Full list of stores with zipPay

All the stores where you can use your interest-free line of credit from zipPay.

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The interest-free revolution is upon us and zipPay is one of the new players changing the way we think about credit. With a zipPay account, you're approved for a line of credit that you can use to shop at a huge range of stores.

This guide will tell you how zipPay works and what stores you can shop at.

How does zipPay work?

zipPay differs from some of the other interest-free providers in that you have an ongoing line of credit to use at certain stores. This is compared to the payment plans for each purchase you get with other interest-free payment providers.

When you sign up with zipPay, either online or at the checkout, your credit history may be checked to ensure you can afford the repayments. You can then sign into your zipPay account at the checkout of any of the stores below to use your line of credit.

You can then make weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments or make additional or lump sum payments to repay what you used. There is a fee-free period of up to 60 days. You will receive a statement on the first day of the month after you make your purchase, you will then need to pay off the balance by the end of this month. After this, you'll be charged $6 a month.

zipPay also offers a line of credit product for larger purchases called zipMoney – find out how zipMoney works and where zipMoney is offered. You can also read more about how zipPay works in our review.

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1001 OpticalShop nowBeauty and Health
10ten SalonShop nowBeauty and Health
124 ShoesShop nowFashion
14th Street ClothingShop nowFashion
24 Hour GroupShop nowLifestyle
4WD MegamartShop nowLifestyle
4WD SupacentreShop nowAuto
A Little Bit of CheekShop nowKids
A Little Something DifferentShop nowKids
Acai Powder AustraliaShop nowFood & Drink
Action CampingShop nowOutdoors
Activated CharcoalShop nowBeauty and Health
Active FeetShop nowFashion
AdairsShop nowHome
AdctivShop nowFashion
Adorn The FawnShop nowFashion
AdrenalinShop nowOutdoors
Air LoungersShop nowOutdoors
Aje.Shop nowFashion
Alfie WildShop nowKids
Alice McCallShop nowFashion
Alice West ArtShop nowHome
All 4 Kids OnlineShop nowKids
All About Face Skin ClinicShop nowBeauty and Health
All Organic StoreShop nowFashion
Allebasi ToysShop nowKids
AllmowersShop nowAuto
Ally FashionShop nowFashion
Alpha Lighting & ElectricsShop nowHome
Altered Images KawanaShop nowBeauty and Health
Always DirectShop nowBeauty and Health
AM EyewearShop nowFashion
Amber TreeShop nowFashion
Amigos De HoyShop nowFashion
Amore & SorveteShop nowFashion
AMR Hair and BeautyShop nowBeauty and Health
AnukShop nowFashion
Apikali Modern Cloth NappiesShop nowFashion
Apple & MintShop nowFashion
AquaGear AustraliaShop nowOutdoors
ARC.co Eyebrow ArtistryShop nowBeauty and Health
ArcFashionShop nowFashion
Arnhem ClothingShop nowFashion
Artist GuitarsShop nowLifestyle
Assembly LabelShop nowFashion
Aster & OakShop nowKids
AtolyiaShop nowFashion
August The LabelShop nowFashion
AuriumShop nowFashion
Aus Electronics DirectShop nowElectronics
AuskiShop nowLifestyle
Aussie DisposalsShop nowOutdoors
Aussie FitnessShop nowFitness
Aussie Health ProductsShop nowFood & Drink
