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Media Release

5.3 million Aussies forced to take leave over Christmas

  • Nearly half (44%) of Australian workers will be forced to use their annual leave this holiday period.
  • One in 12 are required by their workplace to take three weeks or more break.
  • encourages workers to consider income protection as a safety net.

11 December 2017, Sydney, Australia – Millions of Australians are being forced to take leave from their jobs over the Christmas break, according to a new analysis from, the site which compares virtually everything.

The survey of 2,017 Australian adults found that almost one in two workers (44%) will be required to use leave over the holiday period; the equivalent of over 5.3 million people.

On average, employees will be forced to take 8.3 days off, while women will be using more leave than men, with 8.8 days compared to 7.7 days.

However, a staggering one in 12 workers – the equivalent of almost 1 million people – will be forced to use three weeks or more, the majority of their annual leave, over the Christmas period.

Bessie Hassan, Money Expert at, says forced leave could be a real inconvenience to some workers.

“It’s fairly commonplace for some employers to ask their teams to take some time off over Christmas, but it could be problematic for those who don’t have the leave accrued.

“Going into negative leave means that if an issue arises and time off is needed, that safety net won’t be in place to provide support.

“Not only this but it removes the freedom of choosing when to travel or go on holiday. Prices significantly increase over the peak travel season, and those who can afford to go away could be paying up to 103% more for their trip.”

The research shows that New South Wales workers are the most likely to be forced to use their leave, with 48%.

While Western Australia is the state with the smallest percentage taking forced leave (34%), workers will be using the most amount with 9.3 days on average. South Australians will be taking the least amount of time off with just 5.9 days.

Ms Hassan encourages workers inconvenienced by forced leave to consider other options in case something goes wrong.

“If leave has been exhausted, an income protection policy can provide some support – especially in the case of an unexpected illness or injury.”


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