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List of the 50 best Axie Infinity guilds plus a guide for scholars

If you're looking for an Axie Infinity scholarship and a guide on how to be the best scholar, start with the list of the best guilds in this play-to-earn NFT blockchain game.

Axie Infinity is one of the biggest NFT games in the world and one of the best games of 2021 – especially if you love the play-to-earn opportunities brought about by blockchain gaming. I'm going to assume that if you've landed on this page then you already know that. But just in case you're still catching up on the Axie Infinity phenomenon, we've got a detailed write-up of the gameplay and tokenomics you can check out.

We also have guides on how to buy AXS and how to buy SLP.


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In this article, I'm going to focus on the exploding number of Axie Infinity guilds. What do the managers of these guilds offer? Which are the best Axie Infinity guilds for scholars? And what do you need to look out for when you compare Axie Infinity guilds?

For those who know what they're doing, I've started with the list. But you'll find more detailed information below that, including a guide to Axie Infinity scholarships and what to expect from Axie Infinity guilds.

Best axie infinity guilds c

Note: This list is in an early form. We will be filling it out with more information and adding new groups as we determine the best Axie Infinity guilds for scholars. If you see information on this list that is incorrect or out of date – or want your guild to be part of that list – please send me an email.

50 best Axie Infinity guilds for scholars

Guild Country % SLP Share
1Up_PH Guild - -
Achip & Achair Guild (AAG) Phillipines -
ADIL Scholar Indonesia -
Ananda Axie Scholarship - -
Avocado Guild Phillipines -
Axie Academy by BlockchainSpace Phillipines 60%
Axie Hash - 65%
Axie Ocean Brazil 65%
Axie Revolution Guild Phillipines 65%
Axie School of Scholars (ASS) - -
Axie Space Guild Canada 60%
Axie Winner Squad India 50%
Axie Zombies - 60%
AxieIndo Indonesia 70%
Balthazar Phillipines 40%
BlackPool Academy UK 70%
Block Esports Academy Venezuela 65%
Coinbarn - 65%
Davao Axie Infinity - -
Forbidden Guild Phillipines -
Generation Axie Canada 65%
Gigaram Phillipines -
Heatherglade - 50%
Hiraya Infinity Italy 65%
Hooga Gaming Malaysia 70%
Iron & Rhine Axie Club - 70%
Kapitalist Ventures Phillipines -
Lev0x eSports - eSports
LootSquad GG - 70%
Lorcan Gaming Malaysia Fixed 37.5 SLP
McShedit Scholarship Turkey 50%
Merit Circle Netherlands 70%
MGS Academy Trinidad and Tobago 65%
Nightowl Academy Phillipines -
NYX Guild Phillipines 50%%
Owl Gang Greece 65%
Paid2Play Guild Phillipines 60%
RAAxie Infinity - -
Real Deal Guild Phillipines 70%
SGAxieScholar Singapore 70%
Sushinobi Axie Academy - -
Swordfish Guild USA 60%
Talavera Axie Shop Phillipines 70%
Tam Axie Scholarship Phillipines -
Tarlac Axie Empire Phillipines
Team A&C Phillipines Fixed 30 SLP
Team PayaMaxie Phillipines -
Team Tank - 70%
The Lambda Clan Malaysia Fixed 35 SLP
Unbound Nation Germany 50%
X-Axies Phillipines -
XYZ Scholarship Program Morocco 70%
Yield Guild Games Phillipines 70%

What is an Axie Infinity guild?

An Axie Infinity guild consists of an individual or (more likely) several individuals who have teamed up to maximise the profits that can be earned from the NFT Axies they own (an Axie being the Pokémon-like critter you send into battle).

To make money in Axie Infinity, you need to complete in-game battles and actions to earn SLP (Smooth Love Potion) tokens. These tokens alone have a real value, but they can also be spent to breed 2 Axies together. This creates a new Axie, which as an NFT, has its own value both in the game and in the open market.

A guild is made up of 2 broad divisions. There are the managers that control the Axies and then there are the scholars who effectively rent or loan those Axies for play in the game.

What is an Axie Infinity scholarship?

To maximise the play-to-earn aspect of Axie Infinity, an Axie's owner needs to have their critters in play every day. A minimum of 75 SLP tokens can be earned in any given 24 hours. Plus, there is experience (EXP) for each Axie to be gained by grinding through battles as well as arena battles that can reap further SLP rewards.

So, how does a manager or a guild keep all their Axies maximising profits every day? They rent them to scholars.