Aussie Rc Semi Trucks and TrailersShop nowAuto
Australian GeographicShop nowLifestyle
Automotive SuperstoreShop nowAuto
Avery Verse Bag CompanyShop nowFashion
Axiom MusicShop nowLifestyle
Baby DinoShop nowKids
Baby Gift WorksShop nowKids
Baby Nappy BagsShop nowKids
BabyLikesToPony LingerieShop nowFashion
Baci IntimatesShop nowFashion
Backyard Fun and PlayShop nowKids
Bad AF FashionShop nowFashion
Bad WitchShop nowFashion
Bags For BabesShop nowKids
BallettonetShop nowFashion
BAM footwearShop nowKids
Bambella DesignsShop nowKids
BanjaraShop nowFashion
Banjara JewelleryShop nowFashion
Barefoot BlvdShop nowFashion
Bargain BoxShop nowFood & Drink
Basics DepartmentShop nowFashion
Basil FoxShop nowHome
Bay KayakShop nowLifestyle
Be ActivewearShop nowFashion
Beach Street Surf SceneShop nowFashion
Beatniks RecordsShop nowFashion
Beauty on LatrobeShop nowLifestyle
Bebi and BabaShop nowKids
Beco AustraliaShop nowKids
Bella KrystalShop nowHome
Bella Luxury DecorShop nowLifestyle
BeserkShop nowFashion
Beso HairShop nowFashion
Bespoke MomentsShop nowHome
Best&LessShop nowFashion
Betty LuxeShop nowFashion
BevillesShop nowBeauty and Health
Beyond BlondeShop nowFashion
BhoemShop nowFashion
Big DiscountShop nowHome
BijouxShop nowFashion
Billy Lou Kids ShoesShop nowFashion
Bird and KnollShop nowFashion
BirdsnestShop nowFashion
Birkenstock Hahndorf.Shop nowFashion
BlaaxShop nowFashion
Black Swallow BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Black HoundShop nowHome
Blank ClothingShop nowFashion
Blooming LeopardShop nowFashion
Blossom KidsShop nowKids
Bluebird DesignsShop nowFashion
Blush Bra and LingerieShop nowFashion
Board WorldShop nowFashion
Bodiez Protein WaterShop nowLifestyle
Bohemian TradersShop nowFashion
Boho BuysShop nowFashion
Bondi SmileShop nowBeauty and Health
BoodyShop nowBeauty and Health
Booze ItShop nowFood & Drink
Bosa ModaShop nowFashion
BossiniShop nowFashion
BotanexShop nowFashion
Bow and SternShop nowFashion
braaap MotorcyclesShop nowFashion
Brands ExclusiveShop nowFashion
Breeze TrampolinesShop nowKids
Bridge to LearnShop nowKids
Brigalow Country ClothingShop nowFashion
Bub & BooShop nowKids
Bubs By JShop nowKids
BuduShop nowFashion
Bump ShoesShop nowFashion
Buy Hammocks OnlineShop nowHome
Buy SmarteShop nowHome
Buzz CasesShop nowElectronics
By the GillsShop nowFashion
Cactus WatchesShop nowKids
CamillaShop nowFashion
Canning ValeShop nowHome
Canvas Creative AgencyShop nowFashion
Caravan & RV WorldShop nowLifestyle
Carpet CapersShop nowHome
Carrington KidsShop nowFashion
Cassell Coker & Co Organic WholefoodsShop nowFood & Drink
Catch.com.auShop nowFashion
Celebrity Style FashionShop nowFashion
Celfie & CoShop nowFashion
Chain Valley GiftsShop nowFashion
Cheap as ChipsShop nowFood & Drink
Cheaper Buy The DozenShop nowFood & Drink
Cheeky JuniorShop nowKids
Chia Seeds AustraliaShop nowFood & Drink
ChickazShop nowHome
Childish ThingsShop nowKids
ChristienicoleShop nowFashion
ChuchkaShop nowFashion
Chuckle and CharmShop nowHome
Citra & CoShop nowBeauty and Health
City PerfumeShop nowLifestyle
Clear SkincareShop nowBeauty and Health
Cloud Nine Health and WellnessShop nowHome
Co-opShop nowEducation
Cocktail KitShop nowHome
Coco CreationShop nowBeauty and Health
Coco WillowShop nowFashion
Coconette-OzShop nowFashion
Collector StoreShop nowFashion
ColourblockerShop nowHome
