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Coles iPhone Velocity points hack: Score a free Virgin flight


You could easily score up to 25,000 bonus Velocity Points right now.

Thinking about upgrading your iPhone? Here's how to get a free flight using points when you make that switch.

The trick? Buy Apple Gift Cards from Coles and take advantage of the current bonus Flybuys points promotion.

From today until Tuesday 9 April 2024, Apple gift cards earn 20 times their face value in Flybuys points when you buy them at Coles.

The maximum number of bonus points you can earn under the promotion is 50,000 per day.

To earn that, you'd need to buy $2,500 in Apple Gift Cards. (That would be 5 $500 cards - $500 is the biggest single denomination available.)

You can spend then those cards to make purchases from Apple's own store.

A brand new iPhone 14 Pro Max with 256GB of storage costs $2,199, for instance.

Then convert your Flybuys points into Velocity Points. We've got a full guide on how to do that, and it's much better value than just using Flybuys for $10 off vouchers.

50,000 Flybuys points would convert to 25,000 Velocity Points.

That's enough for a one-way economy flight from Brisbane to Perth (which needs 21,900 Velocity Points, plus flight fees and charges).

The absolute maximum number of Flybuys points you could earn in a week under this deal is 350,000.

That converts to 175,000 Velocity Points, but it would also mean buying $17,500 in gift cards.

As well as requiring some serious spending at Apple (maybe a few new MacBook Pros), you might struggle to actually find that many gift cards in stock at your local Coles.

Obviously, this trick isn't for everyone.

If you don't want to spend thousands of dollars up front on a phone, compare carrier plans for iPhone instead.

But if you're thinking about an outright buy to replace your current phone anyway, it's worth looking into.

This deal does pop up regularly at Coles. It last appeared in February this year, and we saw the same promotion 8 times in 2023.

Happy flying!

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We updated this guide with the latest Coles/Apple deal on 3 April 2024.

Image: Finder/Photographer: Angus Kidman
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