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Should I take my Qantas Loyalty Bonus as points or Status Credits?


8,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits? Here's how to choose.

Firstly, a quick recap of how the Qantas Loyalty Bonus works. You earn Status Credits every time you fly with Qantas (or eligible partners). Status Credits determine how you move up tiers in Qantas, from Bronze to Silver to Gold and beyond.

On top of that, you also score a Loyalty Bonus every time you earn 500 Status Credits during your membership year. There's a maximum of four bonuses in any single membership year, and you have to claim the bonus within 90 days of earning it.

When you earn a Loyalty Bonus, you can choose between taking either 8,000 Qantas Points or 50 Status Credits. Which should you pick?

Qantas Loyalty offer screen shot

While the answer will vary depending on your goals, for most people I'd suggest that taking the bonus Qantas Points is a better idea. That's a controversial answer for some frequent flyers, so let me explain why.

I've seen it argued on forums that it makes more sense to take the Status Credits because the Loyalty Bonus is one of the very few ways to earn Status Credits other than flying (or through Points Club). It's nowhere near as effective a strategy as booking flights when there's a bonus Status Credits offer, but it can boost your total. Indeed, if you're flying a lot and get the Loyalty Bonus the maximum four times, you could earn an extra 200 Status Credits in a year.

However, if you've earned the Loyalty Bonus four times, then you'll already have qualified for Platinum in that year. In that context, the extra 200 Status Credits are not going to make a difference. Yes, they'll eventually count towards lifetime membership, but that's a major stretch of goals, especially for Lifetime Platinum.

If you have your yearly travel plans mapped out in detail and you know that you'll just fall short of the needed number of Status Credits, then claiming the Status Credits could help. That actually happened to me in 2023. But that won't apply to most people.

Example Loyalty bonus messaging on Qantas site

Qantas Points, on the other hand, have a definite value. 8,000 Qantas Points are worth at least $88 if you use them for reward flights, and potentially even more if you use them for upgrades. Check out our full guide to what a Qantas Point is worth for more on that subject.

Unlike Status Credits, Qantas Points won't expire, provided you continue to earn points in your Qantas account. (And that's not difficult, since you can do that through Everyday Rewards even if you're not flying.)

Bottom line? If you're not already running a spreadsheet tracking all your Status Credits for the year, then taking the points is going to be a better choice. Happy flying!

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We updated this guide on 17 July 2023 with current points values and details.

Image: Supplied: Qantas
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