Comic DuoShop nowKids
Coocha DesignsShop nowFashion
Cookware BrandsShop nowHome
Cool Things AustraliaShop nowHome
Cooper Cricket Pty LtdShop nowLifestyle
Cosmetics Fragrance DirectShop nowBeauty and health
Costume WarehouseShop nowFancy Dress
Crazy Card HouseShop nowKids
Crazy DomainsShop nowLifestyle
Crazy4JeansShop nowFashion
Creative CruisersShop nowKids
Creative PrintingShop nowElectronics
Crystal MinxShop nowFashion
CudoShop nowLifestyle
Culture Bar & CoShop nowFashion
Cushie TushiesShop nowKids
Cycles GalleriaShop nowFitness
Daju ToysShop nowKids
DecjubaShop nowFashion
DEIAShop nowHome
Department of FineryShop nowFashion
Designer BumsShop nowKids
Designer ForumShop nowFashion
Detox PatchesShop nowLifestyle
Detox TeaShop nowHome
Dip Hammocks.Shop nowLifestyle
Divinity CollectionShop nowFashion
Dollar BargainShop nowFashion
DomuShop nowHome
Down the Little LaneShop nowFashion
Down Under GamesShop nowElectronics
Downunder Pilot ShopShop nowAuto
Dr Boom CommunicationsShop nowElectronics
DreamgirlShop nowFashion
Drift SwimwearShop nowFashion
DuskShop nowHome
EckahShop nowBeauty and Health
Eco Light LEDShop nowHome
EcotureShop nowFashion
EdisonsShop nowOutdoors
Edit KitShop nowFashion
Edwards and CoShop nowFashion
ElkeShop nowFashion
Elle LouiseShop nowFashion
Elmore LewisShop nowFashion
EMG StoreShop nowAuto
Emte BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Endurance TreadmillsShop nowFitness
Epson AustraliaShop nowElectronics
ErstwilderShop nowHome
Esmeralda ThomsonShop nowFashion
Everything CuteShop nowKids
EvopiaShop nowFashion
Exclusive Trading GroupShop nowHome
Eye Candy ClothingShop nowFashion
eZENtialShop nowBeauty and Health
Ezi SportsShop nowLifestyle
Factory BuysShop nowHome
Fae SwimShop nowFashion
FairlingsShop nowBeauty and Health
Fairytale GardensShop nowKids
Fantasy FootwearShop nowFashion
Fantasy LingerieShop nowFashion
Farlows LaneShop nowFashion
Feeling SexyShop nowBeauty and Health
Felix and LeopoldShop nowFashion
Fella SwimwearShop nowFashion
Felt Ball RugShop nowHome
Fergos Tackle WorldShop nowOutdoors
Fidget Toys AustraliaShop nowKids
Fiebiger ShoesShop nowFashion
Fire and ShineShop nowFashion
Firestorm MotorcyclesShop nowAuto
FishwreckShop nowFashion
Fitness JunkyShop nowFashion
Fitzrovia & CoShop nowFashion
FloorsomeShop nowHome
FlowFonixShop nowElectronics
For Her BoxShop nowBeauty and Health
ForcastShop nowFashion
Forever FloweringShop nowHome
Forever NewShop nowIn-Store
Forever YoungShop nowFashion
Fragrance HeavenShop nowKids
Frangipani BabyShop nowKids
Frankie & FrenchieShop nowHome
Frankie & TajShop nowFashion
Fraser Motorcycles - Sydney CityShop nowAuto
Fredericks FurnitureShop nowFashion
Fresh FragranceShop nowKids
Fresh Fragrances & CosmeticsShop nowBeauty and Health
Frolic GirlsShop nowFashion
From ZionShop nowFashion
FroothieShop nowFitness
Furniture WizardShop nowHome
Gadgets for GeeksShop nowElectronics
Gallery SerpentineShop nowFashion
GamoryShop nowElectronics
Garcinia CambogiaShop nowBeauty and Health
GassaniShop nowFashion
Gear CampusShop nowAuto
Gear Hounds AustraliaShop nowLifestyle
Gear4babyShop nowKids
Gems Wedding SuppliesShop nowFashion
GenesisShop nowFitness
Gift It NowShop nowTravel
Gingham & HeelsShop nowFashion
Glam CornerShop nowFashion
Glam RaiderShop nowBeauty and Health
GlamacoShop nowBeauty and Health
