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Finder Awards 2020 Best Share Trading Platform (Best Overall)

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This platform offers some of the cheapest broker fees on the market with access to 25 global stock markets plus forex, CFD and commodities trading. It also has an extensive range of trading features, including advanced limit orders, options trading, charting tools, broker analysis and company news.


Methodology: Best Share Trading Platform (Best Overall)

Here's how our expert analysts assessed the Best Share Trading Platform (Best Overall) category to pick the 2020 winner.

We use a proprietary algorithm that calculates the ranking of our share trading platforms based on fees, features, available markets and user experience. For more information about how we calculated our categories, see Finder's share trading ranking page.

Due to the complicated nature of broker fees, we set these assumptions:

  • Where fees are priced in different global currencies, the rates are based on the exchange rate set as of 28 April 2020.
  • Where fees are based on a dollar per share structure, we've used a nominal share price of $10 per share.
  • In cases where fees are charged as a percentage of total holdings, we assume the total trade value per month is 10% of total holdings. For example, if you make 1 trade of $100 per month, the assumption is your total holdings equal $1000.
  • In cases where the broker offers both CHESS and issuer sponsored shares, we have used the least expensive option in terms of broker fees.

Selection and weighting

Our best overall platform takes into account all features and fees and weighs them a little more equally. This means our "best overall" platform might not come first in any one category but has a high average score for each of them.

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