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5 ways a portable payment system can benefit your business in 2023

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Springboard your way to seamless customer experiences with a portable payment system.

Sponsored by Tyro. Take your payments wherever you go with the Tyro Go EFTPOS reader*. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Tyro Go is a fuss-free payments solution at an affordable price.

Portable payment systems can be a boon for small businesses. They're easy to carry around, simple to set up and allow you to take payments just about anywhere.

Whether you're operating a pop-up boutique, market stall or permanent retail outlet, they can bring unique benefits to your business.

So if you haven't opted for one yet, why not read on? We've listed five ways portable payments could help your business thrive.

1. Convenience for you and customers – sell on the go

One of the big focuses of the modern retail environment is creating a seamless experience for customers.

This applies no matter what size or type of business you're operating. After all, if your customers have an easy and pleasant experience, they're more likely to come back in the future.

If their purchasing experience is awkward and clunky… well, they probably won't come back. You'll likely lose sales to competitors and potentially gain negative word-of-mouth.

Having portable payment systems available is part of enabling a smoother sales experience.

If you're a travelling business, it means you can accept a variety of payment options wherever you go.

And if you have a brick-and-mortar set-up, it can also help you cut down on queues or shop floor choke points.

For example, Tyro Go offers a simple tap and go style of payment for customers. Tyro Go also also accepts chip payments for customers wanting to insert their card. Simple pairing via Bluetooth to the free Tyro Go App means you're able to take payments right from the palm of your hand.

Being able to offer portable payment is a small thing, but it can make all the difference in creating repeat customers.

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2. Safer than handling cash

Dealing with cash for your business can be a huge nuisance. You've got to wrangle a cash float, worry about having enough change and then make time to go to the bank to deposit the day's takings.

Having a bunch of cash lying around can push your risk of theft higher too.

With a portable payment system, you can make the switch to electronic payments. This way, you're receiving payments directly to your account and don't need to worry about the hassle that can come with cash.

3. Accepts a broader range of payment options

Customers have a broader range of payment options available to them than ever before.

With the rise of digital wallets and similar services, businesses need to cater to the changing needs of their customer base.

Accordingly, it's important to have a payment provider that can help you do that. At a minimum, you should be able to accept all the usual EFTPOS payment options – Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB.

It's good to work with a provider that can accept digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay too.

With a wider range of payment options available, you'll be able to open your business up to a wider selection of customers.

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4. Works with your existing devices

Some people put off adopting a new payment system out of concern that it'll be a huge hassle to set up or require expensive new hardware.

The good news is this doesn't have to be the case. Most portable payment systems pair via Bluetooth. In turn, this means that you can use your existing smart devices – such as phones and tablets – to run the POS.

As for cost, every provider is different, but let's take a look at Tyro Go as an example. It charges a flat price of $59.95 per reader (incl. GST) so you don't have to worry about convoluted subscription schemes.

5. Allows you to be a paperless company

Paper receipts have had their day – it's time to accept the digital-only revolution.

They still have a place in some situations, but traditional receipts have downsides. They disappear easily, degrade over time and are a big waste of paper.

By embracing a portable, digital payment platform, you can bypass the need for providing clients with paper-based records.

For example, Tyro Go allows you to send digital receipts to your customers after a transaction has been processed.

This means you can cut down on your paper requirements while also providing convenience for customers when they need to search for receipts.

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Sponsored by Tyro. Take your payments wherever you go with the Tyro Go EFTPOS reader*. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Tyro Go is a fuss-free payments solution at an affordable price.

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