Glamour FairyShop nowBeauty and Health
Global BambinoShop nowFashion
Go LightsShop nowElectronics
Goji BerriesShop nowFood & Drink
GolfBoxShop nowLifestyle
Good StudiosShop nowFashion
Goodwoods SaddleryShop nowOutdoors
Goody Goody GumdropsShop nowKids
Grace and WillowShop nowFashion
Greenlife OnlineShop nowFashion
Ground UpShop nowBeauty and Health
Growing Footprints Pty LtdShop nowFashion
GyrofishShop nowFashion
H + L CollectionsShop nowFashion
Hair By IShop nowBeauty and Health
Hairhouse Warehouse OnlineShop nowBeauty and Health
HairMopShop nowBeauty and Health
HandL CollectionsShop nowFashion
HardToFindShop nowFashion
HarlowShop nowFashion
Harris FarmShop nowFood & Drink
Harrison and CoShop nowHome
Healthy BeingShop nowFitness
Her WardrobeShop nowFashion
HirigoyenShop nowFashion
Hobby CentralShop nowOutdoors
Holster FashionShop nowFashion
Honey BirdetteShop nowFashion
Honey CoutureShop nowFashion
Honour Your BreakupShop nowFashion
Hooked OnlineShop nowLifestyle
Horse LandShop nowFitness
Hose LinkShop nowHome
HR SportsShop nowHome
Hudson FurnitureShop nowHome
Human Hair Extensions OnlineShop nowFashion
I Love LinenShop nowHome
ICHPIGShop nowFashion
Ilka HomeShop nowHome
IncuShop nowFashion
Incy InteriorsShop nowHome
Indera BeadsShop nowFashion
Infinity RoseShop nowBeauty and Health
Inspire Me NaturallyShop nowBeauty and Health
inVanityShop nowBeauty and Health
Isabella's PassionShop nowFashion
IshkaShop nowFashion
ISLAShop nowFashion
It's Crystalicious®Shop nowFashion
ITShopShop nowHome
iWorldShop nowHome
IxiahShop nowFashion
Jam WomanShop nowFashion
JazminbellShop nowLifestyle
JC & P OnlineShop nowFashion
JekkleShop nowLifestyle
JolieShop nowFashion
Jomie BikiniShop nowFashion
Jts Ladies and Mens HairstylistsShop nowFashion
Just Add KidsShop nowKids
Just JapShop nowAuto
Kabi BottleShop nowHome
KathmanduShop nowLifestyle
Kegs on legsShop nowFood & Drink
Kellyville PetsShop nowOutdoors
Kids TribeShop nowKids
Kiki Hair ExtensionsShop nowBeauty and Health
KinnonShop nowFashion
Kitchen AidShop nowHome
Kitchen DiscountsShop nowHome
Kitchen TempleShop nowHome
Knightro Hair ExtensionsShop nowBeauty and Health
KnotsShop nowFashion
Koda BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Kokolu BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Kora CandlesShop nowHome
Krystle Knight JewelleryShop nowFashion
La Maison TalulahShop nowFashion
La SorellaShop nowFashion
Lace Heart BoutiqueShop nowFashion
LaMode Swim ShopShop nowFashion
Lana-Rose FashionShop nowFashion
LaQuell Fashion HouseShop nowFashion
Later GatorShop nowHome
Latest BuyShop nowHome
LazurahShop nowFashion
Le ValShop nowFashion
Led Cap LightsShop nowFashion
Lee MathewsShop nowFashion
Lee's Dragon DreamsShop nowFancy Dress
Leina BroughtonShop nowFashion
Let It Be BeautyShop nowBeauty and Health
Lifestyle ClotheslineShop nowHome
Lifewear AustraliaShop nowFashion
Lil ElflingsShop nowKids
Lila and HuxleyShop nowFashion
Lilac and BerriesShop nowBeauty and Health
LiliputiShop nowKids
Lily & MinxShop nowFashion
LineLinkShop nowElectronics
Little GeckoShop nowKids
Little KingShop nowKids
Little Lane WorkshopsShop nowEducation
Little MoroccoShop nowKids
Little StylesShop nowKids
Little WanderersShop nowKids
LKI (Loose Kid Industries)Shop nowFashion
Local ColourShop nowBeauty and Health
Lock & Key ClothingShop nowFashion
