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Zahra Campbell Avenell

As Finder's Group Publisher for Insurance, Zahra Campbell-Avenell leads a team of over 10 insurance experts to deliver on Finder’s mission to help Australians make better decisions. Zahra has a Bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University in Washington DC, with a double major in Anthropology and English. She has worked for companies such as Booking.com and Bank of America, as well as a number of non-profit organisations.

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Hi Emma, Thanks for reaching out. I hear what you’re saying – health insurance can seem like an unnecessary expense. The good news is, since you earn under $90,000 a year, you don’t NEED to have it, particularly if you’re healthy. Having said that, since you’re over 31, if you cancel your health insurance and decide to get it later down the line, you’ll pay more for it – this is called the lifetime health cover. It’s also good to remember that while Medicare is free, it doesn’t cover everything (in many states, for instance, you’d have to pay out of pocket for an ambulance in case of an emergency). You might find our guides on public vs private healthcare and facts about Medicare useful as you make your decision. Hope this helps – best of luck! Cheers, Zahra

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Hey Jose, Thanks for getting in touch! You're right - getting a couples policy will generally be cheaper - but you need to make sure that you read the fine print once you've chosen an insurer you like, to make sure that you're covered. Generally, insurers will require that you both have the same departure and return dates, but some may also specify a certain percentage of time that you need to travel together to be eligible for a couples policy. You may find our Couples Travel Insurance page to be helpful. Have a great trip! Cheers, Zahra

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