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5 ways accidental injury insurance can help with sports injuries


Playing sport this year? Then it's important to make sure you have the right cover before you hit the field.

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Sports season is here! So if you're planning to take the field and win glory for your team this year, it's essential that you're match-fit and have the right equipment ready.

Getting ready extends to off-field considerations too – like making sure you've got the right cover in case you get injured. Today, we're taking a look at some of the ways accidental injury insurance can benefit players and teams.

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1. Getting cover for a range of activities

Sports are a lot of fun, and can be great exercise. But they're not without risk. Even the safest sports out there offer a variety of different ways to get injured.

Getting insured makes sense. After all, if you get injured in a weekend game and have to take some time off work, that's potentially a blow to your income – in addition to any recovery costs.

However, a lot of the more traditional sports insurance solutions have tended to fall into the public liability or income protection categories. These definitely have value to offer – but they can also be quite restrictive in the cover they offer.

By contrast, accidental injury policies tend to offer cover for a broader range of activities. For example, Flip Insurance offers cover for a huge range of activities, including most different types of sport.

Having the right type of cover can help provide peace of mind – so that in the event you do get injured, you know you'll have funds available to help with recovery costs.

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2. Cover for the whole team

Getting cover while you're playing sport doesn't have to be a solo enterprise.

Some businesses participate in sporting leagues. In these instances, it can be helpful to opt for a policy that covers all of the staff on the team.

So if accidents occur during the game, the affected staff are covered without needing to take out their own individual policies.

One example of this type of policy is Flip Group Active.

Flip Group Active allows you to take out cover on an on-demand basis, allowing you to get value for money while also ensuring that staff still have cover for the game.

Venues can also use this type of cover, allowing for coverage of customers, too.

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3. Switching on and off as required

Getting cover while you're on the sporting field is important. But what about once you're off the field?

Traditional insurance policies can lock you into long-term (and potentially expensive!) contracts that mean you're paying even when you're not playing.

However, there are policies out there that allow you to get accidental injury cover on an as-needed basis.

Flip Insurance is one provider that offers this type of on-demand insurance. You're able to sign up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Now, weekly or monthly cover is something you might use when you're away on a holiday and taking part in adventure activities.

But for specific sports events, you may only need cover for one or two days a week. Using the Flip app, you're able to switch your cover on or off on an as-needed basis.

So while you're not on the field – you're not paying, either.

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4. Cover for a range of age groups

It's not just adult weekend warriors that need cover for sport. After all, kids play sport all the time – and unfortunately, they can get injured too.

So having a policy in place that covers your kids in the event of an accident can be extremely helpful.

Although you may have health insurance policies for your family already, there can sometimes be gaps when it comes to sports injuries.

This is where accidental injury insurance policies can be helpful.

One option is Flip Kids, offered via Flip Insurance. Parents and guardians are able to purchase cover for kids aged 5-17.

Cover can be bought on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to suit your child's specific needs. As with adult policies, it can also be switched on and off.

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5. Helping with recovery costs

One of the main reasons people opt for insurance is to cover costs in the event they're injured.

However, health insurers don't always pay you directly. Instead, the funds are sent to your medical providers.

Now, obviously your doctors need to get paid – but having cash handy to help with your recovery is sometimes the preferable option.

One of the advantages that Flip Insurance offers is that the funds can be spent as you want, rather than being sent directly to your medical provider.

This means you're able to make decisions about the best way for you to recover. You might use part of it for out-of-pocket expenses relating to your medical treatment, and then some to make your home more comfortable while you recover.

Checking these details before you sign up for a policy can be a great way to ensure that when it comes to claim time, you know exactly what to expect.

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Flip Insurance logoSponsored by Flip Insurance. When you're planning your next adventure, why not get cover with Flip? With on-demand accidental injury coverage, no-lock-in contracts and easy claims, it helps you get prepared for whatever life throws your way.*

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