Lost SoulsShop nowFashion
Love By FiveShop nowKids
Love LuggageShop nowLifestyle
LoverShop nowFashion
Lovesac AustraliaShop nowHome
Lucas loves carsShop nowHome
Lucky-DuxShop nowElectronics
LuLu Manna FashionShop nowFashion
Lummo DesignShop nowHome
Lush Lashes BoutiqueShop nowBeauty and Health
Lux Bmx StoreShop nowOutdoors
Luxe Fashion BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Luxy Living FurnitureShop nowHome
MAAN WinesShop nowFood & Drink
Mad About SalesShop nowBeauty and Health
Mad ZombieShop nowLifestyle
Magnolia Silver JewelleryShop nowFashion
MahiyaShop nowFashion
Make VanaShop nowFashion
Malani CoShop nowFashion
Manchester MadnessShop nowHome
Manning CartellShop nowFashion
MaplepoolsShop nowOutdoors
Marble BasicsShop nowHome
MarshmellowShop nowFashion
Mary and MeShop nowFashion
Masey CosmeticsShop nowBeauty and Health
Masini and ChernShop nowFashion
Massive Joes SquareShop nowFitness
Matcha Tea AustraliaShop nowFood & Drink
Mate a DesignsShop nowFashion
MaterniTeaShop nowLifestyle
Maurie and EveShop nowFashion
Max PowerShop nowLifestyle
Medusa AustraliaShop nowFashion
Melange ChicShop nowFashion
Memorabilia WarehouseShop nowHome
MiddletreeShop nowHome
Miko and MollieShop nowFashion
Milk and LoveShop nowFashion
Milk ToothShop nowKids
Milkman Grooming Co .Shop nowBeauty and Health
Mill & GoatShop nowBeauty and Health
Milla LottiShop nowKids
Mini LiciousShop nowKids
MinijumbukShop nowFashion
MinimackoShop nowKids
MinizooShop nowKids
Mischief & Co.Shop nowKids
Mishy Moo's Candle CompanyShop nowHome
Miss Isobel - baby & children's boutiqueShop nowHome
Modern Bags & LuggageShop nowLifestyle
Molly Cradle WinesShop nowFood & Drink
MommaShop nowBeauty and Health
Monkey ManiaShop nowKids
Moondancer SwimShop nowFashion
Moto HelmetsShop nowAuto
Motorcycle Accessories SupermarketShop nowOutdoors
Motorcycle StuffShop nowLifestyle
Mountain Active Co.Shop nowFashion
Mountain Bikes DirectShop nowFitness
Mr Fox Hair.Skin.BodyShop nowBeauty and Health
Mr FreshShop nowBeauty and Health
Mr Toys ToyworldShop nowToys
MrSupplementShop nowFood & Drink
Ms Katt's Kustom HouseShop nowFashion
MustadShop nowOutdoors
MSM Powder AustraliaShop nowFood & Drink
MVMNT LMTDShop nowBeauty and Health
My Bottle ShopShop nowFood & Drink
My CollectablesShop nowLifestyle
My Haircare & BeautyShop nowBeauty and Health
My Lash StoreShop nowBeauty and Health
My Lily EarthShop nowFashion
My Little GigglesShop nowHome
My Night LightShop nowKids
MyCrazeShop nowFashion
MYQTShop nowBeauty and Health
MytopiaShop nowBeauty and Health
Nana's ShopShop nowHome
Natasha Marie ClothingShop nowFashion
Native ManShop nowBeauty and Health
NatsukashiShop nowHome
Natural Wonders AustraliaShop nowKids
NC FitnessShop nowFashion
Neapolitan HomewaresShop nowHome
Nemos Mini Quad SuppliesShop nowOutdoors
Neon Cameo BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Nest 2 MeShop nowKids
Noodz BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Nouveau Riche BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Nudie GlowShop nowBeauty and Health
Nursery DesignsShop nowKids
Nurture ToysShop nowKids
Nurture the NestShop nowKids
Off RoaderShop nowOutdoors
One FleurShop nowFashion
One Honey BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Online Discount Shop AustraliaShop nowLifestyle
Online WorkwearShop nowFashion
Only MineShop nowFood & Drink