Scholars are players who don't own an Axie, or the 3 Axies required to form a team that can battle within the game. Instead, they rent 3 Axies from a guild to play in the game in return for a predefined cut of any profits. In this arrangement, both parties win. The scholar can make money where they otherwise wouldn't be able to, and a manager or guild can ensure their Axies are turning a profit when they are unable to play the game themselves.

Assuming, of course, that the scholar fulfils the conditions of their scholarship in terms of daily SLP yield.

Guilds can frequently offer other benefits to scholars getting into Axie Infinity for the first time. They can provide lessons and guides on how to play as well as a community for support, direction and friendship. Ultimately, a scholar can earn enough SLP or Ethereum to purchase their own Axies and can then either choose to play the game on their own or petition to level up from scholar to manager within the guild.

Best axie infinity guilds 0

How much SLP can you earn in a day?

In August 2021, at the beginning of Season 18 of Axie Infinity, the SLP available any given day changed. As such, it's important that you don't look at information prior to this date in order to judge your SLP earnings.

As of the time of writing, you can still earn SLP in 3 ways:

  1. You can play through the Adventure Mode, which is a player-versus-environment (PVE) experience.
  2. You can play through the Arena Mode, which is a player-versus-player (PVP) experience.
  3. You can complete the daily quests.

In Adventure Mode, when you get to level 21 and level 36, you will encounter boss fights. Winning these gives you an additional one-time SLP bonus. You get 200 SLP and 300 SLP respectively.

Note: The daily quests currently involve logging in for the day, winning 5 arena matches and completing 10 levels in Adventure Mode. However, you have a restricted pool of Energy you can use each day, which is derived from your total amount of owned Axies. How you "spend" this Energy is a key part of a player's strategy.

Adventure Mode

Up to 50 SLP can be earned while playing through the Adventure Mode on any given day, and 25 SLP for completing the daily challenges. So, there's a base level of 75 SLP to be collected there. Your ease of progression in Adventure Mode is improved by the level of your Axies, the make-up of your team and your strategy (read: skill) in combat.

The higher the level of Axies in your team (as in, the more EXP they have earned over time), the less time you need to spend in Adventure Mode to cap out your 50 SLP.

Note: You don't need to spend Energy on Adventure Mode battles to earn SLP. However, if you don't spend an Energy unit, you won't earn XP as well. One school of thought is to focus your daily Energy on levelling your Axies as a first port of call, as the pain of being capped at 50 SLP will be quickly eased when you're farming the token much quicker in the future. At that point, you can turn more of your focus to Arena Mode.

Adventure Mode EXP level guide

Ruins EXP to complete Notes
Level 1 51 EXP SLP only earned on first playthrough
Level 2 59 EXP SLP only earned on first playthrough
Level 3 111 EXP SLP only earned on first playthrough
Level 4 118 EXP SLP only earned on first playthrough
Level 5 141 EXP -
Level 6 199 EXP -
Level 7 256 EXP -
Level 8 237 EXP -
Level 9 282 EXP Good EXP faming
Level 10 300 EXP -
Level 11 344 EXP -
Level 12 429 EXP Good EXP faming
Level 13 378 EXP -
Level 14 347 EXP -
Level 15 358 EXP -
Level 16 402 EXP Difficult level, play without Energy until levelled-up
Level 17 367 EXP Have a high base health in this level
Level 18 446 EXP Good EXP faming
Level 19 434 EXP -
Level 20 401 EXP Difficult level, play without Energy until levelled-up
Level 21 644 EXP Boss battle makes this level hard
Level 22 449 EXP -
Level 23 618 EXP Difficult level, play without Energy until levelled-up
Level 24 582 EXP -
Level 25 618 EXP Good EXP faming
Level 26 797 EXP -
Level 27 735 EXP Try and farm EXP by this point till your Axie is fully leveled
Level 28 759 EXP -
Level 29 800 EXP -
Level 30 1209 EXP -
Level 31 810 EXP -
Level 32 724 EXP -
Level 33 891 EXP -
Level 34 800 EXP -
Level 35 805 EXP -
Level 36 820 EXP Boss battle makes this level hard

Arena Mode

Additional SLP is earned by winning in the Arena Mode. How much you can win there is limited by your available Energy.

Each battle you undertake in Arena Mode consumes one Energy unit. The number of Axies you own defines the number of Energy units you have. Most scholars will be in the base bracket of 3 to 9 Axies, which grants 20 Energy a day. So that's up to 20 Arena Mode fights per day, assuming you don't spend any Energy in Adventure Mode.

