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Why you should consider switching your pet insurance for 2023


Compare your pet insurance policy and make sure your pet has the health care they need this year.

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When your furry friend needs medical attention, you want to be able to provide the care they require.

With living expenses on the rise, the need for pet insurance is also more likely to be a consideration.

So this January, it might be time to reassess whether your current insurance provider is giving you and your pet the coverage suitable for you and your needs.

👋 Hey there! Since we've partnered with Pet Insurance Australia for this article, we'll be using its products as an example throughout. However, you should always conduct your own research and ensure that you read the PDS when making a decision to purchase an insurance product.

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1. You might score yourself a sign-up bonus

One of the great things about shopping for insurance at this time of year is that there are often excellent deals going.

To help current or prospective customers get set up for the rest of the year, many insurance providers put great offers forward during January.

Depending on the provider and the product, you may be able to score extra coverage, a reduced premium or other bonuses.

For example, Pet Insurance Australia is currently offering 2 months of free pet insurance when you sign up with them this month. Just use the code PIA241 when you're signing up for a new policy – and as always, terms and conditions apply.

Every pet's insurance needs are different – so make sure to shop around for the right policy for their needs.

But with the right deal, you'll be able to help ensure they've got the coverage they need, while possibly scoring something extra for yourself.

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2. You could receive different coverage for your pet

If you're switching insurance providers, it's a great opportunity to look for different coverage for your pet. Pet health needs change throughout their lifetimes, and it's important to make sure you have the cover that is right for you.

Some of your prime considerations for any new policy should include:

  • Specified accidental injuries – Even the most agile pet can find themselves at risk of the odd accident. You will need to check the policy to see which specified accidental injuries would be covered.
  • Illnesses – Covering a range of treatments, this can help you reclaim part of the costs involved.
  • Emergency boarding – Make sure your pet's looked after in the event that you're hospitalised for unexpected reasons with no-one to look after your pet.
  • Essential euthanasia – It's not a pleasant conversation to have, but part of caring for a pet also involves looking after their end-of-life needs.
  • Paralysis tick benefit – Ticks can be deadly, and tick treatment can be expensive.
  • Routine care (non-insurance benefit) – Vet visits, vaccinations, microchipping and more.

The degree of coverage provided for each of these considerations will vary somewhat from policy to policy. However, this provides a solid baseline to work with when you're looking for new coverage to suit your pet's needs.

Some providers even offer a multi-pet discount if you're getting more than 1 pet insured with them.

To point to an example, Pet Insurance Australia currently offers a discount of up to 15% on your premiums when you insure more than 1 pet with them.

3. You may have the opportunity to claim more

Irrespective of the type of pet insurance you have, there's always an upper limit to what you can claim on your policy per annum, subject to sub-limits or condition limits that may also apply for particular conditions or treatments.

This is called the "annual benefit limit", and for most insurance providers this tends to cap out around $15,000/year.

In exceptional circumstances, surgeries or emergencies can end up costing substantially more, leaving you out of pocket in the process.

So before you sign up for a new policy, make sure you check out the annual benefit limit.

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