OobiShop nowKids
Ooh FabulousShop nowBeauty and Health
OpasShop nowHome
Opulenza FragrancesShop nowHome
Orchid Rose DesignsShop nowHome
Organic Babe & Kids WearShop nowKids
Our Little ClosetShop nowKids
Outbax CampingShop nowOutdoors
OzSkinShop nowBeauty and Health
Ozzy DiscountsShop nowElectronics
Paddy PallinShop nowOutdoors
Palmaira Sandals AustraliaShop nowFashion
Penny&CoShop nowKids
PerfumeryShop nowBeauty and Health
Petal and PupShop nowFashion
Peter's of KensingtonShop nowHome
Philippa RoseShop nowFashion
PhotoskinShop nowBeauty and Health
Piggy Back RiderShop nowKids
Pip And SoxShop nowFashion
Piper and MeShop nowKids
Planet LinenShop nowHome
Plum PlayShop nowKids
Poison Kandy Klothing & MemorabiliaShop nowFashion
Pop NogginsShop nowFashion
Premium PowdersShop nowFitness
Pump HaircareShop nowBeauty and Health
Punish Natural Nutrition & Fight GearShop nowFitness
Purple Turtle ToysShop nowKids
QBD BooksShop nowEducation
Quality Vitamins AustraliaShop nowLifestyle
Quick BottleShop nowFood & Drink
QuirksyShop nowKids
Rainbow and CloverShop nowKids
Raw Beauty StudioShop nowBeauty and Health
Raw ProteinShop nowFitness
Rebel MuseShop nowFashion
Reds ImagingShop nowHome
Riders LineShop nowOutdoors
RipeShop nowFashion
Rodeo Show ClothingShop nowFashion
Rouche BoutiqueShop nowBeauty and Health
Royal Bubs n TotsShop nowFashion
Rug EmporiumShop nowHome
Rugs Of BeautyShop nowHome
RyderShop nowFashion
S&S Candle StudioShop nowHome
Sack Me!Shop nowKids
Salon StyleShop nowBeauty and Health
Salt & The SeaShop nowFashion
Salty CrushShop nowFashion
Sam BagShop nowFashion
SanityShop nowHome
Sapphire Studios DirectShop nowLifestyle
SAS Hair StraightenersShop nowBeauty and Health
SAS Products Pty LtdShop nowBeauty and Health
Sassy BeccasShop nowFashion
Sassy OrganicsShop nowBeauty and Health
Sattwa SkincareShop nowBeauty and Health
Saylor & SaigeShop nowFitness
ScattermatsShop nowHome
ScooponShop nowTravel, Lifestyle
Scooter HutShop nowAuto
Sea TribeShop nowLifestyle
Season EmporiumShop nowFashion
SeaSucker Down UnderShop nowAuto
Second To None NutritionShop nowLifestyle
Sew Much EasierShop nowHome
Shaver ShopShop nowBeauty and Health
SHE Sharon's Hair ExtensionsShop nowBeauty and Health
Sheriton ShoesShop nowFashion
Shock MansionShop nowFashion
Shoe Me GorgeousShop nowFashion
Shop28Shop nowFashion
ShopbopShop nowHome
Showpony AustraliaShop nowFashion
Sideways SurfShop nowFashion
Silver ShopShop nowFashion
SiR BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Siren and MuseShop nowFashion
Skate Scool SkateshopShop nowLifestyle
Skin MatrixShop nowBeauty and Health
Skin PhysicsShop nowBeauty and Health
SkinMartShop nowBeauty and Health
Sleepy PandaShop nowHome
Smoke & Mirrors BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Sneaky FishoShop nowLifestyle
SnowysShop nowOutdoors
Spell DesignsShop nowFashion
Spencer & RutherfordShop nowHome
Spirulina Powder AustraliaShop nowBeauty and Health
Splice BoutiqueShop nowFashion
Sporting House DirectShop nowLifestyle
Sportsmans WarehouseShop nowFitness
StarbuyShop nowFashion
StefanShop nowBeauty and Health
Stevie MayShop nowFashion
Storeroom VintageShop nowFashion
Straight to Hairven Hair ExtensionsShop nowBeauty and Health
Street Bike PartsShop nowAuto
StrumpetShop nowFashion
Stuffed with Plush ToysShop nowKids
Style Me OverShop nowFashion
