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6 ways you can save on your car this year without sacrificing value


Combat the cost of living crisis by making smart decisions about your car expenses.

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It's no secret the cost of living has been going up. Everyday expenses are eating away at more of the household budget, and Australians from all walks of life have been affected as a result.

Car owners in particular have been copping a few hits to the hip pocket. Petrol, parts, maintenance costs and rises in loan repayments – well, it's enough to drive someone around the bend!

Fortunately, there are some ways that you can cut costs without cutting corners.

👋 Hey there! We've partnered with Bingle for this article, so we'll be using its products as an example throughout this article. However, you should always look at a number of options and choose the one that's right for your needs. Additionally, you should always read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and target market determination (TMD) before you sign up for a financial product.

1. Before auto-renewing, think about switching insurance providers

Our car insurance tends to be one of those things that gets stuck in "set-and-forget" mode.

The price hasn't jumped by an insane amount since last year? All good, time to auto-renew then, right?


By being proactive with your car insurance, you can potentially save yourself some big bucks.

Not all providers are created equal, and you can end up paying very different prices for very similar products. So why pay an excessive amount?

Let's take a look at Bingle as an example. They're an insurance provider that's intentionally no-frills.

They aim to provide Australians with straightforward vehicle cover at a reasonable price, so you're only paying for what you need.

So if your insurance is coming up for renewal and you feel you're paying too much, you're able to get a quote for comparison.

After all, shopping around is free and if you save money, it can be funnelled to things you enjoy more than insurance.

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2. Choosing your own excess on comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance offers the greatest peace of mind for drivers and tends to be the most popular type of cover. This is because if you have an accident that is covered under the policy, comprehensive insurance will cover all of the vehicles involved.

If you're not insured, this can be a real boon if you're involved in a car accident with a car much more expensive than your own. If you're driving a Hyundai Getz and the other person is driving a Tesla, you could end up significantly out of pocket without comprehensive insurance!

Typically it tends to be more expensive than third party insurance – but this doesn't mean that you can't get affordable comprehensive insurance.

Bingle allows customers to choose their excess. This is the additional amount you may need to pay above and beyond your insurance coverage if an accident occurs.

It's important to remember that some claims will attract excess, while some claim types won't attract an excess at all, depending on the circumstances. For example, at Bingle, if customers can provide evidence that they are not at fault and provide the details of the at-fault driver and rego, Bingle will waive the excess.

Bingle is able to provide you with a quote, so you can get a clear picture of what you'd be paying in premiums. You can also choose to pay annually or monthly.

However, if you choose to pay annually, you can save on premiums.

3. Carry out minor maintenance yourself

There are a whole range of car maintenance activities that you can do yourself if you're the handy sort.

Changing the oil, refilling wiper fluid, replacing dead light bulbs and more – these are pretty simple tasks that don't really need to involve the mechanic.

There are a huge amount of resources online available to help you with basic car maintenance and repair tasks. Or if you like to go a bit old-school, your local library should have a range of maintenance manuals available, too.

Of course, make sure you use your common sense too. Before you carry out any maintenance, check whether it's going to void your warranty if you do it yourself.

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4. Schedule regular services

Hold up, you're probably thinking. Didn't you just mention in the opening of this article that the cost of car maintenance had gone up?

Well, you'd be right – but it's a little more nuanced than that. Although maintenance costs have gone up a bit, regular maintenance is still important.

Prevention is always better than the cure, and it's no exception when it comes to your car.

Scheduled maintenance is an opportunity for mechanics to spot little problems before they turn into big ones.

By paying to keep your car in tip-top shape now, you're able to reduce the risk of it breaking down or being damaged later. In turn, you might be saving yourself on having to fork out the big bucks further down the road.

5. Shop for parts online

Going through the official dealership isn't always the cheapest – or even the best – option for getting new parts for your car.

Online shopping has made it much easier to source parts for a cheaper price. Sure, you sometimes might need to wait a bit longer with shipping times. But an extra day or two is worth potentially saving a lot more.

Don't just accept the first deal that comes your way. Whether you're looking for a brand-spanking new sound system or need a replacement carburettor, shop around online for a quote.

Just one important note: if you're opting for third party parts, check whether they'll affect your car's warranty before you install them.

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6. Wash your car regularly

Sure, it might sound simple – no-one wants a dirty car, after all! But washing and detailing your car regularly actually does quite a bit more than just keeping it clean.

Regular cleaning of your car's exterior helps prevent the paintwork deteriorating. In turn, this prevents larger issues like rust and damage to the car body.

Keeping the interior clean also helps prevent issues with degradation, too. Plastics and fabrics can both wear out far more rapidly if they're also carrying dirt and grime.

Replacing a dashboard, car seats, carpet and repairing rust are all hugely expensive. So by booking in for a regular clean, you can potentially make big savings down the line.

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Optional add-on
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