How much you earn in Arena Mode depends on 4 things:

  1. Your matchmaking rank (MMR) bracket
  2. Max Energy (defined by how many Axies you have)
  3. Your PVP win ratio
  4. The opponent's ranking

Note: Unlike Adventure Mode, in Arena Mode, you have to spend an Energy unit to earn both EXP and SLP from a winning fight.

Axie Infinity Energy explained

Axie Infinity Adventure Mode Arena Mode Daily Energy spend Refill rate
Win With Energy Get SLP (Max 50 SLP/day) + EXP, Lose 1 x Energy Get SLP + MMR Rank, Lose 1 x Energy - -
Win Without Energy Get SLP (Max 50 SLP/day) Get MMR Rank - -
Lose With Energy Keep Energy Lose MMR and 1 x Energy - -
Lose Without Energy No change Lose MMR - -
Own 3 to 9 Axies - - 20 5 Energy / 6 Hours
Own 10 to 19 Axies - - 40 5 Energy / 3 Hours
Own 20+ Axies - - 60 5 Energy / 2 Hours

Best axie infinity guilds 1

SLP reward vs MMR rank

MMR Arena Bracket SLP Reward
Less than 800 0 SLP
800 – 950 1 SLP
950 – 1150 3-4 SLP
1150 – 1350 6 SLP
1350 – 1450 9 SLP
1450 – 1550 12 SLP
1550 – 1650 15 SLP
1650 – 1750 18 SLP
1750+ 20 SLP

The members of an Axie Infinity guild explained

Scholar: The person playing the game.

Manager: The individual who manages the player.

Owner: The person who bought the Axie, who may also be the manager.

Guild: A group consisting of scholars, managers and owners, who have set up a community/constitution governing the split of profits and policies of play.

How guilds split SLP with scholars in Axie Infinity

Now that you've got your mind around the ways SLP (read: money) is earned in Axie Infinity, the next question becomes, how much is your split as a scholar? The split is different in each guild. For many, that's likely to be the main differentiator when starting out. There are typically between 2 and 5 entities that may be involved in the sharing of SLP.

  • Scholar
  • Manager
  • Owner
  • Guild
  • Community

The scholar can usually expect from 60% to 70% of that share. Some guilds take a cut that goes into a pool that is then split between members or otherwise invested individuals. For example, the guild may buy more NFTs, even from different games. Others take a community cut, which funnels back to scholars via intra-guild competitions.

Best axie infinity guilds 2

How do scholars get paid?

There are 3 typical ways that a guild will pay out scholars with their percentage share of SLP following a rental period. Depending on the guild, this may be paid immediately or on set dates – like a payroll – throughout the month.

  1. SLP transferred from the guild to the scholar's wallet
  2. Ethereum (ETH), relative to the earned SLP, is transferred to the scholar's wallet
  3. The cash equivalent of the SLP is transferred to the scholar's bank account

What to look out for when choosing a guild

A job interview is not just about an employer interviewing an employee; it goes both ways. It's similar with guilds. As a prospective scholar, it's wise to do your due diligence and to make a decision that's going to be smart for you. After you've read all the information on this page, you've no doubt formulated an opinion of what you want from your guild, but here are some questions you could ask yourself.

  • What is the SLP split between the scholar and the other parties?
  • When and how are earnings paid?
  • How supportive, active and friendly is the guild's community?
  • What is the ratio of owners/managers to scholars?
  • Ratio of Axies owned to Axies available for rent?
  • Where is the location of the guild and its members?
  • How levelled up are the Axies available to rent?

Best axie infinity guilds 3

How to be a good Axie Infinity scholar

To be selected as a scholar for a guild, and then to maintain that position, there are a couple of tactics you can take.

  1. First and foremost, you need to be good at the game and dedicate the time required to fulfil the expectations of the guild. This could be meeting the base daily SLP from the Adventure Mode and Daily Quests, driving up your MMR, levelling Axies and/or performing admirably in PVP Arena Mode.
  2. You should always return your Axie on the agreed-upon date.
  3. Follow the guild rules, usually clear to see on the Discord.
  4. You should be involved in the guild community pages, which are usually a Discord, but also sometimes Twitter or Facebook, and occasionally even a dedicated website.
  5. Be proactive in helping with guild community page management and delivering on requests, such as infographics or notations.

Axie levelling guide

An Axie can level up 25 times, but at what EXP marks do you go up a level? The below image provides you with all that information.

Axie Levelling Guide

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