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Do you need business nbn?


Having the right Internet plan and connection means your business will be well supported to strategise and reach its financial goals.

Sponsored by business nbn®. With a choice of high speed plans, business-grade support and from a range of providers, business nbn is made for businesses' evolving needs.

A stable and fast Internet connection means carrying out your business uninterrupted. You don't want your IT or operations teams scrambling in the middle of a hard deadline.

But how do you decide if a business nbn-powered plan is right for you when the plan itself is similar to a residential plan on the nbn network? Well, it all comes down to how you operate.

You might think your business of just under 10 employees can make do without the added benefits such as priority support and a static IP address, but what if you're on video calls or uploading files all day and can't afford any hiccups?

It could be worth investing in a business nbn plan via your preferred retail service provider.

Having the extra perks and features mean you could have just the right edge – albeit for a slightly higher price. Let's deep dive into what these are.

🔥 Hot tip: Data over Enterprise Ethernet comes with a symmetrical profile – same upload and download speeds. For applications such as cloud computing and video conferencing, uploads can be just as important as downloads in order to help ensure consistent connectivity and performance.

Getting in the priority queue for quick support

nbn offers enterprise-grade service to providers so they can provide a higher level of service to you.

The Australian-based business nbn Operations Centre is dedicated to supporting businesses. They help manage all end-to-end fibre connections, provide 24x7 assurance support and offer fast restoration options to all service providers with business nbn Enterprise Ethernet customers

Your priority support could come in a couple of different forms. You might be assigned a dedicated account manager to lend you a helping hand, or a support team that will make sure your questions and concerns are priorisited.

Aussie Broadband and iiNet Business are good examples of providers that offer this advantage. Others like Telstra will be around 24/7 to offer assistance.

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Static IP address

Your business could potentially benefit from having a static IP address which is essentially a stream of numbers assigned to your device that won't change. It's similar to buildings having street addresses that remain constant.

So is a static IP something your business really needs? That's a yes if:

  • You run a private web server or email server that requires users to connect from the network.
  • You use computers or other devices that can only connect to your network through its IP address.
  • Your business uses remote networking services such as VPN to connect to computers off-site.

Aussie Broadband, for instance, offers 1 static IP address with its business nbn plans at no extra cost to you.

Call bundles

Businesses need to make calls to get things done. Whether that's calling Mr Darcy to finalise timelines on a project, or Mrs Turner to talk over a legal contract real quick.

A bunch of providers including Telstra, iiNet and Exetel will offer unlimited calls for an additional $10 per month, or the cost could be included in your plan already.

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Security for your business's secret sauce

The last thing you want is for hackers and spammers to run rampant on your network and cause all sorts of issues that can compromise the security of your business.

You should look for a business nbn plan that offers effective cybersecurity solutions. Some features to look out for include:

  • Proactively protects all devices connected to your business internet from online threats.
  • Blocks attempts to access your smart devices
  • Provides disaster recovery services in case a breach occurs
  • Offers compliance with Australian legislation around data protection.

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Sponsored by business nbn®. With a choice of high speed plans, business-grade support and from a range of providers, business nbn is made for businesses' evolving needs.

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