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The Finder Generation Game #2 – Spending

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Welcome to Finder's Generation Game – a weekly series looking at how each generation compares when it comes to the big personal finance topics.

Fancy yourself a generation genius? See if you can predict which generation comes out on top with our interactive quizzes.

How we spend

There are plenty of things to spend your hard-earned cash on in the modern age. But what are we actually spending it on, and which generation are the biggest spenders?

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The results

Last week we showed that gen Z were actually the most diligent savers, saving an average of $793 a month.

But it turns out they're pretty good at spending money too.

They top the generational charts on average weekly spend on both online shopping (a staggering $416 a week) and food delivery and takeaway ($112 a week).

Combined, that's more than $27,450 a year. Expensive habits.

In comparison, boomers spend a modest $25 a week on food delivery and takeaway, followed by millennials on $72 and gen X on $85.

All 3 generations also spend less than $200 on online shopping, not even half that spent by gen Z.

Millennials pay the most on average for streaming services ($50.60 a month), with gen X ($41.80), gen Z ($41.70) and boomers ($41.30) all paying more than $40 a month.

Keeping up appearances

Looking good doesn't come cheap, but how much are we actually spending to maintain and improve our appearance?

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The results

Millennials are the only generation to average more than 1 botox session over the last year, but trail both gen X and boomers when it comes to the average number of hair appointments. Priorities.

The average Australian also spends $27 a week on their gym membership, with millennials paying the most ($28.80 a week) and boomers paying the least ($20.50) on average.

Travel ain't cheap

Anyone that has tried to book a holiday post-COVID will know the pain all too well, but how much are each generation actually spending on their trips in 2024?

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The results

It seems the older you are, the more likely you are to splurge on more expensive flights.

Boomers spent an average $2,709 on their most recent international flight, followed by gen X on $2,489, millennials on $2,225 and gen Z on $1,287.

Accommodation is a different matter though. Millennials shelled out a shocking $4,016 on their most recent accommodation on average, almost double that of the other generations.

We hope it was a long stay. Or the Ritz.

What we owe

It's one thing spending your own hard-earned cash, but which generation is the best at spending money they don't have?

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The results

When it comes to credit card debt, there's a clear generational discrepancy. Both millennials ($1,713) and gen X ($1,716) are carrying heavy debt on average, compared to only $624 for boomers and $923 for gen Z.

It's a slightly different story regarding buy now pay later (BNPL). Millennials again are the most indebted, owing an average of $427 on Afterpay and the like.

Gen Z are second ($318), followed by gen X ($286) and boomers with a measly $22 owing on average.

What would you do if you were given $50,000?

This isn't strictly part of the Generation Game remit, but it's interesting nonetheless.

What would the average Australian do if they were given a cool $50K?

It turns out we're a pretty sensible bunch overall.

42% of Australians would put some or all straight into their savings account and 25% into a term deposit.

25% would also use it to pay off their home loan and 18% towards paying off debt in general.

Only 17% of Aussies would splurge by putting some or all of the money towards a holiday.

The cost of living crisis strikes again.

That's it for this week's Generation Game. Come back next week when we tackle Housing – and another chance to test your knowledge.

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