Sun CityShop nowAuto
SunFoxShop nowFashion
Surf CollectiveShop nowFashion
Sweat CentralShop nowLifestyle
Sweet PinsShop nowFashion
Swift Kick Sneaker Wipes AustralasiaShop nowFashion
Sydney Flower Wall CompanyShop nowFashion
Tea TrendShop nowFood & Drink
Team Wild SpeedShop nowAuto
Teeny Tiny LinenShop nowKids
Teepee TentsShop nowHome
Teeth Whitening PowderShop nowBeauty and Health
Temple & WebsterShop nowHome
Tent WorldShop nowOutdoors
Textur HairShop nowBeauty and Health
That ShopShop nowFashion
The Beauty ClubShop nowBeauty and Health
The Block ShopShop nowHome
The Bully House AustraliaShop nowFashion
The Chic NestShop nowOutdoors
The Child HoodShop nowKids
The Freedom StateShop nowFashion
The Game StationShop nowElectronics
The Gilded PearShop nowHome
The Hive Childrens BoutiqueShop nowKids
The HomeShop nowHome
The House of GolfShop nowLifestyle
The Little Gents StoreShop nowKids
The Mad HueysShop nowFashion
The Man ShakeShop nowFitness
The Ninety NineShop nowFashion
The Obsession CollectionShop nowFashion
The Online Jewellery StoreShop nowFashion
The Party PeopleShop nowLifestyle
The President and The BossShop nowKids
The Print EmporiumShop nowHome
The Raw DealShop nowFood & Drink
The Salty FoxShop nowFashion
The Sheet SocietyShop nowFashion
The Standard StoreShop nowFashion
The Ticket MerchantShop nowLifestyle
The Tie CollectiveShop nowFashion
The Toy Figurine CompanyShop nowKids
The WardrobeShop nowFashion
The Wedding FaireShop nowFashion
The Zero PrintShop nowHome
Thin TeaShop nowFitness
Three Nines BoutiqueShop nowFashion
ThrillsShop nowFashion
Tibbs and BonesShop nowFashion
Tiger MistShop nowFashion
Tilly&WilburShop nowFashion
Timberline General StoreShop nowAuto
Tiny IndividualsShop nowKids
Tiny StyleShop nowFashion
Tip Toe and CoShop nowKids
Toy FiestaShop nowKids
Toy GalaxyShop nowKids
Toy UniverseShop nowKids
Toys 2 LearnShop nowKids
Trak RacerShop nowLifestyle
Tree of LifeShop nowFashion
TrezoroShop nowFashion
Trifena BelleShop nowFashion
Turmeric LatteShop nowBeauty and Health
Tween SceneShop nowKids
Two Tykes Pty LtdShop nowLifestyle
TyroolaShop nowAuto
UberkateShop nowFashion
UmartShop nowLifestyle
Unreal FurShop nowFashion
Upward DogsShop nowFashion
Urban Wear OnlineShop nowFashion
Vama CosmeticsShop nowBeauty and Health
Virus Action Sport PerformanceShop nowLifestyle
Vitamin ShopShop nowLifestyle
WA Salon SuppliesShop nowBeauty and Health
We are DollsShop nowBeauty and Health
WellspringShop nowHome
Whey DirectShop nowFitness
White BohemianShop nowFashion
Wigs AustraliaShop nowBeauty and Health
Wild Kitty ClothingShop nowFashion
Willow & the Little GypsiesShop nowFashion
Willow and KateShop nowFashion
WittnerShop nowFashion
Wjc ShopShop nowHome
Wooden It Be Great Toy StoreShop nowKids
Worthy SpruceShop nowBeauty and Health
Wrightsock AustraliaShop nowFitness
Writers PensShop nowLifestyle
Xylitol AustraliaShop nowBeauty and Health
Y & B Co.Shop nowHome
Yakuza MotorsportsShop nowLifestyle
Yellow DandyShop nowFashion
You and BambooShop nowHome
YoufoodzShop nowHome
Your TeaShop nowBeauty and Health
YummieLifeShop nowFashion
Zakay Glass CreationsShop nowHome
ZealliShop nowKids
Zigzag Hair StudiosShop nowBeauty and Health
ZingiberShop nowFashion
Zink SurfShop nowFashion
ZodeeShop nowFashion
ZookalShop nowLifestyle
ZoomyShop nowKids
ZumiShop nowLifestyle

