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Media Release

44% of Aussie newlyweds have dollar signs in their eyes

News highlights:

  • Nearly half, or 44%, of Aussie newlyweds request cash as their wedding gift of choice
  • 32% of married couples don’t give their guests a gift guideline, while 18% request no gifts at all
  • Tips: How to manage your wedding costs

20 March, 2017, Sydney, Australia – Nearly half of Australian newlyweds request cash as a gift on their wedding day, according to, Australia’s most visited comparison website.

New research, which surveyed 1,006 recently married Aussies, shows cash gifts are requested by 44% of couples.

Almost one third (32%) of survey respondents did not give their guests a gift guideline, while 18% of couples asked for no gifts.

A gift registry slipped to fourth position with only 15% of couples asking their guests to choose an item from a pre-made selection.

Just 2% of couples asked for a charity donation instead of a wedding gift.

Interestingly, brides (45%) were slightly more likely than grooms (43%) to ask for money over gifts.

Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, says more couples are living together prior to marriage which may shape their gift preference.

“More than three quarters of couples live together before they wed, which means they don’t need traditional wedding gifts such as crockery and other household items.

“Instead, they may prefer guests to contribute to a wishing well so they can allocate the money towards something they really need.

“Whether it goes towards the honeymoon, a home deposit, or the wedding day itself, requesting money from guests provides couples with greater flexibility with how they distribute the funds,” she says.

Ms Hassan says requesting money from wedding guests may also reflect the financial burden of weddings.

“With the average wedding cost at $22,669, costs are exorbitant and can deplete savings quickly, so asking for a sum of money as a wedding gift can help couples manage the expenses,” she says. research shows 41% of couples have some wedding-related debt, and it takes the majority of couples 6-12 months to repay it.

“Beginning married life with a large volume of debt can bring stress to the union so couples should prepare for the full spectrum of costs, and budget accordingly.

“Whether it’s getting married in winter, asking a family member to design the invites, or selecting a more affordable wine, there are plenty of ways you can cut costs on your big day.

“In terms of financial regrets, respondents admitted to overspending on the bridal dress and the photographer, so consider opting for a second-hand dress or shopping around for a more affordable photography package.

“Also, be cautious about telling suppliers you’re planning a wedding, as this may drastically hike the price,” she says.

State by state breakdown:

  • South Australians (47%) were most likely to ask for a cash wedding present, followed by New South Wales couples (46%).
  • Queenslanders were the least likely to ask for money, with only 38% requesting cash on their wedding day.
  • A gift registry was most popular with Victorians (17%).


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