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Investors worst off as rate hikes hit borrowers today

  • 3 of the 4 major banks – and 10 other lenders – lift variable home loan rates today
  • Investment variable home loan rates 0.20 percentage points higher than owner-occupied
  • Big difference in rates: switch now and save some cash in time for Christmas!

November 20, 2015, Sydney – Comments by Bessie Hassan, Consumer Advocate at one of Australia's biggest comparison websites

“Despite most owner-occupiers starting to feel the pressure with rising variable home loan rates, investors are still getting the brunt of the bad news today (November 20, 2015).

“Out of the 18 lenders that have announced out-of-cycle variable rate home loan hikes since October, the majority (13) will come into effect today including three of the 4 major banks – ANZ, Commonwealth Bank and Westpac.

“Most of these 18 lenders have increased both of their owner-occupied and investment home loan rates, except for two lenders – AMP Bank and Citibank, which only increased their owner-occupied home loan rates.

“And three of the 18 lenders have increased investment variable home loan rates higher than owner-occupied: Adelaide Bank, Bendigo Bank and CUA.

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“However, while the average increase was the same across both owner-occupied and investment home loans – of 0.17 percentage points – standard variable rates are generally higher for investors.

“A 0.17 percentage point rate rise will cost borrowers with a $400,000 mortgage about $42 extra per month or over $500 in a year.

“On average, these lenders are offering a standard variable rate of 5.70% for investment loans and 5.50% for owner-occupied loans – a difference of 0.20 percentage points.

“For investment loans, the lowest standard variable rate by these lenders was 4.71% by Adelaide Bank and the highest was 6.03% by Bank of Queensland

“For owner-occupied loans, the lowest standard variable rate by these lenders was 4.26% by Adelaide Bank and the highest was 5.94% by Citibank.

“Are these higher home loan rates fair for investors? Lenders are blaming it on new APRA regulations to curb investment lending growth but it’s questionable whether lifting interest rates will see a big enough impact.

“What's clear is that not all lenders have lifted their rates and there's a big difference between what lenders are offering. Borrowers don't have to take these rate hikes. Compare deals and find better value and you could save some cash in time for Christmas.”

LenderOwner-occupied standard variable rate riseNew owner-occupied standard variable rateInvestment standard variable rate riseNew investment standard variable rateEffective Date
Adelaide bank0.12%4.26%0.17%4.17%November 20, 2015
AMP Banking0.18%5.72%--November 20, 2015
ANZ0.18%5.56%0.18%5.83%November 20, 2015
Bank of Melbourne0.15%5.60%0.15%5.85%November 20, 2015
Bank of Queensland0.18%5.74%0.18%6.03%November 20, 2015
Bank SA0.15%5.67%0.15%5.92%November 20, 2015
Bankwest0.18%5.65%0.18%5.97%November 17, 2015
Bendigo Bank0.12%5.68%0.15%5.91%November 20, 2015
Citibank0.20%5.94%--October 30, 2015
Commonwealth Bank0.15%5.60%0.15%5.87%November 20, 2015
CUA0.13%5.06%0.19%5.42%November 24, 2015
ING Direct0.18%5.02%0.18%5.02%January 15, 2016
Macquarie Bank0.20%5.70%0.20%5.97%November 20, 2015
ME Bank0.20%5.08%0.20%5.49%November 20, 2015
NAB0.17%5.60%0.17%5.60%November 12, 2015
St. George Bank0.15%5.69%0.15%5.69%November 20, 2015
Suncorp Bank0.16%5.70%0.16%5.97%November 20, 2015
Westpac0.20%5.68%0.20%5.95%November 20, 2015


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