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7 expert tips to help you pick the best mobile plan in 2023


Looking for a new phone plan? Here are a few things to consider before you decide to commit.

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With so many different mobile plans on the market, it can be tricky to pick one that's right for your needs.

Especially if you just need a plan, and not the handset itself!

To help you out, we've put together some expert tips so you can pick the right mobile plan that matches your budget and needs.

👋 Hey there! We've partnered with felix mobile for this article, so we'll be using their products as an example throughout. However, you should always do your own research to ensure that a mobile provider's plan is meeting your needs.

Tip #1: Stack up costs vs how much data is included

If you're eyeing off a mobile plan, you want to make sure you're actually getting value for money.

So it's important to look at how much you're paying for your data versus what you're receiving in return.

Let's look at the felix mobile 25GB Plan for a moment.

For $25 a month, you receive 25GB – that meets our benchmark of $1 per GB.

This can be an effective solution for people who don't tend to use a lot of data, while still knowing it's there when you need it.

Additionally, if you do go over, you don't need to worry about excess data charges. Your speed will simply slow down to 1.5Mbps or you can add 10GB of data for $10.

However, if you do feel like you need more data, felix mobile also offers a 50GB mobile plan at $30 a month, and an unlimited data plan at speeds up to 20Mbps at $40 a month.

Tip #2: Look for introductory discounts

Everyone loves a bargain – and mobile plans are no exception.

So when you're shopping around for a new plan, it's always worth checking whether there's an introductory offer to help you score some savings.

Let's look at felix's 25GB mobile plan as an example, at $25 per month. If you are a new customer and sign up with the code FELIX20, you can get 20% off your first three months.

With this discount, the price comes to just $20 per month for the first three months of your plan.

By keeping an eye out for offers like this, you can bring your overall costs down, while still getting the service you need.

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Tip #3: See if you can get unlimited data banking

Many people don't have consistent data use from month to month. There's peaks and valleys throughout the year, depending on how your handset is being used.

If you didn't use all of your data in a given month, it can be frustrating to see the unused data go to waste. After all, you might have used it a month or two down the track instead!

With this in mind, it can be a good idea to look for a plan that allows you to bank your unused data for future use.

felix mobile's 25GB and 50GB mobile plans give users the option to bank their unused data indefinitely. So if you don't use it over the course of a month, you know that it won't just vanish when the next month starts.

Looking for a plan like this can mean that you'll have data handy on your own schedule, rather than having an arbitrary cut-off date on its use.

Tip #4: Double-check on unlimited calls and texts

Unlimited calls and texts have become a pretty standard feature in phone plans these days.

But before signing up for a new plan, it's always good to double-check and make sure it's included. You don't want to get unexpectedly stung for extra calls you didn't realise weren't included.

The felix mobile 25GB plan (and the 50GB and unlimited data plan at speeds up to 20Mbps) includes unlimited standard calls and texts, so you can call and text away to your heart's content.

Having unlimited calls and texts as part of your plan can make a huge difference to your phone bill balance in the long term.
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Tip #5: Make sure you can add international roaming

Travelling overseas?

You want to make sure that you can still stay connected with friends and family back home, even while you're away. Especially if there's any issues with getting a local SIM in a timely manner!

Before you sign up for a new plan, check what sort of options your provider offers for international roaming.

Let's look at felix mobile as an example. Across any of its current plans, felix mobile offers 4GB of data, 100 mins of standard calls and 100 standard texts while overseas for an additional $20. This is available in over 40 selected countries.

This option also has a 365-day expiry period meaning you can take advantage of unused inclusions on your next trip.

Tip #6: Look for easy sign-up and good customer service

Signing up for any mobile plan these days should be simple and straightforward.

Opting for an online-only provider can be a simple way to streamline the process.

In fact, if you're working with a provider that offers the option to sign up via eSIM – like felix mobile – you can generally sign up and get started on your new plan within minutes.

It's always worth looking at consumer reviews to get a feel for their reputation in the public sphere. Reading other people's experiences can give you a clearer picture of whether it's a brand you'd want to have providing your mobile services.

Awards can also offer some indication of provider quality, too. To point to one example, felix mobile has won several Finder awards, including the 2022 Finder Green Award for Green Mobile Plan Provider and the 2023 Best Prepaid Mobile Provider - High Data.

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Tip #7: Find out what sort of sustainability initiatives they have in place

Many companies are placing increased emphasis on corporate social responsibility – particularly around giving back to the environment.

Let's jump to felix mobile to show how this can work.

felix mobile is one of a handful of carbon-neutral mobile plans in Australia and they're also powered by 100% renewable electricity, too.

For every month you're with them, felix mobile will also plant one tree on your behalf.

We mentioned just earlier that there's another way you can use your banked data with felix mobile, too.

Once a month, you're able to "donate" 20GB from your plan and felix mobile will plant another tree on your behalf.

By finding a plan that takes part in these sorts of initiatives, you may be able to find a mobile provider that's more closely aligned with your own environmental concerns, too.

Find out more about felix mobile's plans today

Sponsored by felix mobile. A carbon-neutral phone plan with unlimited standard talk, text and great data inclusions. From only $25/mth. Plus, get 20% off your first three months with code FELIX20. Offer avail. until withdrawn. New customers only. T&Cs apply.

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