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4 tips to cut your streaming costs – without sacrificing your fave shows!


Cutting back costs doesn't have to mean missing out on the latest in streaming entertainment.

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Looking for ways to save on streaming costs to combat the cost of living, but don't want to miss out on all of your viewing enjoyment? No problem!

We've got some great suggestions on how you can save on streaming.

1. Stack & Save with Hubbl

There are a plethora of streaming services in Australia. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the choices available.

But what if you could consolidate through one service and save accordingly?

The good news is that you can.

Hubbl has just launched in Australia. it's an entertainment operating system brought to you via a small device that allows you to consolidate your eligible streaming subscriptions within one easy-to-use interface.

We've got an article you can read about Hubbl's features and another that acts as an FAQ.

Using Hubbl allows you to Stack & Save on a range of subscription services, including Kayo Sports, BINGE, LifeStyle, Flash and Netflix. You'll get a discount on the overall price, provided you bill through Hubbl.

Let's break this down in dollar terms.

If you subscribe to 3 of these apps through Hubbl you'll save $5 per month on these subscriptions. If you subscribe to 4 through Hubbl, you'll receive $10 off.

And if you choose to bill all 5 through Hubbl? That's a saving of $15 each month.

Cutting back on expenses this way can help you save on cash over time.

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2. Check what you're actually watching and paying for

Have you ever heard of "scope creep"? It's a term people use to talk about a project that's ever-growing or doesn't seem to have a clearly defined end goal.

Well, the same thing can happen with streaming services.

Let's see if this sounds familiar. You signed up for one service for a specific show. Then you realised some of your other faves were on another. So you sign up for that too.

And so on...and so on.

So taking stock of what you're actually watching (and importantly, actually paying) can be a real eye-opener.

Now, you can do this manually. But if you're billing through Hubbl, you're able to use the Single View feature to get an overview at a glance, too.

Through Hubbl's My Account, you'll be able to see your eligible subscriptions in one view, even having the freedom to add, pause, and restart them at any time.

3. Use free trials effectively

Plenty of streaming services offer a free (or at least cheap) introductory period. So when you sign up for a new streaming service, make sure that you make a note of when the trial period finishes.

For example, Amazon Prime and Binge (both of which are available through Hubbl) offer free trials so that you can sample the shows on offer before subscribing.

Then, before the date arrives and the payment period ticks over, make sure that you decide whether you need the service moving forward.

If you don't think you'll use it, make sure you cut it off before you get charged.

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4. Look for ways to maximise value

Sometimes, you can look for ways to save cash on your subscription while still retaining it overall.

For example, most streaming services charge slightly more for streaming in HD or 4K. Do you have a TV (or internet plan, for that matter) that's able to take full advantage of high-definition viewing?

Or would you be better off switching to a standard definition viewing experience and saving some dollars in the process?

Having multiple subscriptions in one household for the same service can also cost you big time.

Perhaps instead of having several subscriptions, you could consolidate them into a family subscription?

You can also use a service such as Hubbl to help consolidate costs and get discounts on the products you subscribe to.

Everyone's circumstances and needs are different, of course, but small ways of cutting back like this can add up to big savings over time.

Looking for more money-saving hacks? Make sure to check out our Expert Money Saving Tips.

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Sponsored by Hubbl. Consolidate your streaming services into one streamlined device with Hubbl. Available now. Visit the Hubbl website for more information.

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