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Top 25 Most Badass Personal Finance Blogs


The thing is, to get highest quality financial information is sometimes hard enough, because the topic is usually quite dry but these guys are guns at educating you and keeping it entertaining at the same time, that's badass.

We chose our top 25 badass personal finance websites based on each site's quirkiness, their attraction factor to readers, and how they spin their individual information to present it with flair, zest and fun. Taken from the Top 100 List of Personal Finance Blogs at Wise Bread, these sites are like cake they are chock full of tasty content and keep you going back for more.

Introducing The Top 25 Badass Personal Finance Blogs

To help you navigate these personal finance websites we have sorted them into applicable categories. We didn't want to rank them in the sense of handing out numbers or ranks because they all deserve credit for the great work they do. The categories are based on reader interest to help you find what you are looking for. Let the fun begin. Learning about personal finance has never been so much fun and interesting.

Adam Baker caricature

Debt Reduction

  1. The personal mission of Man Vs Debt becomes quite clear as soon as you visit the website. I've been following the personal journey of Adam Baker ever since he's appeared in the blogosphere as debt reduction has become such a big topic in our society. Adam has certainly come a long way since he started and managed to pay down a non-student debt and save money to take his wife and baby to Australia to start a new life. His journey is still ongoing as Adam and his young family try to adjust to life in a new country (I believe currently they are in New Zealand trying to find work,) but he has clearly shown his readers that it is very much possible to get a hold of one's personal finances if the will to do so is big enough.
  2. Debt Kid has manoeuvred himself into $300,000 of debt with some unfortunate Day Trading and now he is desperately trying to mend the financial gap that separates him from living a life without worries.To say he was stupid, is only fair, but he will tell you that himself! The 25-year old has grown up in the process and taken responsibility about his earlier actions, and because of his honesty we find this kid so cool. It takes guts to admit you gambled away your owm and your family's money, and the kid who doesn't like to be named for privacy reasons has done just that. If you struggle with existing debt, then visit Debt Kid to pick up some great tips on how to turn your life around.

J.D. Roth caricature


  1. J.D of Get Rich Slowly has managed to write one of the most attractive finance blogs over the last few years with his no-fuss, common sense approach to getting rich the slow way. J.D. has this intricate ability to suck his readers into becoming part of his lively community and provides useful tips for families and singles on how they can save money by living a little more frugally.
  2. What could frugal living be without Frugal Dad. FD, owner of Frugal Dad has made it his personal mission to educate the world with his conservative ways to personal finance and we like what we see with his common sense posts.FD shares tons of money saving tips with his readers and his personality allows the blog to shine and bling in its own way. I never knew frugal could be THIS bust in.
  3. PT Money is another frugal favourite of choice. The site is written by PT whose focus is centred on reducing debt, saving money and living frugal all the while. PT writes in a more toned down way, while giving his readers useful tips about their finances.
  4. Squawkfox paints frugal living in a sexy shade of green. Written by Kerry K. Taylor, Squawkfox is refreshing, witty and fun, just as Kerry promises to be on her about page. Kerry proves that finances can indeed be sexy and after stopping by on her website you will probably agree.Kerry is well qualified to give advice on finances and debt since she herself managed to pay off her student debt within six months. Not an easy feat to achieve, but possible nonetheless.

PT Money caricature


  1. If you're worried about not having the necessary finances when retirement comes knocking, then perhaps you should read Weakonomics to find out what is wrong with the financial system. 'Philip' as the Weakonomist refers to himself, while showing us a picture of his adorable dog is employed by a large bank and made it his mission to rant about the sad state of affairs in the financial economy of the US of A.By reading Philip's site you can learn an awful lot about the mistakes made in the economy and make amends for your own personal future.

Joe Taxpayer caricature


  1. Joe Taxpayer gives his readers advice on topics concerning the average Joe. His advice is straightforward, honest and based on his views and experiences.Joe is not afraid to inject his own personality into his writing and this becomes apparent as you get right into the nitty-gritty of his financial website. Taxes is just one of the topics covered on Joe Taxpayer but I found it to be a fitting match for the heading.
  2. The Finance Buff isn't entirely devoting his time to giving his readers valuable tax tips. However, he certainly buffs it up with plenty of muscle in his tax section, allowing readers to benefit from the wisdom of the content and save taxes along the way.

Solid advice for tax conscious individuals, The Finance Buff is a must read stop for buffing up on those tax muscles of yours.

Joe Taxpayer caricature


  1. J Money1. J from Budgets Are Sexy has come a long way already. His ambition to be a millionaire by the time he reaches 43 is very much possible in the ways he pounces ahead with his personal investments. I love J's Millionaire Club and his personal 'sexy goals' that can be found in the sidebar of his website. His site is an inspiration for anyone to join J on his quest to invest money in order to grow it exponentially.

    J sticks to a rigid (mostly) budget and when you visit the site to see how well he has structured his finances you realise that budgets can indeed be very sexy. His net worth has already more than doubled itself in the first six months of 2009 and I can't help but think that J will reach his milestone of becoming a millionaire well before his planned date.

  2. Moolanomy is written by a 34-year old married Queens home owner who already has a healthy investment portfolio to his name at such a young age. Pinyo also features regular guest writers from other finance websites with a range of information to help you get your finances in order.

