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Media Release

Cryptocurrency for Christmas: gives away 50 much-hyped Bitcoin tokens

  • 40 Bitcoin tokens snagged in Christmas treasure hunt, with 10 ‘bonus’ tokens to be released at 1pm AEDT
  • overwhelmed by response to virtual giveaway worth $5000
  • 7% of Australians have invested (or traded) in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency

18 December, 2017, Sydney, Australia – Australians rushed to try and locate $4,000 worth of Bitcoin tokens on, the site that compares virtually everything, in the most hyped online treasure hunt of the festive season – with so much excitement bringing the website momentarily down this morning.

The Bitcoin Treasure Hunt, an Australian first, gave visitors the chance to get their hands on the lucrative cryptocurrency in time for Christmas– and now those who missed out have a second chance at snagging the cryptocurrency bounty.

Fred Schebesta, CEO and co-founder of, has just announced that a further 10 bitcoins – valued at an additional $1,000 – will be released at 1pm AEDT.

“If you missed out in the first round, here’s your chance to get back into the game but you better be fast – the first 40 went in three hours flat.”

Forty Bitcoin tokens were hidden throughout the comparison website – with players pitted against one another in a game of skill.

Thousands of bitcoin enthusiasts flooded the site when news of the treasure hunt broke – half of the bitcoin tokens were claimed in the first hour.

Aussies furiously followed the clues to track down the valuable coins. The current estimated value for the 50 bitcoin tokens (each equivalent to 0.004 of a bitcoin) up for grabs is approximately AU$5,000 in total or around AU$100 each.*

The second release at 1PM AEDT will be harder to find – with Australians solving the first round faster than expected.

“Our developers expected the treasure hunt to take about two days but Australians have blown us over with how keen they were to secure the bitcoin on offer.

After months of widespread media coverage and a boost to the virtual currency’s value, launched the virtual Bitcoin Treasure Hunt where participants were required to create a account, log-in and then follow the clues.

Once a user discovered and clicked on a bitcoin token, it was theirs to claim but had to be quick because another user could try to claim the same bitcoin token.

Mr Schebesta shared the motivation behind holding the virtual treasure hunt.

“It’s the season for giving and the Bitcoin Treasure Hunt is our way of giving to our finder users.

“As someone who’s invested in cryptocurrency, the Bitcoins up for grabs could be a Christmas gift that keeps on giving to the lucky winners,” Mr Schebesta said.

According to a new survey of 2,017 Australians commissioned by, 7% of Australians have invested (or traded) in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, while a further 20% have considered it.

Mr Schebesta said the uptake of cryptocurrency is remarkable.

“We witnessed first hand this morning that bitcoin is taking off in Australia – with thousands of regular Aussies coming to Finder to take part in the Australian first, Bitcoin Treasure Hunt.

“There's no doubt cryptocurrency is becoming mainstream and is likely to surpass shares. In fact, only 20% of Australians have invested in shares – a tried and tested system of investing with regulated reporting and governing bodies – yet 7% of Aussies have already dabbled in bitcoin.”

He went on to explain how cryptocurrency is shaking up the investment world.

“Cryptocurrencies have been making waves in the financial industry for around eight years now, and in the past few months alone, bitcoin has been under the microscope due to its huge growth – last week alone (7-14 December, 2017), the value of bitcoin rose 17% from $14,000 USD to $16,400 USD.

“From making purchases online, to sending money abroad, or as an investment opportunity, the ways that people can use cryptocurrency is growing.

“Generally speaking, crypto is competing with traditional banking by generally being faster and cheaper to make global transfers.

“If Australians are thinking of investing in bitcoin – like any investment – they should ensure they understand the risks involved. Cryptocurrencies are volatile which means the return you get once your transaction is processed could be quite different to when you first started the transaction, so keep this in mind,” Mr Schebesta warns.

For more information on cryptocurrency, visit the cryptocurrency section of

*Figures correct at 12:31pm Monday 18 December, 2017.


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