points per dollar on eligible purchases.
  • 4. Use your rewards card for work expenses: If you have work-related expenses, not only will your rewards card help with cash flow in between paycheques, but using your card for work expenses can earn you lots of extra points. Just make sure you clear it with your boss and are able to be reimbursed the expenses before hitting the stationery store.


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