Moolanomy caricature

Money Deals

  1. Money Saving Mom has made it her personal mission to show you lots of ways to save money with the help of coupons, special deals and other savings. Her blog is written in an upbeat style, making you want to go back time and time again.I don't know where she finds all the deals she does but she has managed to make the information riveting and savvy. One thing is clear, we need more women like Crystal Paine, the blogger behind Money Saving Mom in this world! You go girl!
  2. Deal Seeking Mom is another coupon style money site. The site is a correlation of straight out deal type posts, and longer, personal experience-kind-of-posts.Run by mum of five, Tara Kuczykowski, DSM is offering a selection of money saving tips for moms and others. A great site to find bargains of all kinds.
  3. MoneyNing is expertly written by David Ning who has this insatiable hunger for money and riches. David's money saving tips are key to living a life that allows you to travel the world while still saving more.

    I love his fresh insights into money and what can be done to make the most of what we are given. People like David are right down my alley because we share a similar outlook to life.

Five Cent Nickel caricature

Banking and Credit Cards

  1. 'Nickel' from Five Cent Nickel shares with his readers a host of tips about banking, Five Cent Nickelfinances and getting more from your money. The site features some very well compiled guide type finance posts that will help you to navigate common minefields of personal banking. Hop over to Nickels domain now and see for yourself.
  2. Mr.Credit Card from Ask Mr. Credit Card has taken matters in his own hands when trying to apply for a new credit card back in 2004 he couldn't see the forest for all the trees. For non-biased information on credit card related jargon, Mr. Credit Card is your man.

This site should be one of the resources you visit if you are ever in the market for the plastic fantastic or feel like a change of design. His site covers all credit cards including low interest credit cards and money-saving balance transfer credit cards, and isn't short of helpful articles and guides.

  1. Dough Roller is a site that gives advice on anything financial that can help you save money, earn more and invest. It is a more toned down writing style that focuses on giving us accurate finance details while helping consumers make informed choices.

While the site didn't bowl me over with its witty content, it is still worth a mention here because of the vast information presented to readers. It covers all aspects of credit cards, banking, savings and investment and should be worth a stopover if you've got a minute.

Christian caricature

Religious Finance

  1. While religion isn't my personal thing, I found Bob over at Christian Personal Finance to run an informative website with tons of useful tips about money and finances for everyone, not just God preaching folk. The site is a no-fuss vessel of finance related guides, written with the unique voice of Bob.
  2. Debt Free Adventure is run by Matt Jabs who wants to pay of his personal debt with biblical principles. Despite the Christian approach of Matt's site he is spicing up his content with interesting to read information that will have you go back for more. Now if church was that exciting I might just be tempted to visit once in a while, but then I probably won't since I have other beliefs.

As far as Debt Free Adventure is concerned, it gets a thumbs up from me for the variety of finance tips and advice on eliminating debt.

Life School

  1. While Ramit of I Will Teach You To Be Rich doesn't exactly class himself as a financial blogger only, we felt he had to be included in our top 25 list, simply for the fact that he wields a sharp tongue on paper and missing out on his life school of tips is like going to bed without hot chocolate. It ain't sweet!
  2. Ramit has certainly reached many accolades with his penmanship, and it is only fair he can pen his mighty prose with the confidence he does. His site is loaded with insightful life tips on just about any topic that matters. I love his sharp tongue, his humour and the simple, but important facts of life that are carefully placed within the content. As far as I'm concerned, Ramit can teach us his lessons any day, since they are full of peppery, common sense, while being fun to read.

  3. If you're sick of trying to complain about the lack of customer service at your institution, then Paul Smith, Andy Dawson and Vince Wong from Bitterwallet will be right down your alley. The UK run site is the home of whinge and bitch consumer complaints.
    My personal favourite is the Feral Trolley of the Week posts. These posts are hilarious to say the least and add a little pinch of humour into the whingeing pommie site about the shortcomings of consumer rights. But someone has got to do it and the guys at Bitterwallet are doing it very well with a big lashing of personality.
  4. Clever Dude is an interesting character. Not because he and his lovely bride have managed to acquire over $110,000 in consumer debt over the span of three years, but he simply looks like a fun guy you want to hit the clubs with (don't worry dude, I'm married too.)

But dude and his wife are working hard at getting rid of all their existing debt and to date they have managed the near impossible. If you need a guiding hand at the school of life, then Clever Dude is the guy to turn to because he leads by example!


  1. Praise the queer as you read personal finance tips on Queercents. The website was launched in 2006 as a syndicate of personal finance writers, serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community. It is no secret that the queer community is a fun-loving one. Why else would the Sydney Mardi Gras be ever so popular and growing with each passing year. While reading Queercents it quickly becomes apparent that the community is a fresh assembly of writers who can take you to Hootville and back with their hilarious, but fact based blog posts. I love the fresh view of opinions shared on the site and encourage you to check them out, being queer or not.
  2. Lazy Man And Money struck a chord with me because of his lazy views on life. His take on the Pareto Principle is to spend 20 per cent of your time on making 80 per cent of your money and while I totally agree I find it hard to turn this into reality. Lazy Man is not afraid to be controversial and his posts are just that. He doesn't care about ruffling certain feathers and that makes this lazy man such a lovable kind of guy. I can just imagine sharing a beer or two with him while spinning a few yarns (Aussie for stories).
  3. Free From Broke is written by a NY dad of three who is saving hard after having paid off combined credit card debt between him and his wife. They now live (or try to) on the one income to put some money aside for the future. I like this blog because it is personal and seems to have struck a tune with its readers. The comment section is widely popular and this usually shows that the topics have hit a nerve or two.

Free From Broke caricature

Wrapping up the top 25 badass personal finance websites

That just about concludes this monster post to show you some of the best, quirkiest and fun finance websites on the Internet. We hope you enjoyed the post as much as I've enjoyed writing it. It's been a ton of fun, and during the process I have learned a thing or two more about personal finances. I sure hope you will too.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on your personal list from ours and why that particular site is your favourite. Leave a comment below!

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