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Autumn: the deadliest season on the road

  • Autumn road toll the highest in an investigation of past five years
  • Timely reminder to compare life insurance before heading off on Easter holidays

The chances of dying in a car crash are greatest in Autumn, new analysis from one of Australia’s biggest comparison websites 1 has revealed.

More Australians are killed while driving during the three months from March to May than during any other season. analysed data from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport’s Australian Road Deaths Database. The investigation examined road fatality figures from 2009-2013 to find the deadliest months over the past five years.

A total of 6,616 people died on Australian roads in the past five years, with more than one in four during autumn (1,724), followed by spring (1,653 deaths).

Michelle Hutchison, Money Expert for said the figures were a sobering thought for those planning their Easter break.

“We are in the middle of the most dangerous season on our roads and with school holidays upon us, it is imperative to consider life insurance.

“Road deaths are tragic and always unexpected. People foolishly think it could never happen to them but last year alone a total of 1,196 people died on Australian roads.

“And that’s why life insurance is so important – to protect against worst case scenarios like heading out on the road and not coming home,” she said.

The lowest number of road deaths occurred in winter, according to the study.

Presently the rate of annual deaths per 100,000 population stands at 5.2. This figure has been steadily decreasing due to years of strategies to make the country’s roads and drivers safer.

“Something as simple as not leaving the recommended safe following distance could change your life, or another driver’s, completely.

“It just shows how truly random life can be and the burden for those who have lost loved ones on the road is amplified by financial hardship in their absence.

“Receiving the news that your husband/wife/mother has died in a road accident is unbearable enough without finding out they had no life insurance and your quality of life could be affected forever.”

The research found holiday times don’t have a direct link to the number of road deaths, perhaps due to the deterrent of double demerit points.

“Be a role model, practice safe driving habits and take out a life insurance policy,” said Mrs Hutchison.

“According to, you can be covered for as little as $31 a month for a $500,000 policy, based on a non-smoker, 35 year-old male with a low-risk job. It’s a relatively small expense which could protect the lives of your family in the unlikely event of death on the road.”

1. Experian Hitwise 2013


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