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Coles Curtis Stone BBQ credits: How much are they really worth?


Want the full set? You'll have to spend thousands of dollars.

Coles' latest promotion is on a familiar theme: spend money, earn credits, get free cookware.

But be warned: you'd potentially have to spend over $7,000 to get the full "Curtis Stone Exclusive BBQ Collection".

Here's how it works.

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The Curtis Stone collection includes 8 items, but you'll need to spend a lot to earn them all for free. Image: Coles/Supplied

For each $20 you spend, you'll earn 1 BBQ credit. You can redeem those credits for items costing between 8 credits and 80 credits.

To get the full set of 8 BBQ items, valued by Coles at $366, you'd need to earn 366 credits.

At $20 spent per credit earned, that adds up to a whopping $7,160.

This is the full list of items on offer during the promotion.

ItemCreditsPriceSpend to earn
Multi-purpose BBQ shears8$16$160
Heat proof mitts24$24$480
Marinade dish36$36$720
BBQ grill basket46$46$920
2 BBQ cooking utensils50$50$1,000
Carving board54$54$1,080
Carving knife and fork60$60$1,200
Teppanyaki plate80$80$1,600

How much would I need to spend each week to earn all the Curtis Stone items?

The promotion runs until the end of January 2024, giving you 17 weeks to shop.

That means you'd need to spend $421 a week to hit the total.

The average Australian household spend $185 at the supermarket, Finder research shows.

So that's potentially a big leap.

Are there ways to earn credits while spending less?

You can reduce the amount you spend by purchasing brand-name items that earn bonus credits.

Brands participating include Coles Finest, Fairy, Colgate, Schmackos and Tip Top.

That could earn you credits a lot quicker.

However, it's unlikely you'll want (or need) to buy every single one of those every week.

Coles BBQ

You can also purchase the items using half as many points and paying half the retail price.

For instance, instead of spending 16 credits for the BBQ shears, you can spend 8 credits and pay $8.

For lower-spending households, that's potentially a better option.

If you did this for the whole collection, you'd pay $183, and you'd need to spend an average of $211 a week.

Bottom line? If you're shopping at Coles anyway, there's no harm in picking up free items as you earn those credits.

But aiming to get the whole set probably doesn't make sense if you're not already spending over $400 a week on groceries.

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Image: Supplied: Coles
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