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The great NBN divide: 5 million can’t wait to connect while 6.7 million are scratching their heads

  • One in four Australians will connect to NBN the week it arrives at their home
  • 3 million Aussies think they can ‘say no’ to the NBN
  • Tips on how to check if your home is NBN-ready

4 April, 2017, Sydney, Australia -- Australia is deeply divided when it comes to the National Broadband Network, according to new research by Australia’s most visited comparison site,

The survey of 2,004 respondents found there are two groups at polar opposites: over one in four (28%) Australians -- equivalent to 5 million people -- say they will switch to the network as soon as it’s available at their address.

At the other extreme, 37% (or 6.7 million Aussies) are completely in the dark, admitting they don’t know anything about the NBN and that they don’t plan to switch over to the network.

Alex Kidman, tech expert at is surprised some Aussies think they can ‘say no’ to the NBN.

“By 2020, every household in Australia will have to switch to the NBN -- there’s simply no way around it.”

“What’s interesting is that there doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground among Australians. There are those who absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive, and then close to two fifths haven’t got a clue.”

nbn predicts that by mid-2018, almost 50% of the 11.9 million planned premises will be able to connect up to the network.

“It’s a long road ahead till all premises are connected, with many having to wait till 2020, so it’s easy to understand the excitement of some Australians who can connect well before then,” says Mr Kidman.

“In fact 13% plan to connect to the NBN on the very same day it’s hooked up at their address.
While it may not always be technically feasible, it shows that these Aussies are busting to get connected.”

A further 15% plan to have connected within a week of it becoming available and 16% say they’ll be connected to NBN services within a month.

Gen Y is the most keen with a whopping 51% saying they'll jump onto the NBN plan within a month or less. Surprisingly Baby Boomers were narrowly more keen at 43% than Gen X at 40%.

However this is at odds with the rest of the population.

Almost one in five (18%) admit they don’t have a clue about the NBN or know when they will get onboard and a further 17% say they don’t intend to switch to the NBN at all.

Then there’s 2% who plan to connect 18-24 months after their premise is NBN-ready, which is well after the disconnection point.

“Between the eager beavers and those who aren’t clued up on the NBN, there’s 20 or so per cent who will get to switching after a month and all the way up to 18 months.”

Mr Kidman warns with the NBN it’s ‘switch or get cut off’.

“In this day and age, access to internet services is like access to water or power. It’s not only the gateway to Netflix, it’s your communications hub, whether you’re a consumer or a business.”

“If you’re living or working in a premise that is declared NBN-ready, you typically have 18 months to subscribe to an NBN plan. If you don’t update your internet service, both your phone line and internet will be disconnected.”

“In the first half of this year, close to 350,000 premises will be disconnected, so make sure you check when the NBN is due to come to your home or workplace,” says Mr Kidman.

State by state:

      • 16% of Western Australians want to connected immediately (on the same day their home is NBN-ready). Queensland (15%) and Victoria residents (14%) were not far behind.
      • Interestingly Victorians are the most clueless with 22% admitting they don’t understand anything about the NBN, followed by Queenslanders at 19%.
      • Victorians were the least likely to get connected within three months (50%), while Tasmanians were the most likely to get connected (60%) within the same period.

How to get connected:

When will you connect to the NBN once your home is NBN ready?
The same day13%
Within a week15%
Within a month16%
After 1-3 months9%
After 3-6 months5%
After 6-12 months4%
After 12-18 months2%
After 18-24 months2%
I don’t know/I don’t understand anything about the NBN18%
I don’t plan to switch to the NBN17%


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