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57 Responses

  1. Default Gravatar
    MensJuly 18, 2019

    Could you please add me to your list of zip pay providers. Thank you

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      NikkiJuly 19, 2019Staff

      Hi Men’s Gear & Beer,

      Thanks for getting in touch! It’s great to know that you’re interested in being added in ZipPays platform! As it says on our page here, to be added to the list of Zippay providers, you have to sign up with zipMoney or zipPay. Simply fill out the online form by entering your business and personal details. After you complete the form, a customer service representative from ZipPay will contact you to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

      Hope this helps! For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us again, I’m here to help.


  2. Default Gravatar
    MichaelMarch 20, 2019

    Hello Admin,

    My name is Michael Hamdash and I’m the owner of a business.

    How can I add my store in zipPay store list?


    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JoshuaMarch 20, 2019Staff

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for getting in touch with Finder. I hope all is well with you. 😃

      If you wish to add your store to zipPay’s list of affiliated stores, you can head to their official website. Once you’re there, click on the “Are you a business?” link found at the upper right corner. You can then contact their sales team to partner with them.

      I hope this helps. Should you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach us out again.

      Have a wonderful day!


  3. Default Gravatar
    AlintaJanuary 15, 2019

    Can i pay an electricity bill to Alinta Energy via zippay?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      BellaJanuary 18, 2019Staff

      Hi Alinta,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Yes, you may pay your electricity bill to Alinta Energy as long as they accept BPAY payment.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  4. Default Gravatar
    BcfJanuary 13, 2019

    Can I zip pay in store at bcf

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JohnJanuary 14, 2019Staff

      Hi Bcf,

      Thank you for reaching out to finder.

      The page we are on shows the full list of stores that offer zipPay as a payment option. You may want to check via this page or go directly to BCF to inquire if they accept this payment method. Hope this helps!


  5. Default Gravatar
    LeonDecember 8, 2018

    Why do you say full list of stores when oxaalismedispa.com.au isnt on this list and i know they accept zippay.

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JohnDecember 12, 2018Staff

      Hi Leon,

      Thank you for reaching out to finder.

      I do apologize but the page is regularly updated by our in house publishers. It may be that oxaalismedispa.com.au has not yet been included during the last update. Rest assured our team is on top of this. Hope this helps!


  6. Default Gravatar
    The Good GuysDecember 8, 2018

    Hi can you add The Good Guys please.

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JohnDecember 12, 2018Staff

      Hi Leon,

      Thank you for reaching out to finder.

      The finder page is regularly updated by our in house publishers. It may be that The Good Guys has not yet been included during the last update. Rest assured our team is on top of this. Hope this helps!


  7. Default Gravatar
    VivNovember 28, 2018

    Finding first choice or dan Murphy’s

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JohnNovember 28, 2018Staff

      Hi Viv,

      Thank you for reaching out to finder.

      There are two first choice merchants what are affiliated with zipPay, First Choice Dental and First Choice Furniture. With regards to Dan Murphy’s though, it seems that they are not yet accommodating zipPay as a mode of payment. Hope this helps!


  8. Default Gravatar
    SimonNovember 20, 2018

    Can you add Kmart to your list please?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JohnNovember 21, 2018Staff

      Hi Simon,

      Thank you for reaching out to finder.

      Merchants have the ability to have themselves added to the Zippay store list by contacting Zippay directly. You may learn more about how merchants do this by clicking on this link. Hope this helps!


  9. Default Gravatar
    VikashiniOctober 25, 2018

    Does repco outlets uses zippay (zip money) including wallan store

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JohnOctober 25, 2018Staff

      Hi Vikashini,

      Thank you for leaving a question.

      Repco outlets use ZipPay but Wallan Stores are not yet affiliated with Zippay. You may check on updates for new affiliate stores by visiting this page we are on which is updated regularly for your use. Hope this helps!


  10. Default Gravatar
    ColesSeptember 26, 2018

    Can you use zipPay at Coles or Woolworths?

    • Avatarfinder Customer Care
      JeniSeptember 27, 2018Staff

      Hi Shaz,

      Thank you for getting in touch with finder.

      Currently, you can’t use zipPay at Coles or Woolworths. You may see other stores that you can get your groceries at zip.co’s Store Directory page.

      I hope this helps.

      Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any other enquiries.

      Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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